Tips to make your work Laptop's Battery last longer

Tips to make your work Laptop's Battery last longer

Many customers want to buy the longest battery life laptop once and don’t worry about the time you can spend without charging. But here is the bitter truth: no matter the brand, price, and other characteristics, every battery dies.

At the same time, it doesn’t mean you can do anything. Experts in software development create useful solutions to help customers improve the work of their gadgets. Also, a user must pay attention to many issues: how many applications you install on your laptop and launch, what are your power settings, the particularities of your cooling system, etc. You may influence these indexes and take care of your gadget.

As a result, you can do some actions to prevent your battery from dying early. You only need to understand the basics and follow expert recommendations. Find out how to increase battery life on laptop Windows 7 and use these tips to prolong your device’s offline work.

Turn on the Battery saver mode

The first step everyone should make is to activate the energy-saving mode. Many users are mistaken in believing this mode cuts the performance of your operating system. Actually, this is a smart system that controls how programs are installed on your laptop using its resources. As a result, you will notice no difference while using your gadget but its battery will last long. That’s the simplest method to have the best laptop battery life without installing external apps.

All you need to activate this option is to click on the charge level indicator in the lower right corner of your monitor. You are proposed to select one of several modes. By selecting this option, you’ll get noticeable advantages even if your laptop is quite old-fashioned.

Create optimal temperature

Most laptops are equipped with lithium-ion batteries which aren’t used to very low or very high temperatures. Anyway, high temperatures could be quite dangerous and cause irreversible consequences. According to many studies and experiments, you can maximize laptop battery life by controlling the room temperature. It should be approximately 22 degrees. Such a climate guarantees that your battery will lose not more than 4% of its capacity.

Don’t let the temperature increase up to 30 degrees because the battery will lose 20-30% of its capacity. The danger is you wouldn’t notice issues for a while but approximately in one year, your battery will require replacement.

Disconnect peripherals you don’t use

A laptop allows you to connect an external hard drive, webcam, mouse, second monitor, extra cables, and so on. But let’s be honest: you don’t need these peripherals all the time. Actually, every unit needs energy and takes it from your battery.

That’s why you are highly recommended to unplug all tolls you don’t need for your daily needs. This step may seem obvious or unnecessary to people. But it is also known as one of the basic ways to increase your laptop battery life.

Start charging your battery before it dies

You can forget about time and battery indicators while working, chatting, or watching a movie. It happens with everybody. But you shouldn't let such a situation happen too often. When your computer unexpectedly shuts down then all its elements are in danger. And the most dangerous situation happens with your battery.

That’s why experts say you shouldn’t let your laptop die. The best you can do is to start charging your battery before its level goes 20% or less. Usually, customers see a system notification with a request to plug into your electrical supply.

Make sure to have enough RAM

We didn’t think that RAM has an influence on the battery life but it definitely has! According to Dell's research and recommendations, your laptop battery will work better if you have enough random access memory to run all programs and complete all processes. If your computer can store data using RAM then it will have a positive influence on the battery life.

So before you buy a laptop think about this feature. You can use modern technologies to increase laptop battery life but the great amount of RAM is a super useful thing.

Don’t charge your battery more than 100%

You may wonder if it is even possible to reach more than 100%. Well, no but you may use your laptop and have it plugged even after the battery is fully charged. Such an approach reduces the number of cycles ( charging and recharging) and cuts the life of a battery.

So keep it simple: plug in your laptop when its battery power goes less than 20% and unplug it after it reaches 100% or even less. Don’t keep your device plugged at the time.

Disable features you don’t need

If you wonder what to disable to increase battery life on laptop then here is the list of your priorities. Please, follow these recommendations:

  • Turn down the brightness of your monitor;
  • Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi;
  • Don’t run Windows sidebar gadgets;
  • Disable your display after 15-30 minutes of inactivity.

Disable features if you don’t use them right now. Anyway, you can use all apps and processes while you need them. Don’t try to make yourself uncomfortable working on the laptop to save your battery. It’s important to find the balance between comfort and energy-saving mode.

Keep an eye on your laptop battery

It’s great to pay attention to your battery health time after time. Such a wise approach will help you to prevent huge issues and use your battery as long as possible. Replacing details costs much more than having fingers on the pulse of your device.

You can run a standard utility or install a specific program on your laptop. Review reports once per month to see if everything is fine. If you see any service message you may need to check its functionality. Remember, that taking care of your laptop in advance guarantees its long life cycle.

So now you know how to increase gaming laptop battery life without any harmful actions. Everything is so simple! Follow the listed above tips and long live your battery!

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