Top 15 Most Popular eCommerce Websites in the USA

Top 15 Most Popular eCommerce Websites in the USA
Top E-commerce Websites In The USA

Well, things weren’t the same as a decade ago, right? From purchasing perishable goods from the marketplace to getting them online within an hour, we have adopted new things along with the changes happening around us.

If you go back to the 1980s, we never thought that we could transfer goods through an electronic portal that literally created platforms for many forms of business from B2B to B2C in marketing fashion, gadgets, groceries, books, home appliances, Beauty, Fitness and other products at affordable rates.

Sometimes, it leaves us with only one choice: purchase certain products online, like heated butter knives, which are only available online and can’t be easily marketable physically. Ecommerce created a trustable platform for products that can be operated online making everything an easy and reliable platform for customers as well as sellers.

We all know that the USA is the second-largest penetrated eCommerce market in the world, following China for the year 2022. In this article, we see the most used eCommerce websites in the USA.

Top E-Commerce Websites in the USA

  1. Amazon
  2. Walmart
  3. Target
  4. eBay
  5. Home Depot
  6. Etsy
  7. Lowe’s
  8. Kroger
  9. Wish
  10. Ikea
  11. Best Buy
  12. Costco
  13. Wayfair
  14. Mercari
  15. Poshmark


Name Amazon
Founders Jeff Bezos
Founded On 1994
Headquarters Seattle, and Arlington, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 600+ (2024)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Amazon Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Amazon Website

We all definitely made at least one purchase from Amazon in our life, right? Amazon is the world’s largest online retailer in 1995 as an online bookseller by Jeff Bezos in his garage. Speaking of its largest online shopping site, the platform allows you to find literally everything from A to Z.

According to CNBC, in 2017, Amazon was responsible for 45% of eCommerce sales in the US. Besides, the platform offers its own standalone services such as Echo & Alexa, fire TV, Kindle, and Amazon Prime video and music.

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Name Walmart
Founders Sam Walton
Founded On 1962
Headquarters Bentonville, Arkansas, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 10,623 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Walmart Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Walmart Website

Walmart is an American multinational retailer corporation that has headquarters in the US, so typically, people from the US know this platform very well and operate a chain of hypocenters and e-commerce websites.

The company was launched by Sam Walton in 1962 in Arkansas, United States, and is now operating 10,623 stores & 24 clubs all over the world with 46 different brand names.

In fact, Walmart is nothing but Flipkart in India, which looks similar to Flipkart in terms of marketing various products. Surprisingly, Walmart acquired a 77% controlling stake in Flipkart in 2018. The company is functioning successfully not only in India but also in the UK, Central America, South America, China, and Canada.

Almost 95% of US consumers have once shopped in a Walmart store or on its website in the year 2016, according to data published on CNBC.


Name Target Stores
Founders George D. Dayton
Founded On 1962
Headquarters Minneapolis, Minnesota, US
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 1956 (2024)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Target Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Target Website

Target is an American big box departmental store chain that is a general merchandise retailer selling products through its stores and digital channels. In this way, US consumers get to purchase various products from nearby outlets as well as from Target shopping sites.

At first, the company was established as a discount division of Dayton’s department store in 1962 and expanded its business in the 1980s with 2000 stores worldwide. Notably, Target is the seventh largest retailer in the US after 1938 stores throughout the United States as of 2021 reports.

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Name eBay
Founders Pierre Omidyar
Founded On 1995
Headquarters San Jose, California, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 8,85,000 (2024)
Best E-Commerce Websites - eBay Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - eBay Website

eBay is an online portal that facilitates B2B and B2C sales internationally. eBay is nothing but an auction platform that allows users to list items for sale as well as buy goods & services worldwide. eBay was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995.

Since eBay is an international online shopping site, without any doubts, eBay has over 19 million US seller accounts with more than 109 million visitors to the website each month. As a result, more than three out of ten users are US citizens, with approx. 66 million mobile users in total.

Aside from that, corporate vendors and full-time entrepreneurs on the eBay platform alone generated over 690,000 jobs, with rural and small-town merchants accounting for more than a quarter of all US sellers.

Home Depot

Name The Home Depot
Founders Bernard Marcus Arthur Blank Ron Brill Pat Farrah Ken Langone
Founded On 1978
Headquarters Atlanta, Georgia · U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 2,335 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - The Home Depot Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - The Home Depot Website

Usually, we tend to emphasize the home interior, exterior, and other improvements when upgrading your house to a bigger or even more modern one.

As a result, The Home Depot is an American multinational and the largest home improvement retailer in the world, which deals in selling materials associated with home improvement or home decor products. It was co-founded by Bernard Marcus, Arthur Blank, Ron Brill, Pat Farrah, and Ken Langone in 1987.

Home Depot runs more than 2300 stores in the US, accounting for $151 Billion US dollars and a huge contribution to the United States economy in the past two years, making it the world’s largest home improvement retailer.

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Name Etsy
Founders Robert Kalin · Chris Maguire · Haim Schoppik · Jared Tarbell
Founded On 2005
Headquarters Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide -
Best E-Commerce Websites - Etsy Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Etsy Website

Usually, people are inspired by a lot of handmade & craft items and love to wear vintage items. That’s why Etsy is an American eCommerce company that was incorporated in 2005 to create a platform for small businesses to sell their handmade craft or vintage supplies as well as buy a variety of goods.

It was incorporated back in 2015 by the joint efforts of Robert Kalin, Chris Maguire, Haim Schoppik, and Jared Tarbell. Etsy became the most popular online retail store ahead of Home Depot and Target, connecting more than 82 million buyers to 45 million sellers and generating $15 billion in sales as of 2021.

USA E-Commerce Sales
USA E-Commerce Sales


Name Lowe's
Founders Lucius Smith Lowe
Founded On 1921
Headquarters Mooresville, North Carolina, US
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 1746 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Lowe's Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Lowe's Website

Being the world's second-largest home improvement company, Lowe’s biggest competitor is Home Depot, which shares the same customer base in the USA and Canada. Both companies also rank among the most visited ecommerce websites, attracting customers with their online offerings in addition to their brick-and-mortar stores.

Lowe’s was established as an American home improvement retailer in 1921 by Lucius Lowe, who sells home appliances, tools, building supplies, carpet, lighting & ceiling fans, windows, doors, and more.

Since Lowe's operates a retail chain across the USA and Canada, over $90 million in sales have been generated by US retailers in 2021.

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Name Kroger
Founders Bernard Kroger
Founded On 1883
Headquarters Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 2,849 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Kroger Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Kroger Website

Kroger is the largest supermarket and multi-departmental store operating throughout the United States. It was started back in 1883 by Bernard Kroger. It is a budget-friendly grocery store, where middle-class families make a lot of purchases from Kroger that shop for food like meats at very affordable rates.

Kroger has claimed to be the world’s largest supermarket chain that excelled in adapting to changes & shifts among their target audience and competitors like Walmart.

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Name Wish
Founders Piotr Szulczewski · Sheng Zhang
Founded On 2010
Headquarters San Francisco, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide -
Best E-Commerce Websites - Wish Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Wish Website

It is an America-based eCommerce company that facilitates a business relationship between sellers and buyers. Wish became the world’s most downloaded shopping app in 2018, with the majority of consumers being USA mobile users. It was founded by Piotr Szulczewski and Danny Zhang in 2010.

Wish eliminates third parties or intermediates by selling products directly to customers at very cheap shipping rates. In addition, Wish is the third-largest eCommerce company in the United States in terms of sales.

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Name Ikea
Founders Ingvar Kamprad
Founded On 1943
Headquarters Delft · Netherlands
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 471 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Ikea Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Ikea Website

We must have heard of Ikea, which is popularly known even in India, where you could get home furniture, designs, and other decorations at affordable rates and high quality. Ikea is renowned as the largest furniture retailer in the world, which was founded by Ingvar Kamprad in 1943.

Ikea is currently operating its business in over 50+ countries with 422 stores as of the 2021 report. Apart from that, the company has gained nearly 490 million customers who visited online shopping sites in the USA, which impacted a strong performance in FY20, with $4.7 billion USD in total sales.

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Best Buy

Name Best Buy
Founders Richard M. Schulze · James Wheeler
Founded On 1966
Headquarters Richfield, Minnesota · U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 1,144 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Best Buy Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Best Buy Website

It has been one of the most popular American multinational consumer electronics retailers since 1966, from the time of its introduction by Richard M. Schulze and James Wheeler. Moreover, the company has ranked in many lists of top companies throughout the years and is the third top online store for electronic sales.

It officially started as an online store in 2000. In 2020, Best Buy is titled the largest specialty retailer in the US consumer electronic retail industry. Besides, the online company has gained a lot of recognition over the years.

The online store is best known for its nationally focused sales and net revenue around the United States of America. As a whole, most American Electronic and Media products are purchased through Best Buy's official website.


Name Costco
Founders James Sinegal · Jeffrey Brotman
Founded On 1983
Headquarters Issaquah, Washington · U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide 839 (2023)
Best E-Commerce Websites - Costco Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Costco Website

United States of America’s largest chain of member-only big box retail sellers, Costco, is the fifth largest retailer in the world. Often praised for its competitive pricing and wide selection, Costco has expanded its presence in top online shopping sites since its founding by James Sinegal and Jeffrey Brotman in 1983.

Costco is famous for selling branded merchandise at the best possible price for its consumers. In no time, Costo embraced eCommerce and is remembered as a go-to website that offers unlimited products under different categories.

A new Costco Grocery service, launched in October 2017, delivers nonperishable goods two days a week and provides free shipping on orders over 75 dollars. And over the years, Costco has seen a tremendous increase in profits, especially in eCommerce.

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Name Wayfair
Founders Niraj Shah · Steve Conine
Founded On 2002
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts, U.S.
Total Number of Stores Worldwide -
Best E-Commerce Websites - Wayfair Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Wayfair Website

Wayfair is an online American eCommerce company. It is best known for selling furniture and home goods online. It was founded by Nirav Shah and Steve Conine in 2002. The e-commerce company offers over 33 million products from around a thousand global-level suppliers.

And in 2022, Wayfair is almost set to open its first physical retail store in Lynnfield. Wayfair has superb expert customer service, from the latest tools to making shopping easier than ever expected.

It stands first for helping everyone online with things related to home. The bottom line is that Wayfair is the destination for people who love to create their own spaces.


Name Mercari
Founders Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka, Tommy Tomishima
Founded On 2013
Headquarters Minato, Tokyo, Japan
Total Number of Stores Worldwide -
Best E-Commerce Websites - Mercari Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Mercari Website

Mercari might be a Japanese eCommerce company, but the majority of its revenue and headquarters are from the United States. The key feature of Mercari is its marketplace app, which was launched in Japan in 2013 as a community-powered marketplace. And subsequently, it flourished in America in 2014, followed by the UK in 2015. Shintaro Yamada, Ryo Ishizuka, and Tommy Tomishima introduced it.

Mercari has paved the path for various eCommerce retail sellers, whose first product (marketplace app) enables users to buy and sell items on their smartphones in a fraction of a second. On the other hand, it also collaborated with other American multifarious labels, including USPS, UPS, and FedEx.

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Name Poshmark
Founders Manish Chandra · Tracy Sun · Chetan Pungaliya · Gautam Golwala
Founded On 2011
Headquarters Redwood City, California, US
Total Number of Stores Worldwide -
Best E-Commerce Websites - Poshmark Website
Best E-Commerce Websites - Poshmark Website

The Poshmark marketplace, one of the top ecommerce sites, allows users to buy and sell new and used clothing, home goods, and electronics. Currently, there are over 80 million users on the platform, with more than 200 million listings. Poshmark was inaugurated in 2011 by Manish Chandra, Tracy Sun, Gautam Golwala, and Chetan Pungaliya.

It is now one of the leading suppliers of eCommerce shipping solutions. Poshmark brings together physical shopping's human connection and the scale, ease, and selection benefits of eCommerce for easy, social, and sustainable buying and selling.


The use of eCommerce has increased over time. The USA is the second largest e-commerce market, just after China. Each country has its own list of best working e-commerce sites for its citizens.

The top eCommerce platforms in the United States are discussed above. The list of the platforms includes names like Amazon, Ikea, Poshmark, Mercari, Wayfair, Costco, Best Buy, Wish, Kroger, Lowe's, Etsy, Home Depot, eBay, Target, and Walmart.


Amazon is an America-based company that is also known as one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the World.

Who is Amazon's biggest e-commerce competitor?

Some of Amazon's biggest e-commerce competitors are Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, etc.

Which e-commerce platform is best in the USA?

Some of the best e-commerce platforms in the USA are Amazon, Ikea, Poshmark, Mercari, Wayfair, Costco, Best Buy, Wish, Kroger, Lowe's, Etsy, Home Depot, eBay, Target, and Walmart.

In the calculation of Shopify users by country, 70% of Shopify stores are under Shopify USA, with this information we can say that Shopify is popular in the USA.

The most popular websites in the USA include Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia. These sites consistently rank high in terms of traffic and user engagement.

Which are the most visited e-commerce websites?

The most visited e-commerce websites globally include Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, Walmart, and These platforms consistently attract high volumes of online shoppers due to their diverse product offerings and convenient shopping experiences.

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