When Product Hunt Merges with Web Seminars

When Product Hunt Merges with Web Seminars

Product Hunt is a website that enables its users to share and discover the latest products and was founded in 2013 by Ryan Hoover. From the time of its inception, Product Hunt created a lot of buzz and grew exponentially which led to it being acquired 3 years later by Angellist.

The Product Hunt community consists of founders, investors and other hardcore product enthusiasts. These members get together to review and demonstrate new bleeding edge products which are on the verge of changing their respective industries for the better. Anyone can access Product Hunt through their website or from their app for iOS devices.

If you are looking to generate interest and showcase a new innovative product, Product Hunt can help you increase awareness through their large customer base. They have over hundreds of subscribers which can help spread your product reach.

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When to Avail The Services of Product Hunt?

When your product has completed the development stage and meets the following requirements, you can approach the services of Product Hunt as listed below.

  • If your product is not another generic enterprise product.
  • If your product already has an established audience who are willing to engage.
  • If your product can meet and fill a demand that customers will spend on.
  • If your product is mainly targeted at early adopters in the technology sector.

What Needs to be Done Before Your Product Launches?

Before your product goes live on Product Hunt’s website for their community members to view, you will have to submit product information for them to publish online. Some of the information relating to your product is listed below.

  • Make sure you have prepared high resolution visuals and images of your product for your social media campaign.
  • You must upload screenshots that show the features and functions of the product in action.
  • You must prepare a detailed article about your product along with a page solely dedicated to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
  • A short tutorial video on how-to-use your product should be prepared and should contain GIF’s and catchy images.

An Overview of the Features of GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is a software for online conferences that can allow anyone to host a professional webinar remotely, from the comfort of their home or workspace. When hosting an online event, tha main aim is to connect and share information with your audience. Using GoToWebinar is extremely straightforward and lets you focus on the important work at hand. Some of its most sought after features are listed below.

Email Automation

Planning and setting up a webinar has never been easier. With GoToWebinar, you only need to choose a date for your event and proceed to follow the prompts on screen. You can also avail an option called ‘Flexible Scheduling’ that lets you choose to either, set up a one time event or a series of events.

Promote Attendees

After you have created an event and have made a list of attendees, GoToWebinar will handle the rest by automatically sending reminder emails along with registration links to join the your webinar session.

Presenter Webcams

With this feature enabled, the presenter can use a webcam to effectively engage with their audience. Panelists can also enable this feature and connect with others during the webinar.


By using the handouts feature, you can share files with your audience during the webinar session. This can give your attendees a real feel of an online seminar.

Polls and Surveys

You can interact with your audience using live polls. These polls will go live depending on the time you have set. When someone replays the seminar at a later time, these polls will be displayed on screen. This feature is quite beneficial as it can be used to promote a new concept based on the results your audience chooses. Surveys can also be conducted in a similar manner and can be launched immediately after your event while the attendees are still online.


After you have completed the online webinar session, the seminar is automatically recorded and will be added to your library for your customers and attendees to access if they need to go through a particular section of your seminar again or for reference purposes. This can also be used as a marketing tool for potential customers to join your next session or to catch up with previous recordings.

Analytics and Reporting

Once the webinar has been completed, you can analyze the results of the session to check how to leverage what went well. By using this tool, you can generate comprehensive reports on all the people who attended.

Pre-recorded Events (Simulated Live)

By using GoToWebinar, the potential to work with customers who are located across the globe is huge. The only challenge is that when hosting live events and sessions online, it can be difficult for all the attendees to view it live because of the different time zones.

To solve this problem, GoToWebinar has an option called ‘Pre-recorded Events’ or ‘Simulated Live’ which can automate the entire webinar experience to resemble a live session online. The automation process includes the following.

  • Auto Play
  • Interactive Polls and Handouts
  • Reminder Emails
  • Surveys
  • Pre-Recording
  • Custom Q&A Responses

By looking through the questions asked and answered, you can gauge the effectiveness of your online webinar session. GoToWebinar also offers a source tracking tool that can help you identify the most webinar sign-ups for all the generated channels.

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