The World AI Show Unveils the Next Wave of Enterprise AI Solutions

The World AI Show Unveils the Next Wave of Enterprise AI Solutions
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Dubai, Tuesday, 14th June 2023: The 41st global edition of the World AI Show in Dubai was a resounding success, bringing together top leaders and decision-makers who are using technology in innovative ways to drive businesses forward while delivering business value, and enhancing the overall customer experience. The event showcased cutting-edge technology innovations within the AI space for enterprises and governments to help build leaner business processes, develop innovative products, and automate tasks that can minimize costs. The show was held under the patronage of the private office of H.H. Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, and organized by Trescon.

The event exceeded all expectations, with an overwhelming turnout of attendees and positive feedback from participants, consolidating Dubai's position as a global hub for AI development.

The conference featured a series of captivating panel discussions and keynote addresses that delved into topics shaping the future of artificial intelligence. Topics of discussion ranged from the latest trends and advantages, and ethical implications of AI deployment to the integration of machine learning in various sectors such as healthcare and finance.

One such discussion was the panel on how business leaders are embracing AI as a key driver of success. Moderated by Dr. Eng Suaad Al Shamsi, Technical Consultant, L2L consultation, the panel discussed the scope of benefits of AI adoption. The panelists, Robert Hahm, CEO, Mashreq Capital (DIFC) Ltd, Anshuman Anand, CEO of R&B (KSA) & VP of Apparel Group, Amine Sabri, CFO, Astra Tech, and Vikram Tanna, CEO, Mzallo (Eros Investments Group), also presented some interesting views while talking about the key skills that can accelerate AI adoption.

Another noteworthy discussion was on how to inspire the next generation of women in AI. The panel discussion moderated by Debbie Botha, Chief Partnership Officer, Women in AI, spoke at length about the challenges faced by women in the AI industry. The panelist, Fatmah Alabdouli, Director of Data Management & Statistics, Ministry of Energy & Infrastructure, Dr. Fatmah Baothman, Board President, AI Society, Dr. Christine Gulbranson, CEO, U+ Nova, Dr. Adhari Alzaab, Assistant Professor, Sultan Qaboos University, deliberated on how women can collaborate and drive an impact in the AI sector.

“We are proud to have hosted such a remarkable event that brought together distinguished thought leaders discussing about the future of enterprise AI solutions,” said Naveen Bharadwaj, Group CEO of Trescon. “The show provided a platform for conversations and invaluable knowledge sharing. It was a testament to Dubai's commitment to fostering innovation and driving AI advancements on a global scale.”
The success of the conference was largely attributed to the generous support of its esteemed sponsors. “The World AI Show in Dubai this year exceeded our expectations,” said Valeria Sandei, CEO, Almawave, Gold Sponsor of the show. “We were able to network with key decision-makers and establish strategic partnerships. The interest and enthusiasm from attendees for our AI solutions were truly remarkable. This event has undoubtedly opened new doors for our company.”
Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, President, University of Dubai, said, “World AI Show was a remarkable achievement again from Dubai, the technology hub of the world and I was very glad to be a keynote speaker and part of this international event.”
Dr. Salim Al-Shuaili, Director of Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technology Development Program, Ministry of Transport, Communication and Information Technology, showed his appreciation towards the event and said, “World AI Show this year in Dubai was a turning point in the industry, most of the topics related to AI were covered. I believe the panel discussions were professionally planned and executed.”

The World AI Show has become an essential platform for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and business growth within the AI community. With plans already underway for next year's edition, anticipation is building for an even more spectacular event. In line with our vision to build on the momentum and usher in the next wave of transformation, Trescon announced the Digital Acceleration Transformation Expo (DATE). The event is set to take place in Delhi in November 2023 and Jakarta in 2024.

The 41st Global Edition of the World AI Show is officially sponsored by:

  • Official AI Cybersecurity Partners: Darktrace
  • Gold Sponsors: Almawave
  • Silver Sponsors: Voiceweb, Dataiku, Soothsayer Analytics
  • Bronze Sponsors: Beinex, Run:Ai, E42, ManageEngine,
  • Robotics Partners: Aliriza Group, Unique World Robotics
  • Exhibitors: FourNxt, Banuba, CSP Solutions
  • Startup Exhibitors: BasicAi, Scaletorch, Data Science Wizards, Neural Space, TechVariable, Qualitas Global, Demandify Media, The Ai Studio
  • Associate Partners: Women in AI
  • Affiliate Partners: AI for Business, Enlightened Minds
  • Ecosystem Partner: Entrepreneur Middle East

About Trescon

Trescon is a pioneering force in the global business events and services sector, driving the adoption of emerging technologies while promoting sustainability and inclusive leadership.

In line with this vision, Trescon invites you to become a part of their upcoming events:

  • World AI Show in Singapore and Malaysia
  • World Blockchain Summit in Singapore, Bali, and Dubai
  • World CX Summit in Singapore

Trescon is glad to announce a new event, Digital Acceleration and Transformation Expo (DATE) scheduled to take place in Delhi in November 2023 and Jakarta in 2024. For more information, visit:

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