BOFU - Why you should focus on Bottom of Funnel Users?

BOFU - Why you should focus on Bottom of Funnel Users?

No matter what service or product you offer: Well-placed content helps attract customers.

It makes sense to target those who are ready to buy, especially during the current inflation. After all, the ever-increasing everyday spending is having a detrimental effect on overall buying behavior. Consumers all around the world are beginning to count pennies. BOFU Marketing helps you with this. Because it focuses on people who already have the intention to buy.

BOFU - What is it?

The abbreviation BOFU stands for Bottom of Funnel but is also called Lower Funnel Marketing. With this marketing strategy, you focus on consumers who are already advanced in their decision-making. According to the AIDA model, they are at the bottom of the funnel in the sales process - where the “action” takes place. With the BOFU Funnel, you do not focus on the broad masses. The focus is on a very narrow range of interested customers.

TOFU, MOFU, BOFU - What is the difference?

Stages of Funnel

There are different marketing strategies that focus on different areas of the funnel. TOFU, MOFU and BOFU are the most common among them.

  • TOFU: Top of Funnel focuses on all possible prospects.
  • MOFU: In the Middle of Funnel, prospects are aware of their problem or desire. However, they are not yet ready to engage with your offer.
  • BOFU: In the lower funnel, your leads are highly qualified and ready to buy. They may just lack the final incentive.

What makes BOFU so attractive? BOFU Visitors vs. "Upper Funnel" Visitors

What makes the Lower Funnel so interesting is that you're not aiming at generating countless leads. Instead, you focus on prospective buyers only. This area of marketing deserves your full attention - as this is where sales are coming from.

Which Traffic Sources can be used to get BOFU Visitors?

Lower Funnel Users look for offers. “Sign up now”, “Claim your discount”, "Book a consultation" or "Get the demo" might be exactly what someone in the lower funnel is looking for.

Your prospective customers know their problem and know how to solve it - All they're missing is the right offer.

Key BOFU traffic sources include:

  • Emails
  • SEO content
  • PPC campaigns such as Facebook and Google Ads
  • Decision aid such as guides, coupons and ranking lists

Collaboration with Specialized Vendors

Want to acquire new customers for your lower funnel marketing? Then working with a specialized provider like Intent-Marketing Specialist Compado may be something worth considering.

Vendors like Compado analyze which people are interested in your offer and recommend it to those exact people. Compado matches attractive offers and brands with the right visitors and thereby puts you in front of prospective customers. The result is that exactly the people who are in the mood to buy become aware of your offer. Working with specialists like Compado may pose a shortcut to identifying BOFU users with a high purchase motivation.

How Compado works to convert leads at BOFU?
How Compado works to convert leads at BOFU?

While Compado is one of the absolute experts in the field of BOFU customer acquisition, their Pay-Per-Customer approach is what really stands out. If Compado presents your brand or offers to their purchase-motivated audiences, they are charging you only in case of success, when a new customer is won.

How do they do it?

From rankings of the best products to quizzes to shopping guides, Compado puts content pieces in place that speak directly to the needs of BOFU users. They know better than others what shoppers like to read and consult before their purchase.

While specialized firms like Compado may be skilled in providing guidance to shoppers that are ready to buy, for many advertisers their go-to destination is advertising giants like Google or Facebook.

Attracting BOFU Users with Google & Facebook Ads

For many, marketing via Google Ads and Facebook Ads comes to mind first when thinking about digital customer acquisition. In fact, it gives you a very high number of active users per month and practically unlimited reach. Facebook alone registers 1.4 billion monthly active users. The advantage here is that the interests of users are known in detail thanks to their profiles. That's why targeted ads work very well here, as long as you make them appealing. Present your ads to people who showed interest in what you offer and cut the line, going straight for purchase-motivated users.

Next to Facebook Ads, which offers immense reach and targeting capabilities, Google Ads gives you the possibility to advertise on Google’s search engine. You can show your ads to users that have googled certain words, so-called keywords. By specifying what a user has googled before, you can show your offer only to users who are in the market to buy something.

While working with specialists or with the big advertising players are both proven ways to reach BOFU audiences, there’s things you can do on your own.

What about Discount Codes?

Discounts, for example on the first purchase, are a popular strategy to capture the attention of BOFU users. They make your offer even more interesting and help buyers familiarize themselves with your product. Ideally, this creates a long-term relationship that pays off. Of course, demos, free trials or easy-entry products for starters can also help you convince new customers. Once trust has been built, further purchases are much more likely.


Make BOFU Users a priority!

Winning new BOFU visitors is one of the most important tasks in your business - as they convert into sales. Your customer base is fed from the lower funnel. At the same time, you can be sure that this group of prospects is ready to take action.

To achieve this goal, you can use different methods, from hiring a BOFU specialist, like Compado, to buying your way into BOFU audiences on Facebook and Google Ads.

Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages. Nevertheless, during the current economy, where every penny counts, your focus should be on buyers. Reach out to those with an intention to buy - BOFU is the way to go.

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