List of 59 Banned Chinese Apps in India

The Indian government has banned Chinese 59 apps to ensure safe cyberspace in the country. These banned chinese apps had over billions of potential Indian users and these apps were successful in luring the users to download them. The government stated, "The Ministry of Information Technology, invoking its power under section 69A of the Information Technology Act and in view of the emergent nature of threats has decided to block 59 Chinese apps.”  The list of  banned apps in India includes apps like TikTok, ShareIt, WeChat, UC Browser and so on.

A recent study reveals that India has been the world’s fastest-growing app-market over the past few years. Reports suggest that Chinese apps are ruling the Indian app market as users have downloaded them in significant numbers. However, Indian intelligence agencies asked government to block 59 mobile applications as being a threat to national security. India's security agencies raised concerns that apps in the list of banned Chinese apps are safe.

list of 53 chinese apps
List of Chinese apps banned in India released officially by Government
It's such a sheer loss to our country's dignity and economy that all the while we are bragging and outraging against any service provided to us by China , we never lose to stay in their top 3 users.

Chinese Apps banned in India

  • Social  content platforms:  Helo and SHARE it
  • Entertainment and short video apps:  TikTok, LIKE, and Kwai
  • Web browser apps:  UCBrowser and UCBrowserMini
  • Video and live streaming apps:   LiveMe, Bigo Live, and VigoVideo
  • Utility applications:  BeautyPlus, Xender and Cam Scanner
  • Gaming  apps and software:   PUBG, Clash of Kings, Mobile Legends
  • E-commerce applications: ClubFactory, Shein, and Romwe

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Pandemic and Politics

By this, it's crystal clear that China's sole motive is to raise Beijing's profile as a leading power of humanitarian assistance throughout the globe. China's  bilionaire diplomacy aims to achieve three immediate objectives:

  •  shift the focus away from talking about the origin of corona virus in Wuhan
  • establish makeover
  •  expanding their market in every possible way
  •  become the biggest economy all over the world.

For India, the pandemic presents an opportunity to demonstrate its willingness and capacity to shoulder more responsibility. It's been a backlash that China is being criticised for their cheap winning tricks to conquer the world. It should be known that political impact of corona virus pandemic is yet to crystallize.

Since , the COVID-19 has been a great leveller across the world and we know that it’s effects stand to be devastating.  Both countries , India and China , have sent their troops towards LAC( Line of Actual Control). The aggression seems to rise in it’s various form.

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Sonam Wangchuk Went  #BOYCOTT-ing!

list of chinese app ban in india
Sonam Wangchuk

Few days ago, Sonam Wangchuk, whose works  inspired “3 Idiots" , posted a video on You tube. It said that Indians should boycott everything which is from China to avenge the tensions between the two biggest economies.

Wangchuk believes that the only way to defeat China is by using "wallet power”. We all know that the Chinese products and goods that we buy have been funding their army since a very long time ago.It’s high time and we should boycott them and stop them there itself.

Soon after Wangchuk's video went viral, #BoycottChina, #BoycottMadeinChina, #BoycottChineseApps and #BoycottTiktok began trending on social media. Bollywood actor MilindSoman also joined the bandwagon and decided to uninstall Chinese app Tiktok from his phone.

Not just celebrities, but many Indians have taken the  hatred all over the internet since the beginning of the pandemic. Several even wanted to take revenge against China for the same. In fact, many Indians have been searching on Google-- "how to delete or remove Chinese apps" from their phones.

It’s funny how every hatred towards anyone is actually thrown away very casually by using a simple terminology boycott.We are left with only one solution. To boycott it. Boycott movies. Boycott apps. Why, even boycott human beings!

Every time, when something against national interest happens, we witness such outrages against some app and services.

The only reasons of bans and protests are:

  • origin
  • privacy concerns

Since 2018, TikTok happens to be one of the most popular apps in India even today, even after countless calls for bans. As a matter of fact, TikTok is a legit source of income for several Indians. I don’t know how embarrassing it is, but the employment sector of India is made fun of because so called' youth of India'  is busy making TikTok. We have taken a mere fight all over the internet which was TikTok vs. YouTube.  Can anyone believe this !

If you were to scour through and delete all Chinese apps, your phone (assuming it isn't made in China) would probably be left with only a handful of apps.

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The Defense Fears of Cyberespionage

Based on information collected by Indian intelligence agencies, the Indian government fears Following security risks and  cyber espionage attempts. Chinese spies could collect critical information through malware and spyware in Android and iOS apps. The information is then sent to servers in China and could be used to get details on army location. Army troops, especially, border troops from the Indian Armed Force and Central Armed Police Personnel (CAPF) are asked to urgently uninstall them from their smart phones.

Also, devices made in China, such as Huawei and ZTE have already been banned from use by international border troops in the LAC region (Line of Actual Control). Its been noted that the ban does not apply  in whole country due to obvious reasons.

list of banned chinese apps

The 42 potentially dangerous Chinese apps are:

  • Weibo
  • WeChat
  • SHAREit
  • Truecaller
  • UC News
  • UC Browser
  • BeautyPlus
  • NewsDog
  • VivaVideo- QU Video Inc
  •  Parallel Space
  • APUS Browser
  • Perfect Corp
  • Virus Cleaner (Hi Security Lab)
  • CM Browser
  • Mi Community
  • DU recorder
  • Vault-Hide
  •  YouCam Makeup
  • Mi Store
  • CacheClear DU apps studio
  • DU Battery Saver
  • DU Cleaner
  • DU Privacy
  • DU Browser
  • 360 Security
  • Clean Master – Cheetah Mobile
  • Baidu Translate, Baidu Map
  • Wonder Camera
  • ES File Explore
  • Photo Wonder
  • QQ International
  • QQ Music
  • QQ Mail
  • QQ Player
  • QQ NewsFeed
  • QQ Security Centre
  • QQ Launcher
  • SelfieCity
  • WeSync
  • Mail Master
  • Mi Video call-Xiaomi

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"REMOVE CHINA APPS" Bagged 5M Downloads

REMOVE CHINA APPS trends the google app market
remove china apps_Startuptalky

Many Indian developers have been working to compete with the Chinese market of apps.

App developers One Touch AppLabs launched an application - 'Remove China Apps' on May 17. As the name suggests, it's work is same. When you download the app, you can run a scan through your phone. It will detect the Chinese apps on your phone and give you an option to delete them. If you click on the red bin icon next to the concerned app, it will uninstall the app from your phone. Several people have also shared screenshots on social media to show that they've used the app.

The app was at the top spot of Google Play's top free apps list and it has been downloaded by over 5 million Indian users since its launch. This development came at a time when anti-China sentiment is high in the country, sparked by the novel corona virus pandemic, India-China border dispute, and more. But later the app was taken down from Google Play store a few weeks ago.

Another app playing on similar sentiments – Mitron – has also gained traction over the last several days and is being touted as an alternate to TikTok.

Since there is no immediate replacement of certain Chinese apps, one of the top leading industries of India, JIO has offered a wide range of apps too. Even if there are many alternatives , then also we are left with the only one to reply such aggression in a polite way.

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