The Best Games for Valentine's Day

The Best Games for Valentine's Day

Valentine’s mood is in the air. People are buying gifts and planning ways to make the week to surprise their loved ones. Valentine’s day is also a time to throw some good parties and have some interesting games to plan during the party.

There are various games which can be planned during the party depending on the party and not only couples can play these games, the singles can also enjoy these games during the party.

So, here are some of the best games for valentine's day.

The Paired-Up Game

The game can be quite an interesting game for the individuals as well as for the couples during Valentine’s week is the pair -up game. The game is played by creating hearts and cut-them out. Then ask the individuals to pick out a piece of heart and then, let the individual need to find their match-makers by finding people with the remaining half of the heart. It’s a great way for the individuals to actually find a partner for their day and don’t have to spend their Valentine’s alone.

The game can be a fun way for the couples also as they get to experience a new partner for a few hours on the day to have a fresh experience. It is a game for all age-groups.

Name that Song

To make the day more musical, one of the games to be played is Name that song. For the game, write the song lyric of very mushy-gushy songs in a piece of paper and then put in a box. Pick a  chit and read the lines and then whoever guesses the song gets a point and the people with the highest points are the winner. The game can make a bit more romantic by asking a specific person to name the song or to dedicate the song to the loved ones. The more romantic it is, the more it will be Valentine’s feel.

Cinderella’s  Slipper

Cinderella’s story has been a childhood favorite for many years and the slipper which she loses at the party is the most-favorite scenes of all time. One such game that can be played during Valentine’s week is Cinderella’s slipper. The couple game can be played by as many couples as you want and is a very sweet couple’s game. In the game, all the partners shall take their shoes and hide them in the home and stand in the middle of the hall. As the time starts, the other partner needs to find the slipper and bring them back to their partner in one minute. The couple who brings the shoes in 1 minute will be the winner of the game and the couple will become the “Cinderella Couple”.

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Love Phrases

With as many as couples, these a sweet game to be played during Valentine’s week. The requirements for the game are pen/pencil and paper for the couples.

The game is played by giving them the pen/pencil and paper to the couples and asking them to write phrases like “Love is grand’,” love is kind “ or all the phrases which involve love but they can’t write any names to the phrases. The time limit is one minute and the couple which writes most phases in 1 minute is the winner of the game.

Valentine’s Kiss

Another very cute and preppy game for Valentine’s day id the game of Valentine’s kiss. The game is played by asking the guests to bring a poster of their Valentine’s and dark lipstick. The partner who is playing should wear dark lipstick and as the game starts, the partner will start kissing the poster of their Valentine’s within the 30 seconds of time and partner who kisses on the lips or closest to the lips will win the game. The kisses outside the face will not be included.

We all Love Ice-Cream

A super sweet couple game which can be played by as many couples, it is more fun when there are many couples. It requires cups of ice-cream for each couple and spoons. For playing the game, blindfold one of the partner and line them up on one side of the room. Then the other partners, stand on the other side of the room with a cup of frozen cup of ice-cream. As the time starts, cups the partner with ice-creams have to run to their partners to feed them the ice-cream. They have to take a spoon full of ice-cream and carry the spoon by the handle in their teeth and feed them, without using their hands. The couple who finished their ice-cream the first will win the game.

Blindfold Love

The game is played by the couples hugging each other based on the clues. For the game, blindfold all the couples and one member stand in a row and the other partner in a row at a distance. As the music starts, the people on both the lines will start walking guiding each other like “I am walking right or left or walking towards a gate “ etc. The couple who manages to hug each other, after listening to the clues against the loud music will be the winner of the competition.

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Guess the Valentine Tag

Valentine’s couple’s game starts with name tags with words related to Valentine’s day such as love, couple, red, ring, dinner, romance, etc. Then stick one tag on the backs of the couples without showing them. The couples then have to find out the word which is written on their tag. As the time starts the couples have to give clues to each other about the tag to guess the correct name tag which is attached at the back, by delivering clue fro behind and the couple which will guess the tag words in 1 minute will be the winner.

These couple games are a great way to make Valentine’s day party and will make the day more memorable for the people.

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