YouTube's Ad Blocker Crackdown: Ban, Implication & Solutions

YouTube's Ad Blocker Crackdown: Ban, Implication & Solutions
YouTube's Ad Blocker

YouTube is declaring war on something as common as an ad blocker. With enabled ad blockers, they are interrupting your videos with a pop-up.

 “It looks like you may be using an ad blocker. Video playback will be blocked unless YouTube is allowlisted or the ad blocker is disabled.”

On Reddit, YouTube users have been moaning about the move, which doesn't allow YouTube viewers to watch more than three videos ad-free.

Christopher Lawton, a YouTube spokesperson, emphasized the importance of YouTube Premium, a $13.99 monthly subscription, for those seeking an ad-free experience.

So, what's going on at YouTube, and how can you keep watching ad-free videos there? Here's what you should know.

Why is YouTube Serious About the Ad Blocker Ban?
Can YouTube Ban You for Using Ad Blocker?
Legal Implications of YouTube Ad Blocker Ban in the EU
How to Watch YouTube Ads Amidst Ad Blocker?

Why is YouTube Serious About the Ad Blocker Ban?

YouTube banned ad-blocking software in November 2023. But, prior to the big clash, YouTube has been testing the waters in secret since June.

The platform claims that these privacy tools go against its terms of service, disrupting YouTube's ad revenue system. 

Now, why the crackdown? Consider this: YouTube has been throwing a party, but not everyone is bringing food. Advertisers, the platform's lifeblood, want their moment in the spotlight. 

With ad blockers enabled, it's as if they're attempting to enter the VIP zone without the bouncer noticing. YouTube is cracking down to make sure that everyone pays for access, either through commercials or YouTube Premium. My friend, it's a digital velvet rope issue.

Worldwide Advertising Revenues of YouTube
Worldwide Advertising Revenues of YouTube

The graph shows that YouTube's advertising revenues have grown steadily over the past few years, from 8.15 billion USD in 2017 to 29.24 billion USD in 2022. The graph also shows that YouTube's advertising revenues are predicted to continue to grow in 2023 to 30.4 billion USD.

Can YouTube Ban You for Using Ad Blocker?

Can YouTube kick you off for being an ad-blocking user? The quick answer is ‘NO, it does not.’ YouTube isn't tossing anybody out; they're just making it more difficult for ad-blocking outcasts to slip through the cracks. 

With the crackdown in full force, YouTube is on a mission to stop users from ad-free viewing without paying a subscription. YouTube is enticing you to upgrade to premium with promises of an ad-free heaven.

YouTube says, "The use of ad blockers violates YouTube's Terms of Service." 

A YouTube representative said, "We've launched a global campaign to encourage viewers who use ad blockers to allow ads on YouTube or subscribe to YouTube Premium for an ad-free experience. Ads support a diverse ecosystem of creators throughout the world and enable billions of people to watch their favorite content on YouTube."

Laws are being broken. According to Hanff, "AdBlock detection scripts are spyware — there is no other way to describe them and, as such, it is not acceptable to deploy them without consent."

"I consider any deployment of technology which can be used to spy on my devices is both unethical and illegal in most situations."

According to privacy experts, YouTube is infringing on Article 5.3 of the ePrivacy Directive, which specifies that websites must have consent before keeping or accessing a user's information on a device.

Implications imposed on YouTube-

  • YouTube detects ad-blocking upgrades with no permission from users through the use of JavaScript.
  • The practice of YouTube's ad blocker detection is being looked into by the Irish DPC.
  • European Union, with its strict privacy rules, is examining the legal landscape.

Ad blocker usage might have a significant impact on the platform's advertisers and YouTube Premium sign-ups. In an interview, YouTube told how the entire platform support creator worldwide and how they get the highest ad revenue from their long-form content.

They claimed, "YouTube's ad blocking detection does not access information stored in the device but identifies whether ads have been played or not." In Addition, to cooperate fully with questions or queries from the DPC.

How to Watch YouTube Ads Amidst Ad Blocker?

Here are ways to get around the ad blocker exclusion, but it may take some of your energy-

  • Use Browser Plugins: To regain your ad-free experience, look into reputable browser plugins such as uBlock Origin or Adblock Plus.
  • Go for YouTube Premium: YouTube Premium provides an ad-free experience. While there is a monthly price, it is a surefire method to say goodbye to commercials.
  • Check Third-Party Apps: Some third-party apps and services allow you to watch YouTube without ads. Use caution and make sure they follow YouTube's policies.
  • Watch on Further Platforms: Consider watching your favorite content on platforms that do not rely on YouTube's ad system.
  • Use YouTube's Built-In Features: YouTube has features such as ad-skipping after five seconds. While it is not ad-free, it certainly lessens the impact of advertisements on your watching experience.

Guide on How to Block Ads on Smartphones in 2020
The following are some of the ways to prevent companies and organizations from sending you unwanted messages to your phone. These ways can help you in Stopping the Ads upto some extent.

Extension to Block Ads on YouTube

Extensions to Block Ads on YouTube
Extensions to Block Ads on YouTube

Here is a collection of useful ad-blocking extensions and programs effective on the YouTube website and application:

Web Browser Extensions

  • uBlock Origin: A portable and highly flexible, free open-source ad blocker with great ad-blocking capabilities. 
  • AdBlock Plus: A well-known and effective ad blocker with an extensive user base. It has plenty of features, including the ability to ban certain ads and unwanted websites.
  • Ghostery: A privacy and ad-blocking extension that disables advertisements, cookies, sensors, and other privacy-invading components.
  • AdGuard: A robust ad blocker that effectively blocks numerous advertisements, including pop-ups, video commercials, and social media ads.
  • Brave Browser: A quick privacy browser with an ad-blocking and tracking safety system built in for a safe browsing experience.

Mobile Applications

  • AdGuard for Android: An effective Android app and web browser ad blocker. 
  • AdBlock Plus: A well-known Android ad blocker that comes with diverse features, such as the capacity to block particular advertisements and websites.
  • Blokada: An open-source Android ad blocker that blocks ads from appearing anywhere on the device, including apps that don't support ad blocker apps.
  • AdBlocker Ultimate: An iOS ad blocker that prevents ads from appearing in Safari and other web browsers.
  • Purify: An iOS ad blocker that stops ads from appearing in apps, Safari, and additional web browsers.

How to Fix and Bypass YouTube Anti Ad Block Detection

Practical Solution

YouTube has access to the latest technology that allows it to detect AdBlock and prompts you to disable it.

If you wish to keep using YouTube, Wright suggests checking to see if your ad blocker supports 'Allowlisting.' Another alternative is to have a separate browser with no ad blocker installed.

He said. "Finally, the last and perhaps easiest solution is to pay for the premium subscription."

YouTube has its own solution: Premium, an ad-free nirvana. It's a haven away from the frenzy of advertisements. The built-in features work well for me, so that you can try that.

However, if you're feeling powerless, there are third-party options available, each offering its own brand of ad-free magic. In this age of digital advancement, make wise choices.


How does Adblock affect YouTube?

AdBlock on YouTube improves the viewing experience and protects privacy, but it reduces content creators' revenue and may cause some videos not to play.

Can YouTube ban me for using Adblock?

YouTube won't ban users for using ad blockers but may ask them to disable these tools.

What is the impact of ad blocking?

Ad blocking negatively impacts online content creators and platforms by reducing advertising revenue. It also challenges the sustainability of free online services that rely on ad-based monetization.

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