The List of Windows Applications to Work & Edit Various Documents

The List of Windows Applications to Work & Edit Various Documents

Office applications are one of the most sought after software segments for all platforms. In recent years, accessible tools for working with documents such as Microsoft Office and Google Docs have become widespread not only on PC.

Manage Your Documents Efficiently by Using These PC applications

Document management software is focused not only on the convenience of reading and editing data but also on a comprehensive online functionality for synchronizing content and multi-user interaction.

In this review, we are presenting the list of the best applications for document editing & management.

  1. Editpad lite
    There are good and bad notepad programs, and there is EditPad Lite. This is a powerful text editor for the Windows platform, supporting dozens of useful features. Consider its capabilities in more detail.

    If you are the content manager of an online news portal and, as a result of your service, your main task is to edit text material in several tabs at once. In EditPad, you can open them three, five, or more - as much as you want. Using bookmarks allows you to switch between them quickly enough.

  2. Microsoft Office
    Microsoft Office 2016 is a robust set of office applications for working with text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. It is the latest release from Microsoft. It supports modern operating systems Windows 7, 8, 10 and Mac OS X.

    The latest version of the software contains an advanced text editor that provides a comfortable workflow, thanks to many features. When processing text, you can add media files of various types and formats. Naturally, when it comes to document management, people often install complete Office, but if you work only with text – you can get word download separately without other applications.

    You can send documents to print, by e-mail or to popular social networks, including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Linkedln and so on. A complete set of components includes Microsoft Excel, Word, Publisher, Access, InfoPath, OneNote, Visio, PowerPoint Viewer, Outlook. The only drawback of the program is the rather high system requirements.

  3. Sumatra PDF
    This utility has been developed for portable use. This means that it can even be launched from a regular flashcard. It can be made the default viewer - then all PDF files will open automatically in this simple program.

    The design of the application is minimalistic, and you will not find any extra options here. Everything is as simple as possible: open the file, view, close. In general, even these features will be sufficient for most ordinary users.

  4. STDU Viewer
    STDU Viewer is a universal electronic document viewer. Thanks to it, you can open almost any text or graphic file, while choosing a convenient page layout, adjusting brightness, contrast. STDU Viewer is a completely free application, so you do not need to pay money for downloading and installing it.

    As you know, there are dozens of different file formats. If you need to open each of the formats, there is a separate program. STDU Viewer opens PDF magazines, multi-page TIFF documents and supports DjVu, JBIG2, XPS, and WWF without problems.

  5. Scribus
    Scribus is a free program with which you can perform a wide range of various tasks on typesetting documents. Scribus allows you to create a wide variety of printing products from simple texts to full-fledged magazines, corporate brochures, and even books.

    Scribus helps the user to make his work unique by managing large arrays of text and graphic content. The application has a wonderful beginner's guide, which will become a real guide to the desktop publishing system and will help you understand how to achieve professional-looking results.

    The program contains templates of documents ready for printing various layouts, which significantly facilitates the creation of new brochures. In addition to being open-source Scribus, it is also cross-platform, and you can use it on many operating systems.

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