Shuttl Business Model | How does Shuttl makes money

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Aug 15, 2021 5 min read
Shuttl Business Model | How does Shuttl makes money

Waking up late in the morning and rushing to your office by holding a sandwich in one hand and bag vase in the other- just to catch the cab or drive yourself. Nevertheless, you will be in a fix and end up with a chastise from your boss!.

Just imagine, Pulling yourself up at 9 in the morning and being late for work. What will you do at that time?. Thatโ€™s why Shuttl has been launched for those professional workers to travel conveniently to the office and start a tranquil day.

The Shuttl is an office commute travel bus aggregator mobile app, which runs in six major cities in India. In 2015, two IITans Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya joined together and founded Shuttl, an intra-city bus fleet.

The company opened their Series C funding, where Amazon, Dentsu, Trifecta, SIG, Lightspeed or Times Internet etc have invested a hefty amount in dilating the company.

Moreover, Shuttl facilitates real-time supervision by tracking down the progress of the destination, managing intelligent routing and automated data management. To sum up, Shuttl is a stress-free commute to work, where you have to mention the place you work and set the time to pick you up from your home. Later track your ride on the automated data management to eschew any risk.

Where does Shuttl operate?
Main products and services of Shuttl
Target audience of Shuttl
Business model of Shuttl
What's unique about Shuttlโ€™s business model
How does Shuttl make money

Where does Shuttl operate?

Shuttl commenced its first commuter service in Delhi NCR and later expanded in Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai. The company is operating over 350 routes and 2000 buses in six cities. Notable; Shuttl became favourable at the start of its technology centre in Chennai as the city is still dealing with poor road infrastructure which engendered high traffic alert.

So, Shuttl optimised the challenge and ran successfully in Chennai. Furthermore, Shuttl is planning for another launch of its service in Bangalore.

However, Shuttl became undermined in recent times due to the ongoing pandemic and paused function in some cities.

Main products and services of Shuttl

Shuttl functions as an intra-city bus commuter for professional works, to secure convenient and reliable journeys every day. The company began this transportation service in order to shun air pollution and traffic, as people who are going to their workplace, largely opt for individual cars or drive themselves.

Shuttl helps you to access the app at your fingertips that benefit you with guaranteed seat optimization, Contactless booking and payments at a reasonable cost.

Besides, Shuttl works as an urban transportation service by commuting the customers at the time, they have mentioned to pick on the required destination and later drop at their home safe and sound.

Target audience of Shuttl

Shuttl developed as a mass transportation service for a tranquil journey for those professional workers, who are running late for work.

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Business model of Shuttl

Shuttl is designed as a tech-enabled mobility service that commutes customers from the pick-up point to the place they are working. For instance, You are super late for a meeting which is scheduled at 9 in the morning, but it's already thirty past eight and there is no hope for any rental cab.

Subsequently, ย Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya launched an easy-mobility urban commuter bus service, which rides you from home to the workplace, right on time.

Additionally, the Shuttl app provides stupendous features to the clients, by tracking down the ride on the dashboard, seat optimisation, contactless payment and booking. The company solicits an affordable price for the service and operates only in eight cities- Kolkata, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Chennai.

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What's unique about Shuttlโ€™s Business Model

Shuttlโ€™s business model makes the company a huge success. The unique features of the business model followed by the company are:

GPS tracking

The Shuttl app has a GPS tracking feature to allow the commuters to know exactly where the bus is and where and when the commuters have to board it to reach their destination.

Face-recognition Check-in

The bus is equipped with a Face-recognition screen that identifies the bus operator and shows the driver ID as only authorised drivers are allowed and also identifies commuters to have a check if they are validated and genuine to board the bus.


Shuttl SAFE buses are furnished with Live CCTV coverage to protect the commuters and check if they are in any form of danger. Both the app and the bus have panic and SOS buttons for emergency rescue if the commuter is in danger.

Alcohol Detection

The bus has an alcohol detection setup that is linked with the ignition button to check if the driver is drunk or not and to protect the commuters from incidences of drunk driving. In this setup, the driver isnโ€™t required to breathe into the device.

Call Back

The company provides another feature called Homecheck which is a callback option to check if the commuter has reached his/her home or destination safely. ย 

How does Shuttl make money

How does a commuter bus operator earn their income? Yes, the fare paid by the commuters using the bus to commute from one place to another. But how does Shuttl earn maximum revenue from just the fare? Shuttl doesnโ€™t own buses but rather enters into contract agreements with bus operators to use their buses and their crew including drivers and conductors for a fixed monthly payment.

Then, these buses are used under the company name and the fare for the ride is collected from their customers and are used to pay for extra expenses like fuel, salary, agreed on an amount to the bus operators, etc. Thus the company makes its profit effectively and efficiently.


It is proven in the past by many successful companies and their founders how the identification of a problem faced by the general public and creating a solution to it can make a business highly profitable and successful but if that solution is eco-friendly and protects the environment whatโ€™s not there to love about it.

Shuttl not only helps people have an economically viable means of transportation that is relaxed without the tension of travelling in an unhygienic over-crowded bus but in the process reduces peopleโ€™s need to use their vehicle and thus reducing traffic, pollution and reducing the usage of fuel by the general public.

Shuttl is a much-needed alternative to commute for office-goers that is beneficial for both the environment and the people.


What is Shuttl?

Shuttl is a Gurgaon based company founded in April 2015 that provides office commute service and is Indiaโ€™s largest mobile app that offers this service.

What is the source of revenue for Shuttl?

Shuttl earns its revenue by way of fare collected from their commuters. Shuttl earned a revenue of INR 142 Crore in the financial year 2020 and the company was fulfilling 60000 rides by employing 1200 buses.

Who is the founder of Shuttl?

Shuttl was founded in April 2015 by IIT alumni Amit Singh and Deepanshu Malviya.

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