AirOk - One-Stop Solution for Air Quality Problems

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Air Ok is an IIT Madras incubated start-up incorporated on April 23, 2015. Air Ok was launched with a vision to provide a one-stop solution for any air quality related problems. The company designs and develops cost-effective and efficient green technologies for ambient and indoor air quality management in small/medium scale industrial environment, urban built environment and waste management facilities.

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AirOk - Company Highlights

Startup Name Air Ok Technologies Pvt Ltd
Headquarter Delhi, India
Sector Clean tech start up
Founder Deekshith Vara Prasad, Founder & CEO
Founded 2015

About AirOK and How it Works
AirOK - Product/Services
How was AirOK Started?
Founders of AirOK and team
AirOK - Business Model and Revenue Model
AirOK - Startup Challenges
AirOK - Competitors
AirOK - Growth
AirOK - Funding and Investors

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About AirOK and How it Works?

Headquartered in Delhi, Air Ok Technologies Pvt Ltd is focused on addressing the issue of rising levels of air pollution with innovative solutions in air purifiers, filters, face masks, purifying bags etc. The company specializes in providing customized solutions for both residential as well as commercial set ups, including data centres.

AirOK logo
AirOK logo

Their flagship solution is EGAPA, a patented filter technology that efficiently reduces high levels of CO2, VOCs and other toxic chemicals, thereby providing a comprehensive indoor air quality solution. Besides providing innovative solutions, the company is also focused on unique designs of the products to enhance user experience and align with today's design sense of homes and offices.

AirOK - Product/Services

Air Ok has designed and developed a revolutionary combination of Air purifiers with high efficiency and performance, equipped with unique design and patented filter technology.

  1. EGAPA Microbes
    Suitable for hospitals and other healthcare units, this does not just trap harmful bacteria, but kills them. Available in an affordable range, it is a good alternative for tier 2 hospitals.
  2. EGAPA Fumes
    The filter is designed to remove contaminants and other sources of air pollution. It further eliminates the downtime by removing corrosive gases through the process of adsorption and chemisorption.
  3. Air Ok Breathe Safe Face mask N 99 + ANBC (Anti Nicotine Bacterial Control)
    Air Ok Breathe safe face masks come with 5-layered fabric, which includes a charcoal layer, protecting from gaseous and other toxic pollutants. This mask not only captures the particulate matter but can also protect from pollutants, including PM 2.5, automobile gases and dust.
    The fabric of the mask comprises two components – spun bond polypropylene and melt blown polypropylene, thereby providing a non-woven web. Due to smaller fibers and larger surface area taken up by them, it has excellent wicking and barrier properties. So together, they can create a strong product that can also offer a barrier to fluids and particles.
  4. Air Ok Natural
    These are Odour removal bags for your small indoor spaces, helping you maintain a fresh environment. Air Ok Natural odour removal bags go well with your washrooms, car cabins, shoe racks and closets, maintaining an odour-free environment. They are fragrance free, non-toxic and can be used for up to three years.

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How was AirOK Started?

While undertaking a project at IIT Madras, Air Ok founder Deekshith Vara Prasad did a survey on different Indoor air quality solutions. He identified gaps in terms of existing filter technologies (HEPA) and solutions it could not provide in terms of air purification.

When he pursued his tryst for further developing the technology for a comprehensive Indoor air quality solution, he came up with EGAPA (trademark registered to Air Ok) filter technology. After seeing the results of the first prototype, he was confident that he had developed something unique, which the market actually requires.

Founder of AirOK and team

Deekshith Vara Prasad is Founder and CEO of Air OK
Founder and CEO, Air OK

Deekshith Vara Prasad is the Founder & CEO of AirOK. He is a B.Tech graduate from civil engineering department at IIT Madras. Deekshith Vara Prasad has worked on air pollution since he undertook the project at his college. He worked as a project associate at IIT Madras for about a year after his graduation, during which he worked with different companies like Hyundai to assess indoor air quality. He also worked in various Indo-German projects at IIT Madras

AirOK - Business Model and Revenue Model

One thing that clearly sets them apart from competition is their technical background. Their strength has been technology since inception and they have partnered with their customers more as a clean air consultant rather than sales company.

The company does direct sales as well as sales through partners and distributors. Ensuring clean air is a service for them. They collaborate with corporate clients as clean air partner for a period of 5 years and provide solution in the form of service. Air Ok has done this already with several Fortune500 companies.

AirOK - Startup Challenges

Air Ok was started with the vision to become a one-stop solution for any air quality related problems. The issue that they have identified is that the incumbent indoor air quality solutions are able to solve the problems just partially, by eliminating few parameters in the indoor air. Their target was to develop a comprehensive indoor air quality solution and they went on to develop unique patented filter technology for the same. During this process, they have faced challenges such as validating the technology by a third-party organization, considering that it is a first of its kind in the league. Finally, they have identified a standard test protocol to validate to the technology that has helped them get into the market.

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AirOK - Competitors

The USP of the company is its patented filter technology EGAPA - Efficient Granular Adsorbent Particulate Arrestor. Indoor Air quality problem can’t be generalized always to PM2.5. EGAPA was developed to solve the specific problems in various indoor spaces. Each Indoor environment requires its own solution after scientifically assessing the air quality and analyzing the data.

Indoor air quality problem can’t be generalized as it’s not uniform at all places. What differentiates Air Ok from competition is that they work closely with their clients as clean air consultants, by addressing their specific air quality needs rather than being a knocking salesman.

AirOK - Growth

First one-and-a-half years of their journey was dedicated to product development and validation, till early 2017. Once the product got third-party validation from NABL accredited lab, they started raising funds for manufacturing and initial market entry. By the end of 2017, they successfully raised 2-million-dollars funding, enabling the company launch its product in July 2018.

During the initial three months after launch, the co-founders personally conducted product demos at various office spaces in Chennai, in a bid to understand the customer needs. Based on the valuable inputs, they entered the Delhi market and there was no looking back after that.

They are near to touching one-million dollar in revenue this financial year with a 10x growth rate. The best part of their growth is that they have established themselves as a profitable entity despite launching product in a segment that already comprises almost 300 brands in India.

AirOK - Funding and Investors

The company raised 2 million USD from SAR group in 2017 and used the funds in product manufacturing, launching the same in various markets and future product development. Within two years after their first round of investment, they have grown multi-fold and become profitable. They are now planning to go for second round of funding in next 12 months.

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