Tattv 2022: A Flagship Event by Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

Anusha Anusha
Feb 4, 2022 2 min read
Tattv 2022: A Flagship Event by Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

Tattv, the annual conclave is a flagship event hosted by the Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management, Nashik. Specially designed for the Operations fraternity, Tattv is an event of its kind where eminent leaders and experts from leading organizations including COOs, VPs and Directors share their visionary ideas, best practices, industry insights in the field of Operations and Supply Chain Management. The two-day event with its riveting sessions and panel discussions is all set to kick off on the 5th of February, 2022.

Why should you join?

Network and Interact:

Since its inception, Tattv has witnessed many eminent personalities from the business world sharing their wealth of knowledge on the campus. Even though the event has been taken online for the last two years, courtesy of the pandemic, it is, nonetheless, a great forum for aspiring and budding management professionals and operations enthusiasts to interact and listen to the leaders solving real-world problems in the field of Operations.

Themes and Sub-themes:

Tattv comes with its great legacy of carefully curated themes striving to solve issues and deliberating on the ever-evolving dynamics of Operations and Supply Chain. This year, the focus is on the transformation that Global Supply Chains and Operations have undergone post the pandemic and thus the theme: Parivartan- Redefining The Way Ahead. It is accompanied by two sub-themes -Exploiting Industry 4.0 and Revitalizing the Supply Chain Management which speaks about innovative and sustainable Supply Chains and ascending the way to the Supply Chains of the future.

Dynamic Speakers:

Tattv boasts of having hosted some of the esteemed business icons in the past and this year is no different. Several visionaries and industry experts are expected to discuss and deliver on various sub-domains of Operations and Supply Chain Management throughout the two days in the efficiently curated panel discussions and keynote speeches. Among them, Jesal Doshi, Deputy CEO of B Medical Systems, Subhrajit Majumder, Vice President of Ecom Express Private Ltd., Jayanta Ghatak, Head of Supply Chain of Payed, TK Balakumar, Chief Operating Officer of Big Basket, Nitish Rai, Founder of Freightfox, Abhinav Kalra, Director Supply Chain of SRL Diagnostics, Ajit Nair, Director - India & APAC Sourcing of Cello and Β Rajkiran Kanagala, Senior VP & Group Head - Emerging Business Units of TCI are a notable few.

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