99acres Vs. MagicBricks- Who Wins?

99acres Vs. MagicBricks- Who Wins?

If we have to point out some of the worst fights online, the fight between 99acres Vs. MagicBricks will be one of them. The two have been in real estate for years, but their fight has made more headlines than their achievements in the real estate business. The 99acres Vs. MagicBricks conflict surely has a deep impact on the customers. Even I was confused if I want to do something with my property or look for one which one should I choose? 99acres or MagicBricks? Both claim they are the best. But why? Through this article, we have listed out the points from both sides in the 99acres Vs. MagicBricks conflict for you to choose the winner in the end-

Performance of 99acres

Home purchasing feeling improved as open area banks and private players sliced home credit loan costs to a 15-year low. Below the list shows how 99acres have performed this year.

Pre-COVID Times

  • 2020 took the inquiries up by 80% of the pre-COVID times.
  • Engineers detailed a 50 percent recuperation in the number of exchanges.
  • The resale portion stayed under tension with bargains shutting at a 2-5 percent limited rate overall.
  • With an expansion of more than 31,000 units in metro urban communities, new dispatches went up by 4.5 times.

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Post-COVID Times

  • Post the COVID-19 episode, 99acres saw a drop with around 33,000 units in Jul-Sep 2020
  • 2.5 occasions of the deals detailed in Apr-Jun 2020, for example, 9,700 units. Mumbai and Delhi drove other metro urban communities regarding the deal volume and comprised around 29 percent and 22 percent of the absolute exchanges, separately.
  • The provided property cost estimates stayed unaltered across urban communities. Notwithstanding, with offers, limits, and dealings on the table, exchanges shut at an adjusted cost of around 2-5 percent on a normal.
  • The most noticeably terrible influenced were Chennai and Delhi NCR, which endured the worst part of a high divergence popular and flexibility.
  • Bangalore and Hyderabad were the main business sectors that supported costs amid the pandemic and the resultant financial plunge because of the strength of end-clients and a positive interest flexibly condition.
  • New dispatches went up by 4.5 occasions with the expansion of around 31,000 units this quarter, as against 5,500 units in the past quarter.
  • The unsold stock plunged by a small one percent, YoY, and remained at 4.4 lakh units toward the finish of September 2020.

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With the business sectors opening up around mid-June, a couple of engineers dispatched new undertakings, while the greater part centered around finishing and selling their continuous tasks. Homebuyers, be that as it may, stayed mindful of under-development tasks to limit the danger in their ventures. Prepared or close prepared units collected most extreme footing.

Performance of MagicBricks

With the Covid-19 pandemic having on a very basic level modified everyday connections for most, India's land area has needed to zero in on highlights, for example, video walkthroughs and online rental installments, and even cashbacks and prizes to squeeze out development. Since the Covid-19 effect on the area has been grave, land tech new businesses would likewise have to have strong establishments to defeat the emergency.


One such organization is Times Internet-claimed land posting commercial center MagicBricks. As the organization plans for the post-COVID-world, it could cheer up from its to some degree improved monetary execution in the financial year finishing March 31, 2020, or FY20. Below the list shows how MagicBricks have performed this year.

  • As indicated by MagicBricks' financials, and verified by Inc42, the organization recorded an income of INR 246.28 Cr in FY20, a 16% expansion from its income of INR 213.24 Cr in FY19.
  • The organization's costs became 9%, from INR 221.13 Cr to INR 241.81 Cr.
  • While a year ago, the organization recorded a deficiency of INR 7.89 Cr. this year, it has figured out how to turn a thin benefit of INR 4.47 Cr.
  • Furthermore, with the conceded charge recorded down as a resource and added to the EBITDA, the organization has announced a general benefit of INR 49.63 Cr.
  • The expense of materials devoured, worker benefits cost, account expenses and devaluation, exhaustion and amortization cost saw an expansion.
  • Costs regarding upkeep, power, travel and other various costs, declined by 9%, from INR 117.92 Cr to INR 107.49 Cr.

Land tech organizations are focusing on highlights to fill the dispersion hole, especially for home viewings and documentation. The filings express that MagicBricks is hoping to add more highlights in its differentiated portfolio and that during FY20, the organization put resources into "land supplies of huge designers across India for capital appreciation."

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It is important that before this month, the Times Internet-possessed organization augmented its bundle of administrations to incorporate a scope of rental arrangements, for example, tenant contracts, inhabitant confirmation, and pay lease, as it broadens its property administrations commercial center.

Administrations for occupant confirmation and tenant contract can be profited at costs beginning INR 499. Inhabitants can likewise utilize MagicBricks' Pay Rent stage to move leases up to INR 45,000 to their landowners by utilizing Mastercard and procure reward focuses, the organization said in a delivery.

A Brief Overview of Traffic in 99acres Vs. MagicBricks

  • Monthly visitors: MagicBricks wins
  • Average Daily visitors: MagicBricks wins
  • Clicks per visitor: MagicBricks wins
  • Total Minutes spent on the site by the visitors: 99Acres wins
  • Unique visitors: 99acres wins

Now several other aspects can be kept in mind like site accessibility, a total number of customers handled, successful and failed projects, etc. to conclude. In a nutshell, we keep it on the readers which one they prefer in their real estate related matters. As of this current month-

  • MagicBricks successfully has more than 1 Mln dynamic property postings, of which, 58% are available to be purchased and 42% for lease
  • 2.1 lakh selective postings posted uniquely on its foundation by singular landowners from across 700 towns and urban communities.

In this case, MagicBricks wins, but as we already said, it's up to an individual which one he/she prefers as in the conflict of 99acres Vs. MagicBricks, both have a lot to offer.

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