How to Remove Chinese Based Application

How to Remove Chinese Based Application

Boycotting Chinese products has become a trend for a while. It’s the most we can do at the moment to fight off the country which is responsible for creating a situation of a global pandemic. With an increase in the number of cases of coronavirus on a daily basis and the wait for a perfect vaccine still a dream countries have started to ease down the lockdown situation. The economy has been the worst affected by this pandemic as everything came to a standstill. China has been one of the biggest exporter of products in the world before this global situation. Chinese phones have acquired a life of around 66% of Indians and removing Chinese applications and using Indian based applications is the most we can do to teach them a lesson and also helping India to become Atmanirbhar (Self-dependent).

Application to Uninstall Chinese Application

remove china app
OneTouch AppLabs launched Remove China Apps on 17 may 2020

There are so many Chinese applications that it is very difficult to find each and every application founder or parent country. An application named Remove China Apps developed by OneTouch AppLabs is making things easier for the people. Having a rating of 4.9 on Google Play store and having around 5 million plus downloads. It can be termed as a great development at this time. It is a Jaipur based company which has helped to boost up the anti-China movement in our country.

This app particularly detects the apps which have been developed in China which have been installed by the users in their phones, it sorts them out and gives an option to uninstall them. The apps which are pre-installed in some of the Chinese phones can't be removed using this application though. This app acquires just around 3.5 Mb of storage and interestingly helps in removing more amount of space from your mobile phones. The app developer calls the application is used for the educational purpose only.

The application company has said that it detects the origin country on the basis of market research and cannot guarantee any false information provided by them so it does warns the people to install at their own risk.

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Rapid Growth of This Application Among Users

There have been several factors which have played an important role in the growth of this application in last few days. Chinese applications have faced this downfall in the past couple of days and many Indian personalities have supported this cause of boycotting Chinese applications and there products too.

Celebrities Supporting The Movement

Sonam Wangchuk tweeted asking people to uninstall China based applications

Sonam Wangchuk a renowned Indian engineer uploaded a video and also tweeted about the same and asked all of us to start boycotting all the Chinese applications and install Indian based applications instead to help to boost our economy. An app named 'Mitron' which is a clone of Chinese based application TikTok has been also downloaded several times by the Indian users. Even actors like Arshad Warsi and Milind Soman supported this cause and came forward and have asked people to join this movement

YouTube Vs TikTok

The latest TikTok vs YouTube conflict going on the internet for a while has also helped a bit in this movement. People started to uninstall TikTok and rated it very badly which made TikTok to fall down to a rating of 1.2 and was a huge setback for China. Although Play store removed all the negative reviews and restored the previous ratings.

Indo-China Border Tensions

The latest tension at the Ladakh border has also created an environment that is making Indians boycott the Chinese apps. It has been one of the main reasons as China is creating a very critical situation at the border at the time of such a global pandemic. China is becoming a big threat to many of the countries at a time like this. As Sonam Wangchuk quoted "Sena degi bullet se jawaab, Hum dengey wallet se" (Let the soldiers answer them with the bullet and we as a citizen answer them with the help of our wallet)" it has started to become a nationwide movement slowly.

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 Turning This Into an Opportunity

This peaceful way of protesting against China-based applications can help to create awareness among users and in a gentle and silent way. It will also help the Indian market a boost and helping up to create a new and improved Indian market. It will help to motivate the Indian entrepreneurs to expand their horizons and develop more applications that can be used around the world and create a global impact. Having the advantage of 2nd highest population around the world is a blessing in disguise and can be used as a great tool to make our nation a better country in the coming years.
The coming years are although tough for the Indian market as everything has come to still for a while but now after the outbreak, many countries have lost their faith and trust in China and their products, so India can become a great place for investing and due to social distancing norms applications, will be the need of an hour. Developed countries like the United States, Japan, etc will surely try to increase there trade with India and there will be an increase in demand for Indian based products.

Top China Based Applications

Some commonly used China based Application
  • TikTok : It has been a very controversial app for the past few days and also has not been able to be used for what it was meant to be so people can stop using this application and start using Indian based application if they wish too.
  • SHAREit : JioSwitch can be used instead of this app
  • Vmate : Youtube is always a better alternative than this application
  • UCBrowser : Google chrome is a better option than UCBrowser and is much more reliable
  • BeautyPlus : There are many apps which helps in editing photo and give us better photos as compared to this app.
  • Xender : JioSwitch is a great alternative for transferring files
  • CamScanner : Adobe Scanner can be used in place of this application
  • ClubFactory/SHEIN : Online cloth store Myntra is the best store of buying clothes
  • AppLock : Apex Launcher is a very good Indian based alternative and will also keep the phone secure.

These are some of the most used Chinese Applications in India for the past 5 to 6 years and it has created a large amount of reach among the Indian market and created a great impression around our country for the last few years but these applications have the Indian made clones which can be installed by the users all around our country and help this anti-China movement. This will surely take time but will help in the benefit of our country and will help in creating a better India.

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