Trishneet Arora - Founder & CEO of TAC Security | Net Worth | Education | Biography

Trishneet Arora - Founder & CEO of TAC Security | Net Worth | Education | Biography
trishneet arora biography | Education | tac security ceo

Trishneet Arora is an Indian Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker and Author. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the cyber security company, TAC Security Solutions. He has written several books based on cyber security, ethical hacking and web defence. He is bestowed with the Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2020 by the Entrepreneur magazine in the Security Services Category.

He was named in the Fortune 40 Under 40 2019 list of India's Brightest Business Minds. He was listed in Forbes 30 Under 30 2018 Asia list. He is profoundly known as Mark Zuckerberg of India and is highly praised for what he has achieved in his tender 20s. Moreover, his company marks a net worth of $1 billion in the next five years, that is 2025. With Trishneet Arora's net worth of around $5 million USD at the age of just 28, Let's look at how Trishneet's journey has been from a middle-class family to get into the esteemed Forbes List. This story of Trishneet Arora will surely spark some inspiration & dedication in many!

Trishneet Arora - Biography

Name Trishneet Arora
Born 2 November, 1993
Birthplace Ludhiana, Punjab, India
Age 28
Nationality Indian
Current city Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Profession Entrepreneur; Ethical Hacker; Author
Position Founder & CEO, TAC Security
Books The Hacking Era; Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora; Hacking with Smart Phones
Net Worth ~ $5 million USD (2021)

Trishneet Arora- Journey From a Middle Class Family to Forbes List
Trishneet Arora- Personal Life
Trishneet Arora- Education
Trishneet Arora- Professional Life
Trishneet Arora- CEO of TAC Security
Trishneet Arora- Success Story
Trishneet Arora- Honors & Awards

Trishneet Arora- Journey From a Middle Class Family to Forbes List

Trishneet Arora Net worth, Biography
Trishneet Arora Story

Trishneet Arora- Personal Life

Trishneet was born in Ludhiana, Punjab, India. He came from a middle-class family. He had no background in computer engineering or so in his family. His parents were not happy with his studies as he was solely interested in technical knowledge of computers and hardly liked the theoretical structure of school education. His passion grew from playing video games to cordially understanding the hardware of the system.

tac security founder
Trishneet Arora 

Trishneet Arora- Education

Trishneet had no interest in the formal structure of school education. He failed in standard 8th but his technical knowledge led him to cross a milestone in his professional career. Not much is known about his further education and qualification.

However, his fascination for computers did not let him focus anywhere else. He focused only on learning new computer skills and techniques. Gradually, he got fascinated with ethical hacking. He read international books that helped him to learn the required knowledge of computers and hacking.

Trishneet Arora- Professional Life

He has conducted several training sessions with the officials and helped Punjab and Gujarat Police in investigating cyber crimes. Reliance Industries, Central Bureau of Investigation, Punjab Police and Gujarat Police are some of his crucial clients.

He is a cyber security expert and also famous for authoring books like, The Hacking Era and Hacking TALK with Trishneet Arora, Hacking with Smart Phones. He held countless seminars, lectures, and workshops based on technical manuals throughout his career.

At age 19, he started his own cyber security firm, TAC Security Solutions. The famous Film-maker Sunil Bohra is working on a biographical film based on the life of Trishneet Arora. The film is expected to be released soon with Hansal Mehta as the Director of the movie.

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Trishneet Arora- CEO of TAC Security

Trishneet serves as the Founder and CEO of TAC Security, headquartered in Mumbai, India. He founded the cyber security firm on 27 February, 2013. The company has worked with Fortune 500 companies. It is considered one of the Empanelled Cyber Security Auditors for the Union Government, that basically manages UPI and NPCI.

TAC Security
TAC Security

The company offers protection to corporations against data theft and network vulnerabilities. It primarily provides vulnerability assessment and penetration testing services. He also asserted that there have been innumerable attacks against different portals of his company.

The venture has four office locations across two countries. It also offers cyber security to various Indian companies including Reliance Industries. TAC Security raised Pre-Series "A" funding from Indian Investor Vijay Kedia in 2016. Prior to that, the firm had inducted the former Vice President of Cognizant, Subinder Khurana on its board.

In June, 2021, Tech Mahindra has announced partnership with Trishneet Arora's cyber security firm-TAC Security. The partnership will leverage AI and user-friendly analytics to help reduce vulnerabilities across the entire IT stack to safeguard clients’ applications and infrastructure against cyber threats.

Along with Tech Mahindra, TAC Security has partnered with 21 global partners from 9 countries, including: Google, IBM, and Deloitte. TAC Security’s revenue has 1.5 times in FY 21-22 from the previous year of FY20-21.

Trishneet Arora- Success Story

He started his career in the IT field as a Tech Instructor. He variably made a good network by conducting sessions at many places. He eventually got recognized and was recommended to companies and government organizations for providing training in IT infrastructure and data security issues.

While continuing with the offered work, he knew that some day he would build a promising future with a well-established cyber security firm. His hard work and determination led to the formation of his company, TAC Security Solutions, in 2012.

The Gujarat Police department officials were impressed by Trishneet's speech, which was delivered in 2013 and they invited him to conduct a workshop for their crime division. His journey of competing with the criminals while working on cyber-crime for the law started henceforth.

Recently, Trishneet Arora announced that he will offer jobs to Agniveers. Agniveers are the candidates who will enroll under the Agneepath Scheme of the central government of India. They will be given 4 years of training in the armed forces of their choice to fulfill the dream of joining Indian Army and serve the nation.

“Agniveers are an important asset to the society, our youth is the strength of the nation that would be an honour to give back, contribute and empower the youth. The people in reference are going to be empowered to be cyber warriors and we are grateful for their services so far,” - Founder and CEO of TAC Security, Trishneet Arora.

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Trishneet Arora- Honors & Awards

The cyber security company, TAC Security has won more than 100 Awards globally in FY 21-22 by Forbes, Fortune 500, and more. Trishneet Arora also got many awarded for his entrepreneurship.

  • Listed in the Forbes India Top 100 Great People Managers (2020)
  • Conferred with Entrepreneur of the Year award (2020)
  • Listed in the Fortune India's 40 Under 40 (2019)
  • St. Gallen Symposium listed his name in Leaders of Tomorrow (2018)
  • Listed in the Forbes Asia 30 Under 30
  • GQ Magazine listed him in the 50 most influential young Indians (2017)
  • Received Punjabi Icon Award from PCHB (2015)
  • The Chief Minister of Punjab, Parkash Singh Badal conferred him with the State Award on the 65th Republic Day (2014)

Trishneet Arora - FAQs

Who is Trishneet Arora?

Trishneet Arora is an Indian Entrepreneur, Ethical Hacker, and Author. He is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the cybersecurity company, TAC Security Solutions.

How much is Trishneet Arora's Net Worth?

Trishneet's net worth is around $5 million USD as of 2021

What is Trishneet Arora's Education?

Trishneet had no interest in the formal structure of school education. He failed in standard 8th but his technical knowledge led him to cross a milestone in his professional career.

Where is Trishneet Arora from?

TAC security founder, Trishneet Arora is from Ludhiana.

What is TAC Security solutions?

TAC Security is a global leader in vulnerability management that protects Fortune 500 companies, leading enterprises, and governments around the world.

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