Getting Stopped? Fly High with these Advice from Successful Women Founders

"It's not worth it." "It is not for women." "This is a male dominant sector. Women won't survive." Well, if you've heard either of these and still managed to survive and made it through, welcome to the 1% club. This isn't going to be a fairy-tale. It's not a movie script where everything will magically fall into place and everything would seem perfect. But then, who is working for perfection here. We're into this to accomplish what others are afraid of. For that to happen, we need to overcome our fears first. Isn't it? To all the women who've accepted a 100 no's gracefully to finally getting to hear that one yes - the world is constantly listening and bowing down for you! Let's see what the women can do to make things work despite the no. Here it is:

Himani Ahuja, Communications Director & Founder at One Digital
The first thing women need to understand is that there are no shortcuts to success. With sincere efforts and hard work, they can achieve their goals, no matter how big they are. They can fathom any depths with sheer willpower and determination, and fulfill every dream. My message for not just women but any individual male or female, who are discouraged to become an entrepreneur is that they should stop seeking validation from society. Their self-belief should be unprecedented and any negativity that they are subjected to should be completely ignored. Confidence is key and unless they believe in their knowledge and efforts, it will always be hard to convince others for the same. The task looks daunting at first, but with perseverance and due diligence, anything is possible. It takes courage to take the first step but after that, the process becomes organic and every individual is capable of enduring any obstacle that comes their way.

Ms. Arunima Sinha Co-Founder, ixambee
In today’s world, women are not only ruling the homes but also businesses and crossed all the paths of male-dominated society. This Women's Day, I urge all women to never doubt your value and power and grab every chance and opportunity in order to pursue your dreams. No matter how many times you fall or fail, but never give u, learn from your own mistakes and continuously work towards making your lives and your nation better.

Saumya Kaushik, Founder at Growup Technologies
If someone is topping women to become an entrepreneur, I would ask them to give these women a mere 6 months and see the change for themselves. They are gonna have to watch out for these women they were stopping! And for the ladies, I would advise you to tell those people to shut up and watch the potential and pace of the women they are trying to stop. All of us deserve a chance to prove ourselves. No one gets stronger by stopping someone weaker than themselves or even stronger than themselves. Every individual should be respected but nobody should be idolized. That’s my mantra.

Kavea R Chavali, Anchor & Co founder at KALANECA- House of Handloom
Simple- A woman on a mission, needs no permission You can't stop her unless she WANTS to be stopped.It is as simple as that. So when you do try stopping her she will either be building an enterprise or nurturing/raising leaders to build one. She is a born DOER.

Ruchi Jhawar, Co-Founder at Cogitus and Anju Modi, Co-Founder at Cogitus
Please please please follow your passion and be confident. We are often so caught of in our life and routine that we keep ignoring the great ideas we have in our head. We have seen really creative and talented women deciding to take a back seat looking at it as a choice or a sacrifice they make to continue a balanced or financially stable life. Once a person decides to take a plunge the rest follows.

Akriti Khatri, Founder at Venus Detective Agency
My advice is if women are passionate about their career, they should keep on trying, choose positive people and positive environment, keep yourself away from negative environment. If you feel your organization is not supporting and you feelyour organization is not supporting and you feel down, so change your organization. Don’t be with people who are trying to drag you down. Be confident and have faith on yourself that you are capable enough to achieve your dream.

Kamakshi Sood, Co-Founder at Petveda
There are still families who do not support women for starting up on their own because they then tend to give less attention to home and children. But people today need to understand the value of self-development and growth. My advice will always be to know and understand the importance of focusing on something that makes you happy as only when a woman is happy, can she make others around her happy as well.

Dr. Pooja Chhabra, Co-Founder at Nuskay Skincare
I believe every person has his/her own journey with struggles, which makes them who they are in the end. You cannot expect anyone else to fight for you. There are no handouts. You will have to stand your ground. A woman entrepreneur has to understand and remind herself that she cannot let the society decide her priorities, and she has to be strong and audacious enough to prioritize her career, her choices and her way of life over everything else.
A working woman opens avenues of growth for not just her own self but people around her. For instance, a working woman can teach her kids real life lessons from her own journey and experiences which no textbooks can!

Dr. Patricia Connolly, CEO at SMC Squared
Don’t let anyone stop you.
I learned again recently that only you have control of you. The Serenity Prayer comes to mind. There’s wisdom is in reflecting on this simple message. While you may never control another person’s words or actions, you can control your response.
An important message I learned early on in life is “Ask for what you need”. This simple, cardinal rule, has been a cornerstone for me in negotiating, building business opportunities, and even raising my children.
If someone is putting up a roadblock, let them know. If you need something difference, determine what that is and give them a chance to respond. If you desire another resource, go there and take control of your next step. Just because someone is attempting to stop you, doesn’t mean to give them permission to do so. Have the courage to believe in your dreams, and by all means tell someone your vision and ask for what you need to make it happen.

Ms Sapna Khakharia, Director at The CANVAS Design
I’d like every female aspiring or established entrepreneur to believe in themselves & have faith when they take that leap of faith that they can achieve everything. There will be failures/losses that is all part of the long road to success.
Don’t invest blindly, weigh in ALL your options even if consulted by a financier.
We won’t get immediate results, but it will happen- so have faith.

Dr. Sruthi Gondi, founder at Founder and Dermatologist at Science Of Skin
My only advice would be, if you cannot be of any help to her, at least, do not discourage her. There is no other better feeling than being your own boss and working for your own self, and channelizing all your efforts towards a better future, and being self-dependant. The possibilities lie within you. Also, education is extremely important to build a successful future ahead. Make sure you do not compromise on that.

Vishakha Chawla, founder at Vishakha Chawla Interiors
My advice for her would be to believe in her idea, her vision, her goal, and her own individuality. Society and people always try to pull women down, and once she achieves her dream that’s when people come to support her. So my message to all budding entrepreneurs, who are finding it difficult to cope up with the situation: try harder, be independent , and you can do it, never stop believing in yourself.

Shristi Banka, Co-founder and CEo at Banka CFO
Believe in yourself. If being an entrepreneur is your top goal, put in your best efforts and don’t look back. At the start, you may face some friction, but with perseverance, dedication, and honest efforts, you will become successful.

Geeta Kumana, Proprietor at Prime Health Support
I would advise her to take all the necessary measures like go to NGO’s that work towards women empowerment, or strong women friends who will stick by her beliefs and encourage her to become an entrepreuner.

Nirupama Subramanian, CoFounder at GLOW and My Daughter is Precious
I think it is very important for women to believe in themselves and their goal. The other important thing is investing in their own growth to acquire knowledge and skills. At GLOW, we mentor women entrepreneurs in the non technical  areas that are important for success- communication, overcoming challenges, setting a vision and mission for the business, networking, brand building, developing  resilience among others. Take the time out to equip yourself along with building self confidence, then no one will be able to stop you.

Sumita Tulsiani, Co-founder & Director at TravelDilSe
Normally, no one can stop a woman when she has set her mind to a goal. Often, the reasons which do stop her - financial resources, family issues or the lack of a successful model, are stemmed within our own insecurities and lack of confidence.
I would tell such a woman, to begin, by listening to herself and determining whether this is something she really wants to do. If yes, that’s all one needs to focus on.

Srishti Baweja, Director at E2E Networks
I advise them to stay strong, stay persistent, and gain financial independence. Doing so helps them build skills and fortitude required for their entrepreneurial journey. Entrepreneurship is a path laden with failures lurking around. Think that the more you prove naysayers that you can do it and that you are cut for this hardship, the less you face unsupportive behaviors and advice.

Aditi Olemann ,co-founder of a deep tech AI company Myelin Foundry
My advice would always be ‘If you explain, they will understand’. Just like any other hurdle in one’s career, entrepreneurship is often faced with initial resistance from friends and family. Since the risks are higher, people find it uncomfortable to support that decision and more so in case of women because they may have familial obligations. In most cases, however, sitting down with the concerned person and chalking down the pros and cons help. Often, making the person talk to other female founders also gives that confidence. At the end of the, entrepreneurship is not just the entrepreneur’s decision – it is a family decision to take the risk and the pains, hence a woman needs to put in the effort to get her close family and friends comfortable. If despite that the person is adamant, sometimes you just need to ‘Go for it, and they will eventually understand’

Poonam Prahlad, Founder & CEO at CafePopShop
“If you believe in yourself, the world will believe in you. Be confident and be different in whatever you do.” This would be my advice to the aspiring ladies.

Kavita Mehta, Founder & CEO at Caymus
I always ask: If not me, then who? There are so many problems to be solved in the world. If you have an idea, pursue it. Entrepreneurship doesn’t mean you have to raise outside funding or build a unicorn. Building a lifestyle business that provides valuable services and products is also entrepreneurship. Having confidence in yourself and your ability to deliver is half the battle in building a company that adds value to society.

Ms. Rishu Gandhi, Founder & Head Brand Strategist at Mother Sparsh
The key to success is keeping faith on yourself, and following it up with hard and smart work. One needs to remember that bigger things do not come easy. Women must overcome the hurdles with the help of family support, confidence and will power. There will always be critics around, but everyone should fight their own battle if they really wish to pursue their passion.

Ms. Geeta Ramakrishnan, Ontological coach
I would ask the person to have trust and faith in aspiring women entrepreneurs, giving them emotional support and constantly encouraging them by looking at the budding obstacles along the way as stepping stones to success. These are the cornerstones for growth. As they learn, learn from failures, from success, they grow empowered with self-worth and self-esteem, and these are the women you would want as partners in life, where the next-gen can look upon to.

Deepikaa Jindal, Creative Director and Managing Director at JSL Lifestyle
Women have the art of balancing! I really feel that one has to believe in herself, and try triumphing in-securities or challenges that they encounter to be what they have to be. Giving up on one’s dreams is really not a solution or a direction. You have to be a go-getter to make it happen. We truly have the power of empowering resistance. If the vision is clear, one can achieve what one is deemed to be!

Dipali Mathur Dayal, CEO and Co-Founder at Super Smelly
If a woman can run a home which involves working on a budget, hiring staff, managing finances and relationships so well, there is no way she can’t run a business well, too. Also, women have immense grit and determination, as each one who is trying to carve a niche for herself is, in some way, representing all other women. It is factors such as these which give us the drive it takes to make an enterprise successful.Thus, someone who is trying to hold back a woman from becoming an entrepreneur is just wrong and, in fact, should be encouraging her instead!

Avneet Makkar, Founder & CEO at CarveNiche Technologies Pvt Ltd
My advice would be if you are committed to make it happen, and have the zeal to take it forward , do foray into entrepreneurship. You would only fail when you choose to quit, otherwise there is always another opportunity waiting to be explored. Let’s pledge to help each other & challenge all gender norms this women’s day.

Ms. Avni Kaul, Nutritionist, Wellness Coach & Certified Diabetes Educator, Founder at NutriActivania
I would say if as a woman you have a dream and a vision to fulfill them then there is no reason why something should stop you. One needs to understand that every good thing in life has to face stiff resistance first. It is this phase that actually decides how long one can go. If you are strong and determined enough nothing will bother you and your concentrated effort to establish yourself will win eventually. Life is full of ups and downs so it is important not to get distracted by it. If you aim to get something just go for it come what may. A woman should not forget that she herself has a lot of potentials and is not someone who needs to be dependent on anyone. One must not forget we live in a country where a woman once became the Prime Minister so nothing can be a greater example than this. Women must trust their own abilities rather than focus on what others are saying or doing. As a woman, you should know you are not weak and can achieve anything on her own these are the qualities that one needs to succeed.

Shradha Vyas, founder at Carpediem Events
I don’t think any one would have the courage to tell todays Indian Women – you cannot do this. This only irks us to do something harder. The advice to all upcoming women entrepreneur – if you believe in your self and in your company – take the plunge. Its going to be rough – but it is all worthen. I was very fortunate to have family and friends who only encouraged me, and supported me all the way!

Divya Gupta, Lawyer, Writer, Life Coach, Entrepreneur
Before I started Dialogue Room my father stopped me from quitting my job as a lawyer for a good five months. But I just went ahead and quit my job. Eventually, once I started my company, my father understood what I wanted and found value in my company.
If someone is stopping you, try and find out why? While I was stopped, I kept plotting the steps in my head. Every question made me think about my company is more detail. So the only advice I can give is "go ahead and do it". "Face every red signal as a time to review your drive.”

Shruti Shah at Attaichi
There’ll be so many people who will doubt you, probably even discourage you for making the move.It gets harder for women to completely believe that they can do this, but then you believe in yourself and in the talent that you bring forth. Don’t wait for validation, in an ideal situation of course it would be better to have that support from your immediate family but sometimes the only person standing between your dreams is yourself.Do not underestimate the learning and growth in this process you only realize how many people genuinely want you to grow and are happy to be a part of your journey once you move ahead.

Divanshi Gupta, Director at The Marcom Avenue
Hustling towards your dream is not an easy task. One has to devote himself/herself fully towards making it a reality. Sometimes you have to even sacrifice time and bond with your families and friends for it.  Starting The Marcom Avenue was not easy, there were many observations, reading, re-reading and whatnot that went into bringing this business alive, but I didn’t give up. There were a lot of things that could have gone wrong, there were actually, but I believed that if I can overcome these, nothing can stop me. I have always believed in “If you have a dream, don’t just sit there. Gather the courage to believe that you can succeed and leave no stone unturned to make it a reality.” Be it your parents or your spouse, you should have the willpower and ability to convince them so that they should also be part of your happiness, struggles, seamless support and encouragement at every phase of your business.
And, this is the only thing that I can suggest to any woman out there looking to start her own venture- Don’t give up. Don’t give up on yourself and your ideas. It’s you in this world against everything and everyone, and if you have come so far, there is a 100% chance that you’ll make it till the end.

Dipali Mathur Dayal, CEO and Co-Founder at Super Smelly
If a woman can run a home which involves working on a budget, hiring staff, managing finances and relationships so well, there is no way she can’t run a business well, too. Also, women have immense grit and determination, as each one who is trying to carve a niche for herself is, in some way, representing all other women. It is factors such as these which give us the drive it takes to make an enterprise successful.Thus, someone who is trying to hold back a woman from becoming an entrepreneur is just wrong and, in fact, should be encouraging her instead!

Ms. Deeksha Rai Chawla, CEO at Housee Of Cleeo
It is important for women to understand their potential. I would suggest her to carefully research, plan and check the feasibility of the idea. There will be risks attached to every new idea or work that they explore. What works for them is what they need to concentrate on. They are the only ones who can define their own limits, no one else can do it for them. Well-wishers always provide support and empathize and provide logical guidance rather than forcing opinions. Hence, they need to be aware of whom they are looking up to for advice.

Aditi Dhanu, Founder at Wear Syzygy
I think its essential to follow your own lead. You need to follow the entrepreneurial drive, financially work the assets assess the pro’s and con’s, be prepared for the repercussions and own it.
The first step is to find your voice, speak up for your vision.
Intuition and Emotion is an integral part of WearSyzygy, it’s what fuels the company. I’ve never been stopped from envisioning anything, if at all it’s been my own conflicting aspirations and priorities. That should ideally be the only factor to deter your effort.

Harjinder Kaur Talwar, National President at FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) and CEO at Comvision India Pvt Ltd
"Where there is a will, there’s a way"
Look for a mentor, who could hold your hand and guide you through.  Convincing your family comes when you are convinced, and confident, a mentor can certainly help in that.
Don’t neglect your family, maintain a balance. Similarly stay committed to your work
Do networking. women need to do networking, which they don’t do. They prefer sitting at home in their leisure time, which Men don’t do. If they start coming out and do networking, they will never have to look back. Networking is very important. Men meet, they talk, they ask for business, women will never approach anybody and say I need business. Men don’t shirk away from asking for business, but women do. Infact I really appreciated Actor Neena Gupta who posted on social media asking for work. That’s how it should be, because if you want business, you have to go for it, nobody will come and give you business sitting at home.

Harshita Gupta, Founder at Hail Women
No one can stop anyone , if she truly wants it, she will find a way. things are not as easy as it seems . it all depends on one's determination and patience level. how desperately you want to achieve it and how much you believe in yourself. the biggest reason for failure is when you start doubting yourself , it starts weakening everything you build. I don't mean by self realisation and self improvising is not important, of course one needs to be flexible  in adapting changes because you will be needing that at every step once you enter this field.

Imaan Javan, Director at Suntuity Renewable Energy India
My message is simple: be perseverant. Do not give up on anyone or buckle under pressure. If you have the drive and the zeal to make things happen, things will work out in your favor. I sincerely believe that hard work always pays off and there are always ways to work around any impediment one faces. To all the women out there, I wish them more power, courage, and fearlessness to soar high in their lives.

Ayushi Arora Gulyani, Director -  Media Corridors
Being an entrepreneur all it takes is that one courageous step to achieve your goals and dreams. I personally believe that being a woman entrepreneur, the responsibilities are more than what people assume. All you need is a strong and focused approach to achieve  your goals, overcome the stereotypes in society and outshine in your business aesthetics and let your work speak for itself.

Aradhana Dalmia, Founder, The Artemist
I think believing in yourself is one of the most important decisions a woman has to take when they decide to become an entrepreneur. According to me, nobody has the right to stop a woman from working in today’s day and age. Being financially independent and having a wholesome career is as important as managing your personal life. ‘Work hard and stay humble’ is one of the mottos that is engraved in my system. I truly believe that where there is a will, there is a way and it is important to blossom in every aspect of your personal and professional life, man and woman alike.

Ms. Meenakshi Pandey, Co-Founder of White Mushroom Holidays
God has given you 2 ears, right? Listen to such rubbish from one ear & immediately take it out from the other... a saying I believe in myself- don’t tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.

Mona Dahiya, Co-Founder and Director at Homefoodi
My sincere advice to all women is to register with Start-up India and reach out to Women Entrepreneurs’ Mentors eagerly waiting to guide you in this journey. The entire country is celebrating the spirit of women entrepreneurship and the Government is actively supporting women led start-ups through various schemes and events.I am personally in touch with a lot of budding women entrepreneurs as a mentor and am convinced that there is a visible change. Our launch marketing campaign just before Diwali 2019 “Ghar Ki Lakshmi Bani Bharat Ki Lakshmi” was born out of this conviction. Women have been successfully managing households for centuries and they have a natural ability to become successful entrepreneurs.

Ghazal Aalgh, Co-founder at Mamaearth
Trust yourself. Trust your idea! Find people who believe in your idea and request for their support. Grow your network and take inspiration from other women entrepreneurs.

Ms. Preety Tyagi, Nutritionist, Founder of MY22BMI
I have only one piece of advice for such women if you see yourself achieving that dream, Just do it. There will always be people out there, to say that it won't work or that you can't do it, or it's not possible after kids, etc., you just have to learn how to listen to your own voice and your own dreams clearer than those other noises. If you see potential in your dream, try out with a market survey, and there will be no looking back after that if it works in your favor. Anyone can be an entrepreneur and anyone can Startup, regardless of age, gender, race, and qualification. And women are known to be much better Multi Taskers when it comes to following many roles at the same time.

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