2020/2021 Sound Trends: What to Look Out For

2020/2021 Sound Trends: What to Look Out For

People simply love to listen; from traditional oral storytelling ways of our forefathers to modern ways of expressing creativity using the most advanced digital technologies. Recent years have seen the sound industry grow exponentially. People are getting more and more comfortable with a multitude of mediums in which they can consume audio content.  Podcasts, smart speakers are a few elements that go to show that sound has shifted from just being a niche area to growing to a mainstream platform.

Sound whether it's in the form of spoken word, music, songs or other noises, has become an instrumental feature in the marketing mix. An interesting fact to note is that visual marketing has always been everywhere, however, sound dominates. Sound is known to allow businesses to differentiate themselves in their advertising from others. The role of passive listening cannot be overemphasized in our lives.

Sound management has been faced with its fair share of pros and cons year after year. When it comes to trends, sound technology has slowly revolutionized our lifestyle. For this year and beyond, here are some few top trends one should look out for;

Wireless Revolution

Wireless audio arguably sounds better. Truth be told, wired headphones are dated and becoming a thing of the past. Some challenges come with the headphone jack that causes many of their cords to snap. Startup companies ought to hop onto the wireless way of doing things including planning their sound space and brand. They are encouraged to stock on quality instruments to record their projects be it podcasts or ads like the one you find on radio studios.

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Interaction with Music

Music is an important feature of our lives. It plays a pivotal role in many audiovisual projects. Be it in ads, films or movies, music has always been present to some degree. Music strengthens the relationship between music composition and moving images.

Active Audience Participation

The internet and online accessibility have never been more powerful than it is today. The advancement of technology allows users to actively interact with content that is being put out. Many brands are exploiting ways to let fans be involved in the projects they are working on.

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Making Everything Mini

With minimalism taking control in almost all aspects of our lives, the sound has also hopped onto this trend. Devices are nowadays designed to be small and refined. The shape of mobile devices such as phones and iPads for instance, make life practical and easy. Big tech companies have started to take the environment seriously and are designing gadgets that are eco-friendly and sustainably sourced.

Embrace More DIY

Technology has brought about the need for people to grow their craft. Millennials are actively involving themselves with DIY projects to sharpen their skill or simply learn something new. People are no longer shy to experiment with different sounds from a different source, not only those confined in the studio. Some are even going to the extent of creating their own sounds using old industrial machines that capture natural noises. The result of this has led to some adventurous and authentic sounds that are pleasing to the ear.

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