Udaan - A Marketplace Providing Wide Range Of Products At Best Prices

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Sep 26, 2020 6 min read
Udaan - A Marketplace Providing Wide Range Of Products At Best Prices

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Traders, retailers and wholesalers are found everywhere. The word marketplace is also very common. These are the few important words with which Udaan is specially built. Traders, retailers and wholesalers all are having their own problems as new traders remain overwhelmed to bring up new decisions. Retailers need the experience to understand marketing. Wholesalers always face an increased need for manufacturers. These are the few common problems faced by all.

Udaan is designed to connect all these small traders, retailers and wholesalers. Udaan's platform supports varieties of categories like electronics, home and kitchen, fruits and vegetables, toys. Read the Udaan success story below.

Company Highlights

Startup Name Udaan
Headquarters Bengaluru, Karnataka, India
Sector E-commerce
Founders Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar
Founded 2016
Total Valuation $3.1 bn (January 2021)
Parent Organization Trustroot Internet Pvt. Ltd.
Website udaan.com

Udaan - Latest News

September 23, 2021 - Udaan is planning to raise over Rs 2,000 crores by allotting NCDs (Non-Convertible Debentures), for which it has already received approval from its shareholders.

Udaan - About
Udaan - Founders And Team
Udaan - Startup Story
Udaan - Business Model
Udaan - Revenue Model
Udaan - Logo
Udaan - Funding And Investors
Udaan - Competitors
Udaan - Growth
Udaan - Future Plans

Udaan - About

Udaan is a (B2B) Business-to-Business e-commerce platform. Udaan helps its users to grow their business with the help of the power of technology. Udaan is the largest national distribution platform of its kind. Udaan provides access to its users to new markets. Udaan also provides financial products for sellers and buyers. The goal of the company is to bring traders, manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers under a single platform.

Udaan - Founders And Team

Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar are the founders of the company Udaan.

  • Amod Malviya is the founder and the engineer of the company. Till date, he has found only one organization. Before he was the Chief Technology Officer at Flipkart. He studied B.Tech at Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur.
  • Vaibhav Gupta is another founder of Udaan. Before he worked at Flipkart. He pursued B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Also, he pursued his MBA from the University of Virginia, Darden School of Business.
  • Sujeet Kumar is the co-founder of Udaan. He pursued his B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. He has got work experience at Flipkart.
Amod Malviya (left), Vaibhav Gupta (middle) and Sujeet Kumar (right)

Udaan - Startup Story

The initial idea of starting Udaan was discovered by the ex-Flipkart employees. Namely - Amod Malviya, Vaibhav Gupta and Sujeet Kumar.

Initially, Udaan started as a logistic platform for small buyers and sellers in electronics. They focused on this only for 8 - 10 months. Next, they got exposure within India which was very important for them as a startup company. During those days Udaan built their database strongly before stepping into the supply business. Udaan is eyeing towards becoming a lending platform for merchants.

Udaan - Business Model

Udaan is the asset-light player based on their Business Model. They have got no plans to own an asset. Udaan helps businesses to discover various customers, suppliers and products in different categories in order to make the best deal. Udaan also facilitates secure payments and gives logistics support.

Udaan offers accounting, order and payment management solutions to the merchants present on their platform. Udaan provides working capital (funds) to the retailers at reasonable rates. So, basically, Udaan is not only a platform for retailers and wholesalers but also it's underwriting loans for the small businesses.

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Udaan - Revenue Model

All the data about the Revenue Model has been collected from anonymous but credible sources. Udaan charges a percentage on sales as a commission which varies in different sorts of categories. Udaan also charges for the logistics in the form of delivery charges from the buyer. This charge also varies according to the product and quality. Udaan provides a credit limit to the verified buyers. Firstly, Udaan will provide Rs. 10000 credit with no interest charges. Then the credit limit will increase to a maximum sum of Rs. 250000. Presently Udaan doesn't intend to make money through funds.

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Udaan Logo

Udaan - Funding And Investors

Udaan has raised a total amount of $1.2 Billion in funding over the 6 funding rounds that it has seen.

Date Transaction Name Money Raised Lead Investors
January 6, 2021 - $280 Million DST Global, Octahedron Capital, Lightspeed Ventures
March 23, 2020 Venture Round $30 Million Trustroot Internet
October 2, 2019 Series D $585 Million Altimeter Capital, Citi Ventures, DST Global, Footpath Ventures, GGV Capital, Hillhouse Capital Group, Tencent Holdings
September 3, 2018 Series C $225 Million DST Global, Lightspeed India Partners
February 21, 2018 Series B $43.42 Million Lightspeed Venture Partners
November 23, 2016 Series A $10 Million Lightspeed Venture Partners

Udaan has received fundings from over 11 investors among which Octahedron is the most recent investor for the brand.

The B2B ecommerce marketplace is eyeing to raise up to Rs 2,000 crores by allotting NCDs (Non-Convertible Debentures) and has also got approval from its shareholders for the same.

Udaan - Competitors

The top competitors of the company are ZoomTail, Bigtrade and Tradekosh.

  • Zoomtail is the number one competitor of Udaan. Zoomtail is also a B2B e-commerce platform but it specialises in fashion consumer goods.
  • Bigtrade is one of the top rivals of Udaan. It was founded in the year 2017. A year later than Udaan. It is also headquartered at Bengaluru, India.
  • Tradekosh is a Pune based startup company which came into existence just two years ago, 2018. Tradekosh is in the third number in rivalry with Udaan. It is also an online B2B platform that connects retailers and manufacturers. It's a bit different from Udaan.

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Udaan - Growth

Udaan is growing. A wide range of merchants, farmers, shopkeepers, owners, restaurants, chemists and street vendors are connected to Udaan. It has got a big supply chain network throughout India to fulfill more than half of the orders on it's platform. Udaan is b. Technology is expanding. Udaan is helping the merchants to use technology efficiently. Udaan is growing in its own way.

Udaan - Future Plans

The company is aiming towards using fresh capital to expand it's supply chain network in India and also focus more on growing the marketplace in both new and existing categories. The founder's trio believes that they are building a better platform for small businesses in India. They are also aiming towards generating more revenue.

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