Taskade - A Productivity tool with everything you need from To-Do-List to Mind Mapping

Taskade - A Productivity tool with  everything you need from To-Do-List to Mind Mapping

Taskade is an all-in-one task management tool that is developed to help you keep track of your to-do list. It is available as a mobile app as well as a browser extension to assist you in organizing your tasks.

It is designed to manage your daily tasks, write notes, organize projects, and collaborate with your team. It was founded by John Xie, Dionis Loire, and Stan Chang in 2017. They believe that the future of work is remote, asynchronous, and real-time.

The app stores the tasks online and thus, allows the user to access them from anywhere across the globe. Further, it allows you to track your progress in real-time.

The idea behind Taskade is to bring all the tasks and notes of a team into a unified workspace. This will allow the teams to get the work done together, faster and smarter.

Taskade was built to help the teams stay competitive in the modern workplace. This app aims to cut down unnecessary friction in planning, organizing, and decision-making.

The app has received a 4.5-star rating on Capterra, G2, Producthunt, and a few other similar authentic app reviewing websites.

In this blog, we will discuss in detail the various features of this app and also its pros and cons.

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Features of Taskade
Uses of Taskade
Pros of Taskade
Cons of Taskade

Features of Taskade

As per their website, Taskade is designed to serve a number of purposes for different works and professions. The different features of this app are:

Taskade Website
Taskade Website

1. To-do list: Whether it is a daily task list, your weekly goals, or a long-term project Taskade helps you keep track of everything. Not just this, you can list your work in the order of priority and also share the information with your team in real-time.

This helps you to keep everyone in the team updated about the changed priorities and remind them of their current tasks.

You can also make to-do lists for your personal tasks to make the most out of your day by always knowing what to do next.

2. Mind mapping: Mind mapping helps you retain information better by visually connecting concepts to help your brain remember ideas through association. It aids in understanding complex concepts by breaking them into small pieces.

The mind-mapping feature of Taskade will note down your ideas as soon as they arrive giving you an opportunity to capitalize on inspiration.

Taskade lets you switch between multiple project views. It lists down your thoughts via list view and toggles to your mind map view to visualize your ideas in a mind map.

3. Multi-tasking: Taskade helps you to organize and manage your tasks and project from start to end. It maintains multiple tasks together and breaks down complex tasks into smaller segments so they can be finished on time.

It lets you manage your limited resources to juggle multiple tasks in terms of their priority and complexity. It uses advanced task management features alongside a basic to-do list to track and check the completed tasks.

Taskade’s customizable board views include a list view, board view, mind map view, action view, and an organized chart view.

4. Collaboration: Taskade puts everything online you can access and manage your task from any corner of the earth. Moreover, Taskade helps you collaborate with your team on different projects and set due dates for your projects.

It helps you maintain a firm relationship with your team irrespective of where you are. It has free unlimited video conferencing and video chat features available on it. Moreover, setting meetings through Taskade is easy, so you would not need an IT expert. It works across the devices and thus, saves your time and energy.

Uses of Taskade

Although this app can be used by anyone looking to organize their work with the features mentioned above a few specific professions can draw more benefit out of this app in comparison to others. These include:

1. Remote work: Taskade allows the team members working remotely to work in collaboration in real-time. It brings the projects on one platform and allows the teams to Sync up, hold meetings, meet clients, share projects, assign tasks, track progress, etc.

The design of the dashboard is simple that allows the user to manage all the tasks with ease. It enables the user to organize tasks, write notes, and collaborate together from any location.

2. Startups: Startups can use Taskade for free by simply logging in through your Google account. It allows the team to stay onboard as all the team members are able to see the tasks assigned to other team members and also participate in the management of tasks.

3. Non-profit: Taskade offers free project management and collaboration software for non-profit organizations.

Like any other organization, NPOs also face issues in managing teams and projects. Taskade helps them with multiple aspects such as event planning, managing volunteers and fundraising activities.

It is designed to work efficiently to enhance the productivity of the teams without raising the costs as the tool is free for non-profit organizations.

It helps in managing the projects and task lists by using customizable board views. Further, free and unlimited chat and video conferencing are available on the app that allows the teams to collaborate in real-time without any trouble.

4. Education: Taskade for education is a simple tool to keep up with the schedule. It helps the students in staying organized and keeping track of their assignments, projects, and homework, all in one place.

It is a completely free application without any in-app purchases or hidden fees. The app also allows you to create beautiful structures and timelines for your assignments. It provides you with an option to add links, photos, and even voice-overs to your assignments.

Students can also collaborate with their classmates making projects less tedious and lonely. The app allows the students to assign due dates and comments to their assignments so they can stay organized and on track.

5. Designers: Taskade helps the designers to map out design roadmaps and visualize their workflow. With its collaborative features and multiple project views Taskade also helps to collaborate, discuss, and craft the design idea.

The app lets you visualize your next idea before you actually start building it. This allows you to explain the whole process to your team without any confusion or mistakes, letting you stay focused.

The multi-user collaboration feature lets you work on group projects with ease.

6. Developers: Mapping your workflow from ideas to action can be difficult. It is built to help with agile development by letting you complete all the requirements in a timely fashion.

When all the activities listed in the plan of software development i.e. coding, testing, and feature polishing are complete, the product is ready for release.

7. Marketers: As a marketer, there is a multitude of things to plan before you begin. You will have to identify your target audience, determine your marketing concept, get the right creative team, and accomplish several other tasks.

Taskade helps you to plan and organize your campaign by staying in collaboration with your team and tracking the progress. Taskade also allows you to develop a budget calendar and save the campaign from the financial crisis.

Taskade provides you with the productivity and collaboration tools for marketing campaign planning, to create, plan, automate, and run them efficiently.

8. Writers: Taskade helps the writers to organize their writing by helping them in drawing outline ideas, notes, and tasks. This helps you to plan strategically and overcome issues such as writer’s block.

It also helps you to store notes that might be helpful in later stages of writing such as editing and proofreading. The outliner feature helps you to organize your text better.

9. Thinkers: Taskade helps you to structure your ideas. This tool lets you map out your ideas and thoughts to enhance your creativity. You can jot down the ideas quickly and empty your head making space for more ideas.

It gives you more time for brainstorming so you can create your own new ideas.  It also makes you more productive by reducing distractions.

Pros of Taskade

Important pros of Taskade project management tools are:

  • Taskade is a team tool that helps manage work and internal as well as external projects in collaboration
  • It has the built-in video call feature which is missing in most project management tools.
  • The user interface of Taskade is simple, easy to use, and intuitive.
  • The tool is well structured for multiple workspaces to help different teams/ team members to work together.
  • The app is equally stable on mobile as well as on the laptop. Further, it supports all major platforms like Windows, macOS, iOs, and Android.
  • It allows you to separately organize the personal and business space. You can have separate to-do lists.
  • The app is quite flexible and allows multi-tasking while giving you a variety of perspectives for a task.
  • There are no extra functionalities that make it simple and less confusing.

Cons of Taskade

Here are a few cons associated with this app:

  • The billing system is slightly complicated.
  • The 2-way calendar sync provided works only with Google.
  • It doesn’t allow you to create recurring tasks/task dependencies.
  • There is no option to move a task to another list.


The best part about Taskade is its simple and easy-to-use UI. Features such as video calls and chats make it rather easier to collaborate with your team in real-time. Moreover, the application is flexible and works well on different systems.

Still, there are certain drawbacks that need to be taken care of by the company such as a complex billing system.

Overall, the app is good and allows you to take care of your personal as well as professional works and projects. We recommend Taskade to anyone who is struggling with multi-tasking, collaborating with their team, and looking for a simple solution to their complex tasks.


Is Taskade Free?

Taskade has free and paid versions both. The free version has all the essential features that a team needs.

What is Taskade used for?

Taksakde is used by remote teams to organize and manage tasks effectively.

Is Taskade available for Android?

Yes, Taskade is available for both Android and iOS.

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