India China Standoff: Telecom Ministry Of India strictly orders MTNL BSNL to Ban Chinese Equipments

India China Standoff: Telecom Ministry Of India strictly orders MTNL BSNL to Ban Chinese Equipments

Telecom Ministry of India has taken a major step against the boycotting of Chinese goods movement. They have given orders to the MTNL, BSNL and other big private companies to ban all the Chinese based  deals and all the equipment they have been using. This has been a major economic decision that has been taken by the government after the India China standoff which led to killing of 20 Indian soldiers being an act of deceit by China.

Huawei 5G deal has also been stopped
Telecom Ministry orders MTNL BSNL to Ban Chinese Equipments

The Telecom Industry has told the service providers to make changes in their condition accordingly. They have also told them to cut off all the previous tenders and to rework on that too.

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Huawei 5G Rollout has Also Been Banned

This critical decision which has been taken by the Indian government can also play a very major role in the 4G upgradation which has been done and the industry which was looking forward for the introduction of 5G networks can be also affected too. While Huawei was asked to perform a 5G rollout in India, but due to these changes this thing looks unlikely to happen.

Indian telecom market has been dependent on China based providers since the beginning. This has been a very crucial step and a very important one too. This can cause harm to the Chinese market a bit more. While, this being a first economical step between two countries, the relation is worsening.

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The government has also said that any new brand deals will also be banned and all the equipment will be stopped in our country.

Boycotting China is a silent war against them
India and China relations worsening day by day

This step is clearly taken by the government as an answer to the killing of 20 Indian soldiers who were martyred at the LAC in Galwan Valley in Ladakh. The Indio-China relations have been in very bad terms for quite a while and has worsen after this incident.

This is the first time government has taken any major step regarding the India China conflict and providing them with a major setback. At a hard time like this, the step taken came immediately after a month long protest of banning of the Chinese based application in our country.

CAIT Generated a List of 500 Items Should be Banned Immediately

Also, the CAIT(Confederation of All India Traders) has also asked the people to boycott all the China based goods in our country. They have listed around items 500 which includes bags, textiles, furniture, watches, footware apparel and kitchen item too. The CAIT said in a statement, "By calling for the boycott of these Chinese products, the objective is to reduce import of Chinese finished goods by $13 billion or about Rs 1 lakh crore, by December 2021".

They have also asked the Indian celebrities who endorse the Chinese products should also come forward and support this cause as the soldiers of our country are dying fighting against a cruel country like China.

A Very Tense Situation At the Ladakh Border

The situation at the Ladakh border is very much tensed after the Chinese soldiers crossed the borders even after the talk of not harming each other. They took a coward step against the us as it was "pre-meditated and planned action" by China.

People Also Breaking The China made Television

People in India have also shown their anger by throwing away the television sets which were made in China and breaking them. Effigies are also being burned of the Chinese leader Xi Jinping in many of the Indian cities.

These steps are very important to show the Chinese government our solidarity against the use of any of their products and what harm can be done to them without even picking up any weapons. It is high time now and taking these important decisions should be necessary. China has created a very big impact in the Indian market and it will be very difficult to abolish all their products but at the same time it  has become very important for us to take these kind of steps.

Can Pave The Way For Atmanirbhar India

Well, some positives can also be taken from this step taken by government as people will start working inside India more and the dependency will lower for sure. It will be a tough road but the results can be fruitful. Atmanirbhar campaign will get more of the support through this and now Indian based services can boom up helping India to become a strong economy.

The telecom industry will shortly require some different alternative and then these industries will start to look up to the Indian based startups and the millennial of our country. Indians are working on them and this could be a big help in terms of economic front.

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