List of Brands Endorsed By Umesh Yadav

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May 8, 2022 6 min read
List of Brands Endorsed By Umesh Yadav

Cricket is considered as a religion in India, while the cricketers are seen as their demigods. Many companies nowadays prefer sportspeople or athletes over actors and actress to endorse their brands. One cricketer that is upcoming in the advertising world is Umesh Yadav. Umesh Yadav is a popular Indian cricketer that plays for teams such as Vidarbha cricket, Indian National team and Indian Premier League (IPL) teams.

Umesh is the countryโ€™s fastest bowler as his estimates top speed is over 152.5 km/h. Umesh Yadav initially entered cricket as a right-arm fast-medium bowler, but later was known to be an all-rounder in the Indian Cricket team. The fast bowler first made his ODI debut against Zimbabwe in 2010. In the 2015 ICC world cup, Yadav became the highest wicket-taker for India and third highest overall.

One of best performance by him was in the semi-finals of Ranji Trophy in 2019 against Keralaโ€™s team. Umesh Yadav has played under IPL teams such as Delhi Capitals, Kolkata Knight Riders, and even Royal Challengers Bangalore. After his powerful performances in the 2018 IPL, he was named in ESPNcricinfoโ€™s.

So far, his best performance was against Australia and New Zealand in the 2015 Cricket World Cup. One fun fact about Yadav is that he was offered a job of being an officer in the Reserve Bank of India after becoming popular, this fulfilled his father dream of getting a government job. Because of his many achievements Yadav has earned a top spot in terms of ranking and has become one of the richest cricketers in the world.

The net worth of Umesh Yadav is estimated to be over $8 million in 2021. The cricketer is known to charge over Rs 20 to Rs 30 lakhs per endorsements deals. The brands endorsed by Umesh Yadav so far are GoodGamer, Manyavar, Nagpurโ€™s Swachhata mission, Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Nagpur Swachhata Mission
Reserve Bank of India
Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the brands endorsed by Umesh Yadav


Good Gamer Corp is a fantasy gaming and technology company that has its headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, while it has a subsidiary known as Good Gamer India Private Limited located in Bengaluru, Karnataka. GoodGamer is an upcoming daily sport and esport fantasy and real money gaming app that offer a huge variety of skill-based games.

The target audience of the company are the cricket fans, hardcore esport gamers, and even casual mobile gamers. With GoodGamers users can build their own team for different sports, play with friends, enter tournaments and win real prize money. GoodGamer is the first Indian fantasy gaming company to offer several unique features like prop fantasy contests, player injury reports, player injury alerts, an AI based lineup optimizer, etc.

GoodGamer signed the bowlers Umesh Yadav and Kuldeep Yadav as the endorsers for the company. The cricketers have appeared in the ad campaigns of GoodGamers and were chosen by the company in order to gain access to cricket fans amongst India's 350 million mobile gamers.

Nagpur Swachhata Mission

Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is one of the most popular countrywide campaign that was started by the Government of India and launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. The main mission of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan is to eradicate open defecation, manual scavenging, bringing awareness and improving solid waste management.

The first phase of Swachh Bharat lasted till 2019 and focused on generating awareness regarding sanitation practices. While the second phase from 2020 to 2025 will focus on sustaining the open defecation free status and improving the management of solid and liquid waste. In the early years of his cricket career, Umesh Yadav became the face of the Nagpur Swachhata Mission.

The organisation signed Umesh Yadav to be the brand ambassador for the NMCโ€™s cleanliness campaign. According to the deal the cricketers will join in the NMCโ€™s activities under Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. Commenting on the association Umesh Yadav said that it is great to be part of a lovely campaign, as he is proud Nagpurian and so wants to motivate youngsters and other citizens to make our city clean.

List of Brands Endorsed By MS Dhoni
Over the years celebrity endorsements have become an essential part of marketingfor all the big companies in India. Celebrity endorsements is a form ofadvertising campaign or a marketing strategy that uses a celebrities fame orsocial status to promote their products, brand and services to their tโ€ฆ


Manyavar is one of the most popular and trusted ethnic fashion brands in India. The company was originally started by Ravi Modi in 1999 and was only focused on making menโ€™s ethnic wear. The company is now known for wedding wear, festive wear and fusion wear for men women and children.

Manyavar currently has over 600 stores across in over 200 cities including more than 120 flagship stores and over 13 international stores in countries UAE and USA. It also has more than 4000 employees around the world. Manyavar has so far, many celebrity brand ambassador such as Virat Kohli, Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Amitabh Bachchan, etc.

The company also signed Umesh Yadav as an endorser for the #Manyavarwalidiwaali campaign in 2018. The cricketer can be seen having a conversation with a kid on his plan for Diwali while wearing a Manyavar kurta.

Reserve Bank of India

Reserve Bank of India is the country central bank and the regulatory body under the Ministry of Finance. This bank is responsible for issuing and supplying the Indian Rupee and also regulating the Indian banking system. RBI promotes economic development and was originally started its operations in 1935 under the Reserve Bank of India Act. It then was nationalized after India got its independence in 1949.

RBI signed cricketers such as K.L. Rahul, Umesh Yadav, Shabaz Nadeem, Ishan Kishan, Deepak Hooda and Dhruv Shorey to endorse and spread awareness about topics like banking for senior citizen, savings account and also banking ombudsmen in 2019.

These ad campaigns featuring cricketers aims on educating people on messages such as basic savings bank accounts, steps to avoid falling prey to fictitious emails, ensuring safety in digital financial transactions, etc.

How much these Top Indian Cricketers Charge for Brand Endorsements
Indian Cricketers have a lot of popularity among the common people in India.This popularity has given them an opportunity to earn through brandendorsements. You can read the article to know how much these top cricketerscharge for brand endorsements. In this article, we have tried to give our besโ€ฆ


Umesh Yadav is one of the cricketers behind the many big victories that India has achieved in recent times. Because of his outstanding performances till date the bowler is also called as U Yadavi by his fans and friends. Bowlers is not a popular option for brand endorsements but with bowlers like Umesh Yadav have started endorsing big brands according to their preferences. In the coming times, many bowlers will be seen as the brand ambassadors of brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Umesh Yadav?

Umesh Yadav is a popular Indian cricketer that plays for teams such as Vidarbha cricket, Indian National team and Indian Premier League (IPL) teams.

What is the net worth of Umesh Yadav?

The net of Umesh Yadav is estimated to be over $8 million in 2021.

How much does Umesh Yadav charge for brand endorsements?

The cricketer is known to charge over Rs 20 to Rs 30 lakhs per endorsements deals.

What are the brands endorsed by Umesh Yadav?

The brands endorsed by Umesh Yadav so far are GoodGamer, Manyavar, Nagpurโ€™s Swachhata mission, Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

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