Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

Do I Need An SSL Certificate For My Website?

Whether you're running a business, or perhaps managing a personal blog diary, you might find yourself wondering if you need an SSL certificate on your site. The impact of this single element on your website is massive, and not following the trend would mean getting ready for a kick.

Not only would having an SSL certificate serve as a symbol of security consciousness, but you also become a friend of Google. But without it, you become the lost sheep that Google would backlist. Furthermore, you protect sensitive information of your users, especially if you run transactions.

Google loves its users, and if you must get some juices from this giant search engine, an SSL certificate on your website is something you shouldn't neglect.

When Do You Need An SSL Certificate?

If you're wondering if you need an SSL certificate on your website, then the chances are you do. First, do you collect data inputs in form membership forms, contact forms, and search queries, etc.? Also, does your website operate on HTTP://? If you answer yes, then you need an SSL certificate right now at this moment. In other words, you will be able to protect your website from hackers and rank high in search engines.

What Does An SSL Certificate Do?

SSL, or perhaps called Secure Sockets Layer, is a standard security technology that helps ensure the encrypted transfer of data between the web server and a browser. With this technology, you're able to create a secure connection, thereby protecting the information your users share.

An SSL certificate has the following information

  • Name of the holder
  • Serial Number and termination date
  • Copy of the credential holder's public key
  • A digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority

Core Advantages of an SSL certificate on your website

1. Build Brand Truth And Loyalty

Without the SSL certificate, users immediately feel uncomfortable and unable to transact. They fear that the site is vulnerable. But with an SSL certificate, your users would see a green address bar showing that your website is secure and encrypted. No doubt, this would boost the trust users have on your website.

2. Protection From Cybercriminals

There is no doubt that these criminals are smart, as their damages cost the world over $6 trillion annually by 2021. This dark monster is growing, and there is no escaping. Unless by encrypting your information and that of your users. However, you can't do that without an SSL certificate. Without an SSL certificate, these smart criminals can intersect data while it's moving between destinations.


No site is too small or too big to hack. According to research, the main target of hackers or cyber criminals is small businesses. A web creepy crawly doesn't concern itself about how little your website. Its job is to find vulnerabilities, do its dirty work can begin. So, never assume that your website is too small for hackers to pick an interest. Ensure your install an SSL certificate on your website by contacting your hosting company.

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