Top Recruitment Startups

Top Recruitment Startups

Hiring the right staff can make or break your company, especially when you are a small business or just starting; this is why many companies rely on recruitment agencies to minimize risks and enhance their recruitment processes.

Recruitment agencies find the best candidates to fit your company's needs and wants. They do this by researching open roles, identifying qualified people, and thoroughly screening candidates. One factor that makes recruitment agencies so valuable is their access to a recruitment database — specialized software that matches applicants with jobs, optimizing the entire hiring process and saving valuable time.

Thus, if you are thinking of using a recruitment agency for your business, we suggest you first take a look at these top recruitment startups that are making big waves and re-shaping the recruitment business:

Smart Recruiters

Smart Recruiters is an enterprise-grade talent acquisition suite that enables companies to hire talent on-demand and without breaking the bank. It uses complete CRM and sourcing capabilities to find and connect with the high-quality talent you seek.

Employment Hero

Employment Hero is an applicant tracking software (ATS) for total employee lifecycle management from hiring and onboarding to off-boarding. It allows for a customizable hiring process and can help you improve your pool of candidates by 40%, according to its newest data.


TalMix is a specialized platform that connects your business to the talent you seek. It's smart, fast, and convenient! Plus, it allows you to review applications, set up interviews, and message applicants directly to help you narrow your pool of candidates and help you make a better hiring decision.


HiringThing makes each step in the recruitment process simple, intuitive, and effective by combining award-winning ATS with your hiring needs through custom workflows. It is the go-to software for renowned companies, including Coca-Cola, Orange Theory, Krispy Kreme, Loenbro, and more.


Pymetrics is a new and innovative platform that helps companies build their workforce through behavioral science and audited AI technology. It measures potential not only based on CVs or resumes but also by using use behavioral assessments to evaluate job seekers.

In consequence, companies are provided objective behavioral data that measures candidates' true potential to ensure success within the job post.

Additionally, other more user-specific startups target different niches such as tech companies, female-founded businesses, recent grads, and more. Some of the most noteworthy include:


Fairygoodboss is a Glassdoor-like platform aimed at helping women find female-friendly workplaces. Its goal is to empower and connect women by providing expert career advice, job openings, and company reviews.

Today is one of the fastest-growing recruitment startups and is supported by hundreds of globally acclaimed enterprises such as Apple, General Motors, Hilton, and JPMorgan Chase.


Handshake is a new platform that helps students and recent grads find part-time or full-time paid internships by connecting them with companies offering entry-level jobs or college programs.

Companies like Amazon, TikTok, Procter & Gamble, Bank of American, and General Mills are all using handshake to find qualified candidates to join their teams.


Hackajob is a platform designed for the tech industry, matching qualified candidates with relevant job opportunities based on their skills, salary expectations, location, and experience. It is especially popular in the UK, although it also offers international job-seeking options.

Finally, keep in mind that the recruitment process can be much more costly than what you initially expected. In fact, according to an article dedicated to inspecting the business cost and impact of employee turnover, sometimes the cost of hiring a new employee can surpass that same employee's yearly salary when you consider hiring fees, training costs, and lost productivity costs.

As a result, most companies, even if they are not working with recruitment agencies, opt to buy access to these recruitment databases or specialize software to help minimize costs and save time when hiring new team members.

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