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Don't know your train number (PNR status)? Worried when the train is arriving? Just because you don't know the PNR status? Want to know the live running status but unable to follow? Want to know whether the seats are available or not in the train? Want to know how much will it cost you to go?

No more worries, please! You don't need to run to those brokers anymore! Become tension-free because Trainman is here to solve all of your existing problems related to the railways and relief you from all the burdens you all used to carry. It is a site where PNR status, seat availability, fare enquiry is possible by sitting inside your homes. Read the Trainman success story below to know more!

Company Highlights

Startup Name Trainman
Headquarters Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India
Sector Travel
Founders Vineet Chirania and Mohd Amir
Founded May 2014

Trainman - About
Trainman - Founders And Team
Trainman - Startup Story
Trainman - Business Model
Trainman - Revenue Model
Trainman - Funding And Investors
Trainman - Logo
Trainman - Competitors
Trainman - Growth
Trainman - Future Goals

Trainman - About

Trainman is a one-stop-shop for checking PNR statuses of various required trains. It's used to check the predictions after the train tickets are booked on IRCTC. Searching for various stations in one train's route is also done here. The time the concerned trains stop at each station is mentioned within the app properly. It's the most preferable railway site for train's information.

Trainman - Founders And Team

Mohammad Amir and Vineet Chirania are the founders of the company Trainman.

  • Mohammad Amir is a graduate from IIT Roorkee who graduated in the year 2010. From class 6 he has been staying away from his home so he used to travel a lot by trains.
  • Vineet Chirania is also graduated from IIT Roorkee. He is from Gurgaon, Haryana, India. He is a techie-turned-entrepreneur and has got 9 years of experience in this technology and internet industry field. He has got deep knowledge and a special interest in the Indian Railways.
Vineet Chirania, CEO, Trainman

Trainman - Startup Story

All have heard the name of IRCTC very well. Here online booking for the railways is done but they don't provide you with greater information which is required for every passenger to know. Trainman here helps you with various things as I have mentioned all it's uses above. Founders thought of bringing something new and money was also required at that point of time. In a startup, racing is compulsory by which they been through years before but now their product is loved and highly rated. They were also able to bring employment. Now it's a companion of train users in every Indian mobile phone.

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Trainman - Business Model

The company is very alert of itself and concerned with what it's doing. It gives away all the trendy data to its users for the prediction that is taking place every day. So that it's users can stay updated with the correct information and follow the changes happening. It provides trendy evidence to its users on the number of days left basis. This is done because if the users follow them, they will always remain updated rather than lagging backwards with months-old information and maybe your journey is tomorrow and for the wrong old information may you change your decision. So it's done so that nobody misses anything and take proper decisions. It's for its user's betterment.

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Trainman - Revenue Model

This company increases its revenue from major chunks of advertisements. It also has tied up itself with various relevant businesses like Cleartrip which is used for flight and hotel booking. They also tied with Jugnoo which is used for auto booking. These all help the company to generate more and share more revenues. The company says by all these ways they are bootstrapped and running profitably. The app is available in 7 Indian languages so that everyone can have proper access to it. Annual revenue is $3 million.

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Trainman - Funding And Investors

The company has historically raised $0 in the field of funding.

Trainman Logo

Trainman - Competitors

The top competitors of the company include WAmazing, PKFARE, Grupo CDV and Air Tickets.

Here all the companies mentioned above are private except one.

  • Air Tickets is a Subsidiary. They are the oldest ones among all competitors who came in 1949.
  • WAmazing is a technical travel and leisure platform. It came into existence in the year 2016.
  • PKFARE deals with travel and leisure. Its founding date is 2014.
  • Grupo CDV also deals with travel and leisure. We know them since 2015. The subsidiary ones also work for the same.

All have got various locations with a very small number of employees. PKFARE has got the highest among all competitors. The second highest is Grupo CDV. From the last 30 days, recorded Trainman has got 64 tweets which is the highest among all its competitors.

Trainman - Growth

The company is acquiring growth. It has tied up itself with Jugnoo - an auto-rickshaw aggregator. It will enable travellers to book three-wheelers from their respective railway stations. It will be operational in only a few cities. Recently, now it's available in 35 cities of India. They are a Chandigarh based company. Jugnoo says that they are happy to work with Trainman. Trainman wants to expand its business this way by associating itself with various companies to acquire more growth.

Trainman - Future Goals

Currently, the company is having 5 lakh daily active users. It aims to have more and is also heading towards something technical that would bring prosperity to them and its users would enjoy a hell lot about it. Having such goals are really awesome. I think all should have such one to dream, think and apply big.

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