Top Startup Incubators in China

Pratyusha Srivastava Pratyusha Srivastava
May 19, 2021 5 min read
Top Startup Incubators in China

China, the hub of manufacturing and with the most advanced technology. China is developing every day with an exponential graph. Since 2000 till now, there have been rapid changes in its development. It has developed dozens of technical investment booms.

It encourages and supports startups thoroughly and the result is, there are tons of startups emerging in China. These thousands of startups go through the incubator as well as accelerator program every year, in China.

Therefore, there are tons of accelerators and incubators in China. People often get confused between incubator and accelerator, well, these two have a major lining difference, that is, Accelerator enhances or accelerates the speed of your existing business. But, the incubator works for bringing out innovative and great ideas to any business.

The incubator is a major necessity for any startup to get started with the development. It encourages innovation and comes out with some very incredible plans for the business.

In this article, we present you with the Top Startup Incubators in China. Let's get started.

Beijing Makerspace
Kungfu Startups
The Mills Fabrica
Garage Cafe
Bitblock Group
Tencent Public Space

Beijing Makerspace

The very famous and the biggest market space in Asia, Beijing Makerspace was established in the year 2011 in Beijing also known as Silicon Valley of China. Beijing Makerspace has offered services to over 30 startup companies and also, many entrepreneurs as per the record of 2015. More than 300 people from Beijing have registered for Beijing Makerspace's services and membership.

It is very promising and by the time of August has raised more than 60 million USD in venture capital. This rounded as the total project value of 310 million USD (RMB 2 billion). Beijing Makerspace has served several businesses and brought many profitable deals for them. The incubated programs which have been offered by it have raised up to 54 million USD (350 RMD).

Kungfu Startups

The startup incubator, Kungfu Startups ย renowned by Microsoft china and Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park is very prominent in China. It works by directing its focus towards Mobile, IoT, Big data, Cloud, Al and provides its customers with the services of access to different Microsoft applications.

Kungfu Startups provides the proper services of investors as well as the multinational from Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park to many startups that register for it. Kungfu Startups incubator is run by a big startup business, Sensoro, in the year 2013 that comes under the program of Microsoft china.

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The Mills Fabrica

The seed & early-stage venture capital and startup incubator, The Mills Fabrica is well known in China. It was founded in the year 2015 in Hong Kong, China.

The Mills Fabrica focuses on working with those startups which have a huge range of sectors and technologies. Its venture capital investments are ranged around $100 Thousand to $2 Million.

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Number of unicorn companies in China by industry

Garage Cafe

The first incubator enterprise, Garage Cafe established in 2011 April is based on the Inno-way in Zhongguancun. It offers a working space to young entrepreneurs at the price of a cup of coffee. It is a cafรฉ based investment and startups that offers several services to over 20 teams that include investors, startups and media.

These programs started in May 2015 as the Member Club with the team of entrepreneurs. And now, it has grown with more than 300 entrepreneurs and with around 40 suppliers. The annual revenue of Garage Cafe is more than 100 million RMB.

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Bitblock Group

The very prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain venture capital and incubator firm have its offices located in different countries that include Boston & Rio (US), Beijing (China), Moscow(Russia), Seoul (South Korea) and Singapore. Bitblock Group was founded in the year 2017 in China.

Bitblock Group works with digital asset investments that are in early-stage. Also, focus on the financial services, IoT and other Al sectors.

Besides, it offers several services that are based on incubation projects such as financial advisory, customer retention management and selling point devising.

Tencent Public Space

Tencent Public Space is a project which is completely deviated from the digital online services, offers a service provider for the startups conceived by Tencent and also, an open platform for work. It does not depend on online services but instead, it focuses on the training services and marketing strategies by providing the required space for the startups to initiate.

Tencent Public Space was established in April 2015 in Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin, China. By the time of November, it incubated more than 176 startups and later, by December it expanded its territory to other cities as well such as Wuhan and Guangzhou. It holds the capacity of handling over 500 teams and has a space of around 50,000 mยฒ.

Tencent Public Space gained some great profitable deals. From the three years of its establishment, it covered over 100 enterprises whose values are counted as over 15 million USD and turned out with 1.5 million USD (10 billion RMB).


What is a startup incubator?

Incubators are designed to help entrepreneurs in its early stage and deal with most of the problems associated with launching a startup.

How do incubators help startups?

Incubators are an organization, platform or team of experienced professionals that helps startups bootstrap during its early stages and often provides mentoring, guidance, co-working space and also at times some funding.

What is incubation period for startup?

Incubation period of most startups are 6-12 months.


China promotes startups with great services and offers. Therefore, incubators are a very profitable business in China. Thousands of startups require tons of accelerators and incubators. And, China does not fail in providing them with this service.

On Beijing street, the incubators number rose from 23 to 40 in just one year. Several famous and prominent investors pour their interests into incubator marketing and services. With the rising development and evolution of technology in China, there are tons of services and markets which would provide you with the best assistance in your startup and businesses.

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