Scribe: Best Online Email Signature Tool

Scribe: Best Online Email Signature Tool
Scribe: Best Online Email Signature Tool

Sending and receiving Emails counts as a regular activity in a business.

Every business professional wants to sign-off with their signature that can add to brand awareness. It enhances your marketing campaigns’ popularity and leaves a great impact on the viewer.

Meet, Scribe. An online email signature tool that will nail every signature of yours as per the occasion.

What is Scribe?
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Scribe - Review
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What is Scribe?

Scribe Appsumo Deal
Scribe Appsumo Deal

Scribe is a web-based tool that helps you to add promo banners and C.T.A.s (call to action) for attractive product branding by inputting your very own email signature.

Tool Name Scribe
Scribe Official Website
Free Plan Available
Best For Brand promotion and marketing agencies
Scribe Developer Clement Scribe
Alexa Ranking (Global) #450,221

With Scribe, Users can easily use inbuilt C.T.A.s in the template features where you only have to add a Title, a connection, your picture, and a straight link for your audience that directs to your thriving marketing channel.

More good news to you guys!

Now let’s discover what Scribe has to offer?

Scribe - Features

Smartly carved Email Signatures

Doesn’t that sound like a miracle that Scribe can transform your email signature into an attractive marketing channel to get more potential customers? Worth giving a shot.

Enhancement in Brand Awareness and Sales

We all want to see our brand getting more popular and attracting more sales, but with Scribe, you can add a call to action or a banner for the promotion of your signatures.

And after that, you also can track and examine the conversion rate with inbuilt Scribe analytics and also shape your DNS to escalate email deliverability.

Schedule Creative Marketing Campaigns

Organizing marketing campaigns is the thing that we constantly do. With Scribe, you can schedule various creative marketing campaigns with different C.T.A.s that you can launch as and when you want to.

Personalized Signatures for Every Department

Here in Scribe, Users get to manage the email signatures of their co-workers by creating a separate department for a perfectly customized marketing message.

Plus you also get to update every information related to signatures between departments in just one click.

Brand Consistency

Here in Scribe, you get a full package of several eye-catchy signature templates to create your own option of customizing them as per the need of your branding.

No Coding Required

The other good news is that with Scribe any person with or without coding knowledge can create a noteworthy and unique email signature with an easy to use interface.

Scribe - Competitors

  • Mailbum
  • MySignature
  • MySigMail
  • Sigstr
  • Htmlsig

Scribe - Review

As we just read, Scribe turns out to be an amazing and reliable tool to bring in more audience to your marketing channel and impress them with your creative brand awareness and personalized email signatures.

Scribe email signatures will also let you schedule the pre-designed marketing campaigns that you can launch whenever.

Moreover, for doing all of this, you don’t have to be a master of coding. A person with zero knowledge of coding can also get fabulous email signatures and make their brand noticeable at the platform.

Scribe - Pricing

Normal Price Scribe Appsumo Deal
$288.00/year $69.00/lifetime (single pack)

Scribe - Appsumo Deal

  • Personalized Email Signature
  • Call to Action (C.T.A.) and Promotional Banners
  • Creative Brand Awareness and Sales option
  • Track Conversion Rate
  • Schedule Marketing Campaigns
  • Customized Email signatures for every Department
  • One-click installation
  • No coding is required.

Closing Note

So as far as we’ve figured that Scribe is an amazing online web-based email signature tool that will enable you to create your personalized email signatures. And you can also turn that email signature into an incredible marketing channel.

Scribe signatures not only designs email signatures but also has this C.T.A. option and carves pretty good promotion banners.

So what are you waiting for? Give it a try today!

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Scribe - FAQs

What is Scribe?

Scribe is a web-based tool that lets you create and design your personalized email signatures to a noteworthy marketing channel with C.T.A.s and banners for product promotion.

Is there a free trial available in Scribe?

Yes. There is a free trial for seven days in Scribe.

Can you track the conversion rate in Scribe?

Absolutely yes. You can track the conversion rate in Scribe.

Which email services are supported by Scribe?

Email Service Providers like Gmail, G-suite, Outlook, Exchange 365, MacMail, Firefox Thunderbird are supported in Scribe.

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