10 Ways To Make Tough Decisions Faster In Your Startup

Yash Gupta Yash Gupta
Jun 13, 2020 3 min read
10 Ways To Make Tough Decisions Faster In Your Startup

While in a startup we always need to make tough decisions. It can be hiring a team member or choosing the right marketing strategy. The decision is a termination of the thought process of a problem that exists in order to overcome a problem with selecting alternatives. Decisions made must refer to the existing problems and a reality surrounding that allows the problem quickly resolved. Decisions can be made by groups within a team or individually crafted. Decision-making by a team usually takes a long time for each team member to express an opinion regarding the alternatives to their problems. If you are working in a startup, decision-making requires an analysis of the results of the thoughts or opinions of all team members for a better outcome.

To make a decision, we need to know what problems we are facing and what alternatives we have. Thinking about it, we will gain a lot of thought and alternatives to it. However, how can we make a difficult decision? Here we present you 10 tips which can help you to make a tough decision in your startup. So, let us see the whole story on the topic- 10 Ways To Make Tough Decisions Faster In Your Startup.

Analyse the situation before making any decision
Re-evaluate your final decision
Take advice before your final decision
Take feedback from your team members
Use Logic
Determine The Purpose Of Decision Making
Do Not Be Subjective
Take into consideration all the arguments
Make A Backup Plan
Set Up An Alternative To Your Decision And Is Responsible

1. Analyse the situation before making any decision

Tough Situation in Startup

The first tip in making the difficult decision is to make a list of what is an obstacle to making a decision. These lists will make you focus on thinking about alternatives to be taken. Write down what we think and make a list of what is an obstacle to making a decision. Thus, in decision-making will become easier.

2. Re-evaluate your final decision

Consider what a barrier for us in the process of making decisions that will be taken in order to resolve the problem. We must be careful and think logically about this.

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3. Take advice before your final decision

It is highly recommended so that you are not wrong in choosing which decisions will be taken. Ask for advice to friends or your seniors who already know problems that you have.

4. Take feedback from your team members

Feedback from team members is necessary because it can also determine the decisions to be taken later. If you do not agree with them, give them time to explain why they think so. If you agree, you can immediately think where a suitable alternative for your problem.

5. Use logic

In making the tough decision, use logic and common sense. You must not use emotion. With clear thinking, you can produce a wide range of alternatives in accordance with the problems you face.

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6. Determine the purpose of decision making

In the process of making tough decisions, should specify the purpose beforehand. What do you want to get after the decision is taken? For example, the purpose of making your decision is that your company can grow much better in a short time.

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7. Do not be subjective

You as chair or team leader must not be subjective in the decision-making process. Choose the alternative which you think is right and logical. Do not choose an alternative from the person you love or from people you fear.

8. Take into consideration all the arguments

Consider the arguments we think. Whether this will be good for our company and the people around us. In addition, we must also consider the negative impact of the arguments we think. If this is too much downside, do not put this on the list of alternatives for a decision to be taken. Separate which has many good sides and which has many bad sides. We can also imagine the impact of our arguments.

9. Make a backup plan

Make other plans of alternatives or arguments you’ve planned. This is to anticipate if your plan can not run properly and there are difficulties in implementation. It’s just a precaution. If you cannot plan goes well, then you can run the next plan so that your problem can be resolved as soon as possible.tough

10. Set up an alternative to your decision and is responsible

The final step in making the decision is to establish alternatives for decision-making and you should be ready responsible for the decision. You also have to be responsible for the risk that you will face.

What are the hacks that you use to make tough decisions in your startup. Please let us know.

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