What Is a Startup Advisory Board and Why Your Startup Should Build One?

Roshni Tamta Roshni Tamta
Mar 30, 2022 5 min read
What Is a Startup Advisory Board and Why Your Startup Should Build One?

When you're a small business that's just getting started, you'll need all the aid you can get to succeed. If the company lacks innovative ideas and creative minds, then it is doomed to fail. Even if your team is full of enthusiastic individuals, you can always use some assistance from time to time. And that help can be provided by an advisory committee.

An advisory board or committee can be of great use, as it provides all the necessary knowledge and tips important for the growth of a startup and keeps it one step ahead of its competitors in the market.

With some experienced counsel and industry understanding, anyone can become a great leader and businessman. This is when the advisory committee comes into play. In this article, we will discuss the advisory committee, its importance to a startup.

What is an Advisory Committee?
Importance of Advisory Board in a Startup

What is an Advisory Committee?

Advisory Committee
Advisory Committee

An advisory group is made up of skilled and prominent specialists who offer legal guidance to the founders and assist them in making the best decisions for their company and employees. They also aid in the formation of contacts and networking, as well as a productive workflow.

The committee also assists in providing the required resources and support for the company's growth. The members of the advisory board provide candid and expert advice and also assist in anticipating the future or trend of the market and developing a plan for a company to work on due to their expertise and abilities.

Importance of Advisory Board in a Startup

It can be difficult for founders of startups to fully trust the opinions of an advisory board and run their business based on the guidance the committee provides, but one has to understand that the advisory board does not govern the company; their job is only to provide advice and guidance that they think can be important for the company.

Not only startups; many major businesses have advisory baords that help them make proper decisions according to the market and the audience they are targeting.

Some important aspects of an advisory board are as follows:

1. Assists in Bringing New Perspectives to the Company

An advisory board can rescue a business from failing to come up with unique ideas by providing new and fresh ideas for the company since they bring in the perspective of an outsider who knows the market and can create well-structured recommendations tailored to the company's needs. Gucci, for example, formed a group of millennials in 2005 to assist in the development of new business concepts and inventive ideas. It was eye-opening for the organisation to see how disconnected they are from their customers. Gucci's sales were boosted thanks to the advisory board's assistance.

2. Provides Honest and Candid Opinions

As previously said, the advisory board's goal is not to run the company; rather, its purpose is to provide appropriate and candid advice to decision-makers in order to assist them in making better business choices. They offer unbiased, straightforward opinions and can also assist in making difficult decisions by speaking up openly if they perceive anything that can be improved.

3. Enhances the Brand’s Reputation

If the members of an advisory board have a good reputation, it can help a company a lot. Because well-known members can lend credibility to the company and attract a large number of new clients. Many members of the advisory board also assist in creating high-profile relationships that can subsequently be useful to a startup in generating investments and other forms of corporate assistance.

For example, Toyota hired then-former finance minister Dr Manmohan Singh as one of its advisory board members in 1996, and when he later became India's prime minister, it aided the company by bringing a slew of customers from India because the company could say that the country's prime minister was their advisor.

4. Advisory Board Can Help the Business Save Money

Members of an advisory board are usually paid less than members of the board of directors, so you can save money there. Furthermore, the committee's expert assistance aids in making smarter financial decisions, which can save you money and time by preventing losses and unwise investments. And when you are running a startup there is no room for investments and money loss.

5. It Is Easy to Set Up

The advisory board is simple to form and operate, as they are only on the board for a brief time compared to other board members. They are recruited for a specific length of time, and because there is not much legal involvement in the firm, there are fewer hassles and the selection process is considerably simpler. Many significant corporations establish advisory boards for a very modest cost, yet their advice and abilities are extremely beneficial to the company.

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An advisory board can be extremely beneficial to a startup since they provide fresh perspectives and unbiased thoughts that can assist the company make better decisions.

Members of the advisory board who are knowledgeable and experienced assist in gaining a better grasp of the market and identifying trends that can be advantageous to the organisation.

Members with a good reputation also assist the startup get credibility and making contacts. They can be extremely cost-effective, as well as time and money-saving, and they are often simple to hire and deal with.


What is the purpose of an advisory committee?

An advisory committee guides the business and helps them make proper decisions according to the market trends.

What is a startup advisor?

A startup advisor is an expert that helps the company get new clients on board and create connections with other founders.

How many advisors does a startup have?

Usually, a startup advisory board consists of at least 3 members or 3 advisors that advise the company.

What is the importance of advisory?

Advisory board members have more experience and can offer better advice and suggestions to the company, as well as assist the founders in making sound business decisions.

What is an advisory committee meeting?

A meeting of the advisory committee is conducted to discuss the subjects and concerns that the company wants to resolve, as well as other ideas for improving the business.

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