VoxPow: Speech to Text Recognition Software

VoxPow: Speech to Text Recognition Software

Most people use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant for speech command in their devices, but ever think of having a digital assistant who can monitor every search and keep a record of the search priorities of their customer’s interest.

Meet Voxpow, a full-time assistant of your website, and works as per instructions given by the user.

What is Voxpow?

Voxpow is the best digital assistant for your website that adds voice commands, and speech recognition to any site.

Tool Name Voxpow
Voxpow Founders Simeon Emanuilov
Free Plan Available for 30 days
Voxpow Official Website voxpow.com
Voxpow Contact hello@voxpow.com

Voxpow keeps a thorough record of every search made by the user and collects the information for the website owner about the interest of their customer.

It has a built-in API system, a Third-party library of JavaScripts, and some custom codes that allow the audience to use voice command features for typing, searching, and sending voice command to any webpage.

Voxpow Company Overview

Voxpow Founder Simeon Emanuilov
Founded in 2020
ProductHunt Upvotes 478
Alexa Ranking (Global) 2,939,631

Voxpow Features

Voice Commands

Voxpow has an amazing Voice command feature that allows users to search for anything on the website of your company.

All the users have a copy of instructions that they can use for prompting commands while surfing on the website.

Browser Support

Voxpow is an active digital assistant that is supportive of the speech recognition interface feature of the web speech API such as Chrome, iOS, Samsung internet, firefox, edge, safari, opera mini, etc.

Available Languages

Voxpow offers users to give the command in more than 100 languages at a global level.

Speech-to-Text Recognition

Voxpow has an advanced Speech-to-Text Recognition to provide the top-level transcription quality to the users.

It uses top-quality voice recognition models specially outlined for delivering more than 95% precise conversion of voice-to-text.

NLP (Natural Language Processing)

To fasten the conversion process, Voxpow exercises the Natural Language Processing technique to convert Speech into the text and this technique makes it easy for the system to hear the command, analyze it, and convert it into text.

GA Synchronization

Synchronization with Google analytics gives a wonderful experience to users while working with Voxpow as users can enjoy seeing their content on the dashboard of Google Analytics.

It uses JavaScript Google Synchronisation objects to send events of your webpage to the Analytics.

How Voxpow Works?

  1. The WordPress Plugin of Voxpow will accept the User’s API key & Tracker ID and Installs the Libraries for Script recognition for your website.
  2. It will install codes under the head of the Body of the Webpage
  3. And you are ready to go.
  4. Also, you can control other settings from the admin segment available at voxpow.com

Vowpow Reviews

Voxpow is well popular for its strong voice command system for your website and also proven itself through its performance as The Best speech recognition tool.

Voxpow is available in 100+ languages and has a Built-in browser API for better results.

Google Cloud speech-to-text make working flexible on your webpage in Voxpow and another best thing is Third-party Java-scripts.

Voxpow has a High Content Delivery Network to avoid delay in serving the price and delivering content all around the world.

Also, Voxpow enables the firm to see its data on Google Analytics Dashboard.

Voxpow Pricing

Normal Pricing Pitchground Deal
$19/ month $59 for lifetime

VoxPow PitchGround Deal

In Pitchground deal, you have to pay only $59 and you can enjoy Voxpow for lifetime with all premium features. Some of them are as follows:


Voxpow is the best online Voice command and recognition tool for the websites that keep an eye on the activities and interests of the visitors. For deserts, Voxpow is available in 100+ languages for ease of use for users throughout the world. Plus when you go with the Pitchground deal it becomes more pocket-friendly and allows you to get access to this amazing tool at a reasonable price.  

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q)

What is Voxpow?
Voxpow is the best digital assistant for your website that adds voice commands, and speech recognition to any webpage. It also enables the visitors to search via voice on the website.

What is Voxpow used for?
is the best free online tool that can be used for the following purposes:

  • Voice Command
  • Speech-to-Text
  • Multilingual Support for the users around the globe
  • Machine Learning
  • Keeping track of a visitor’s interest.

Does Voxpow offer a Free Plan?
Yes, Voxpow offers a Free plan for users.

What will users get in the Voxpow Pitchground deal?
1 Tracker
100,000 Visitors/month
10,000 Voice Requests/month and all the premium features for lifetime.

How many languages does Voxpow support?
Voxpow supports more than 100 languages for the flexible use of users all around the globe.

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