Success Story of Amod Malviya

The Indian startup circuit is well known for its outstanding developments in recent times. In the circuit, one of the biggest names in Flipkart. Flipkart is a company that has reached the heights of success in the last decade. From dresses to grocery items, this company has covered every sector of delivery products.

Well most of us don’t know about the man who is responsible for the success of the company. He is Mr. Amod Malviya. Presently, he is better known as the co-founder of Udaan, a B2B marketplace that attained the unicorn status in just 26 months. Talking about Amod's Net worth it is about Rs. 3500 Crore. Well, if the technology is considered, Amod is certainly one of the biggest names in the circuit. But why is it so?

Thus, let's take a look at the success story of Amod Malviya.

Name Amod Malviya
Age 38
Citizenship Indian
Education B.Tech from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur
Title Co-founder of Udaan
Net Worth Rs. 3500 Crore

Amod's Development in the Startup Industry

Technology has become all-pervasive in our lives. The power of the internet sector has changed how we interact and gain knowledge. Now, we interact with technology all the time as individuals. Therefore, it is no longer limited to our professional lives and is no longer limited to just companies. Hence, it is no longer about companies and enterprises, it is all about customers.

Being an entrepreneur who has excelled in the field of technology, Amod is certainly one of the personalities who have worked for the development of the startup industry.

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Amod Education and his Ideology

Being a graduate of the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, his life mostly revolves around startups and ideologies regarding the engineers. During a conference, he had opened up on the ideology in which he referred the engineers as the differentiator. According to him, the type of code one writes is not a differentiator. This is because open source offers many options to the people.

Success Story of Amod Malviya
Amod Malviya

While talking about infrastructure, he had said that the ability to build scalable architecture is also no longer a factor being a differentiator. With the current public cloud ecosystem, one has to be stupid to not create naturally scalable systems. Also, adding on to that, the platforms used to create the infrastructures are commoditized. Hence, they are available to use as a service.

Hence, his point is very simple, as Amos states that technology is now commoditized. The speed of this commoditization has been incredibly quick, according to Amod. Hence, if an engineer used to identify with any of the tools, technologies, and skills, then he/she is being commoditized.

Amod’s Questions which Deferential Engineers and Code Monkeys!

Being an expert in the field of technology, he gave few questions to the developers to test themselves whether they are creating products that are beneficial to the ecosystem or they are just coding monkeys. The questions were:

  • Are you responsible for the success or failure of the product you develop? Are you just an extension arm of someone who directed you to what to do? Do you hold yourself personally accountable? According to him, a plethora of companies treat engineers as delivery products.
  • If you are responsible for the development of a product, when was the last time you spoke with your customer? Who in your team speaks to your users? Is it your product development team or you?
  • How much time do you devote to analyze how your customers are using your products? Is there someone else in your team who is doing that and telling you what changes you should make to develop your product?

As per Amod, the answers to the questions mentioned above help to determine whether you are a real entrepreneur or just a code monkey. Well, it is a no brainer that Amod has undergone the real path to development as an engineer!

Amod’s Questions which Deferential Engineers and Code Monkeys!
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The Future of Work according to Amod

Being one of the greatest engineers in the country presently, he has provided some valuable tips to the engineers who wish to make a mark on the startup circuit. According to Amod, one should learn to identify inefficiencies in the world.

As most of the engineers are disconnected from the real world, hence, they cannot identify an opportunity that calls out for a complete transformation. Adding on to that, he says this is a reason for a plethora of non-technical entrepreneurs in the country. These entrepreneurs keep their eyes and ears open for these opportunities and then look for a technical co-founder to build a solution. Hence, according to Amod, this is something that the engineers need to start doing in a big way.

Success Story of Amod Malviya
The Future of Work according to Amod

Another advice that Amod gives to the budding engineers-entrepreneurs is to take accountability. As one should analyze the problem, talk, and draw opinions from the users and keep developing the models. He also gives the success of the Indian entrepreneur circuit to the internet. In the Internet era, distribution is massive. Hence, one should remember that he/she is not the only person who has identified an inefficiency in the products. There are millions of other people too.

Amod has also emphasized on building a tool craft. Being an entrepreneur, one should explore himself/herself to the most diverse set of tools present in the circuit. And by using these tools, one can develop their own company.

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success story of Amod Malviya

Amod has also stated that companies need to create the right kind of accountability. According to him, they also need to solve the problems and not for the internal teams by creating tools for them. In the case of Udaan, he has explained the functioning of the system. It is an organization where they measure engineers on their end impact on a business metric, Hence, they don’t talk about delivery as they give the engineers that choice and flexibility.

Amod as an Inspiration

Amod, being an engineer is a role model for millions of people. Now, as his company Udaan is taking giant strides in the startup sector, they are making sure that the engineers are given complete freedom to develop and implement their ideas. Amol is responsible for the technical development of Flipkart. Hence, he has shown that with the right implementation of knowledge and intelligence, success is inevitable.

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