Everything you need to know about Triton India Launch | Can it compete against Tesla in India?

Everything you need to know about Triton India Launch | Can it compete against Tesla in India?

Electric Vehicles have created a huge sensation across the world. There are many companies trying to manufacture EVs which includes the reputed firms such as Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi and even Apple have been said to release their own EV. However, Tesla coming to India had created a hype through the social media for a while but now the Triton EV which is a rival of Tesla has entered into India for setting up its manufacturing facility. In this article let’s look at whether Triton would be able to overpower Tesla.

Triton India – Latest News
Triton Facility and Jobs in India
Demand of Triton Electric Vehicles in India
Triton Electric Vehicle Models
Tesla VS Triton

Triton India – Latest news

The US based Electric Vehicle manufacturing company Triton which is a rival of Elon Musk’s Tesla has signed a Memorandum of understanding with the Government of Telangana to open its manufacturing facility. The state of the art manufacturing facility of Triton will be opened in the Zahirabad area of Telangana.

Triton Facility and Jobs in India

The manufacturing facility in India will be built over a million square feet area and is expected to create up to 24,000 jobs in the state. This was conveyed by the Triton EV and the Government of Telangana.

In a statement, the company has stated that in the span of the next 5 years, Triton EV will invest around USD 1.5 billion into the manufacturing facility set up in India. The first set of investments of around USD 300 million will be done in the coming few months.

The company is investing around INR 2,100 crore in order to establish an ultra modern vehicle manufacturing unit in Telangana. The project is set to provide employment to around 25,000 people and the company plans to produce around 50,000 vehicles in the first 5 years. The vehicles would include sedans, SUVs, semi-trucks and rickshaws.

Demand of Triton in India

The chairperson of Triton EV in India has said that the company already has orders worth USD 2.2 billion and also added that the Government of Telangana has provided the company with an order of 3000 EVs.

The challenges of entering the Indian market for Tesla
As an electronic vehicle manufacturer, Tesla faces a number of challenges entering into the Indian market, related to taxes, pricing, and customer base.

Triton Electric Vehicle Models

The semi-truck of Triton contains a battery pack of 300 kW and the truck has the capacity to provide a range of 550 km in a single recharge. The semi-truck has received orders from different automotive industries in India.

Another model of EV which is expected to release by Triton in India is the SUV segment. The Triton SUV model H, the model H SUV looks like a typical American model SUV and has a seating capacity of 8 members.

Triton SUV
Triton SUV

The model H SUV has a range of 1,100 km in a single recharge and the EV would reach from 0-60 miles acceleration in less than 3 seconds. The battery pack of the SUV segment also has a hyper charging option which enables the recharge in just 2 hours. Other than the 8 passenger space, the SUV also has a cargo space of around 200 cubic feet.

The Triton EV gives a warranty of up to 10 years for their SUV segment which is not available to any other EV SUV in the market as of now.

The third model of EV that is expected to release is a Sedan model. The sedan model EV is named a model N4. The sedan has an option for short range and long range in which the short range has a km range of up to 540 and the battery would be around 75 kW.

For the long range the sedan model EV would provide a km range of 690 and has a battery of around 100 kW. In order to complete the recharge of up to 80%, the sedan model would take around 8 hours. The sunroof of the EV is made up of a transparent solar panel which helps in powering the on board electronics of the EV and the transparent solar panel helps in charging the N4 sedan as well.

Tesla VS Triton

Triton seems to have attractive EVs under their portfolio and Tesla is nowhere less, however, Tesla does not only sell Electric Vehicles they have a long list of portfolios under them. Moreover, the EVs or Tesla are considered to come under the luxury segment.

However, the move from Triton EV is expected to provide a huge competition to Tesla and we will have to look forward to see whether Triton EV will be able to overpower Elon Musk’s Tesla.


The Government of Telangana has stated that it would provide the required land for the manufacturing facility for Triton EV. The Government also said that it would provide the complete support for the company in order to acquire the necessary approvals for setting up the facility.


Who is the founder of Triton EV?

Himanshu Patel is the founder of Triton EV.

Is Triton EV launching in India?

Yes, Triton EV will be launching in India and its first manufacturing plant will be set up in state of Telangana.

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