Tips To Launching Your Co-working Space

Tips To Launching Your Co-working Space

As an entrepreneur, belonging to a co-working space can be a stepping stone to your growth. A co-working space refers to a place where you meet with other entrepreneurs to work on a project together.

A co-working space brings together people from different industries. Thus, it increases the chances of creative brainstorming. As such, its popularity has been growing over the years. How do you launch an authentic co-working space in Bangalore?

Tips for Launching Your Co-working Space in Bangalore

  1. Research
    Do not assume that just by creating supply demand will increase automatically. Some areas in Bangalore do not embrace the idea of working together. Thus, starting a co-working space in such areas may not yield positive results. You should properly research and assess the demand for a co-working space first. Host several events or create a Facebook group and get as many group members as possible. You will then have a platform where you can bring up the idea, and later analyze feedback.
  2. Be precise on your goal
    Most businesses prefer meeting points that are in well appointed environments. This can be quite expensive. Hence, you need to decide how much you will charge based on the ambiance you create. The advantage of such an environment lies in its ability to spark creativity.
    You need to plan if you need it to be an inspiring place, or just a profitable co-working place, or something that offers both. Come up with a budget to understand your expected expenses, or work with a service provider who specializes in creating such spaces. GoFloaters, a coworking space platform that operates in Bangalore, provides extremely affordable spaces on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly plans.
  3. Appropriate location
    In Bangalore, a co-working space is usually in an underutilized, old building. The place should be secure and easily accessible. An old property will help you get a good deal at an affordable cost. The location should also be convenient for all members of the team. It is therefore recommended to go for a place that is easily accessible by public transport.
  4. Provide utilities
    After getting a suitable space, you need to fill it with all the necessary items that members would want. You need to have some essential items, such as tablets, computers, and furniture. Also, you may need a cafeteria or a pantry section. People need an energy boost to think clearly and be more productive.
  5. Get a website
    Today, technology gets incorporated into almost all business activities. You should start a website for your co-working space. It is an opportunity to tap your potential members on the back and talk to them about your idea. Put all the necessary information on the site. Include the pricing, contacts, and membership information.


Coworking spaces in Bangalore provide an incredible service. They allow you to learn from the operation and growth of the groups around you. The above steps can guide you in the right direction if you’re planning on launching your own coworking space in the future.

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