Starting a business in Spain

Starting a business in Spain

If you are thinking about starting a new proper business in a new country like Spain, first of all it’s important to know how to start and have some guidelines to help you in the process. It is commonly known that Spain has a massive market where you can create your own company with secure incomes and successful economic benefits, but there are certain factors to take into account if you want a thriving business in the near future. In My Visa Spain, a business development company with its own website, you will find all the keys to set up a business in Spain and all the steps you need to take to ensure you are on the right track, and know which are the options to have an entrepreneur Visa Spain 2021.

First of all, it is important to clarify that My Visa Spain has a digitally progressive and expert team that ensures you to receive the best guidance, fast feedback and professional services to achieve all your objectives in a successful way.

On the one hand, it is well known to all the foreigners in the business world that Spain is a hub of companies and many investors have bet on opening a company in this country. Spain looks lucrative for several reasons like highly improved ideal infrastructures, a top worldwide talent that brings tourism and visitors every year, a stable government that supports all kinds of business, and a persistent entrepreneurial ecosystem in important cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia or Malaga.

On the other hand, Spain is a country that doesn’t discriminate whether you are a foreigner or a local citizen, so everybody is allowed to operate a business. The main thing is that you will be required to be a legal resident before starting your business. The process can get a little bit complicated depending on the country of your origin, but in My Visa Spain you will find all the help you need to be a legal citizen in Spain and obtaining a Business Visa or a Work Permit, it all depends on your business idea as an entrepreneur or as a self-employed individual.

Why Spain?

Spain is an attractive business market because its economy has had a successful increase. Because of its European Union membership, Spain has become the third-largest investor global. Also, the country has the fifth-largest economy within the European Union.

However, there are other many reasons to create a startup apart from the fact that its economy is growing quickly and is providing lots of opportunities for a business to develop. For example, it’s a country with a lower cost of living and a large pool of skilled laborers. Furthermore, Spain is a safe and healthy country to start a new life or to raise a family that will live a life in a recognized wealth and cultural country.

Definitely, individuals and governments like Spain need to be more innovative in their economic system for still growing up, thus there is the Spain entrepreneur Visa program that you can check and verify in My Visa Spain website.

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