What is Automated Ticket Routing? The Basics

What is Automated Ticket Routing? The Basics

Tickets are a crucial part of your help desk solution. Essentially, these pieces of information are requests for support from your service team or IT desk. With the right strategy, you can organize all those requests into a convenient order, so you deal with the most urgent requests first, and even send specific issues to those who are most equipped to deal with them, based on their unique skill set.

An automated ticket routing system is how you turn a service desk from a cluttered environment filled with unorganized requests, into a well-managed and streamlined digital space, capable of running like clockwork. For today’s IT service management teams, this automated routing is a must have. It’s not only a way to reduce some of the repetitive tasks that your team members do each day – it could lead to better customer satisfaction too.

How Does Automated Routing Work?

An automated ticket management solution within your service desk software means that you don’t have to manually sort through requests. Instead, you set simple rules that your automated system can follow when figuring out when to escalate a request, or which employee should deal with which project. Automated ticket management solutions also help you to avoid missing important requests.

The more tickets your business sees, the more crucial automated routing becomes. If you want to provide fast and frictionless support, you need to assign the appropriate issues to the right bots and agents. Everything that happens downstream in your service team begins at the point when your customer sends their issue in a ticket, and that gets routed to someone.

Manual categorization is an often expensive and time-consuming process for businesses in the IT landscape. It takes excessive time, and is a highly repetitive, mundane task which employees can spend too much time on. However, with an automated solution, you remove the extra tasks from your employees’ shoulders, and pass them to a robot instead. That means your team can focus on what they do best.

Using Routing to Improve Customer Service

Automated routing strategies ensure that businesses don’t have to leave it up to human agents or specific team members to figure out who should deal with which customer or problem. Your AI solution intelligently assesses the demands of each ticket, and assigns employees depending on specific rules that you’ve already set.

For instance, you could ask your solution to assign solutions based on a combination of employee expertise, and availability. This means that requests will immediately go to the first person with the right skillset to solve a specific problem, who also has time to add another issue to their roster of tasks. In a world where customers are becoming more demanding, and more reliant on employees to offer truly unforgettable experiences, an automated system could be the key to making your entire business run like clockwork. When everything is organized through intelligent tools, your business runs more smoothly, your employees get more work done, and your customers have higher satisfaction ratings. The result is bigger opportunities and better profits for your business.

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