Top 20 Biggest Failed Products of Apple That Apple Wants You to Forget

Top 20 Biggest Failed Products of Apple That Apple Wants You to Forget
Apple Flop Products

Apple Inc., a trillion-dollar corporation, is a household name. Unboxing their premium products reveals the phrase "designed in California." The company has a great reputation for having the best products and has a crazy fan following. People who use Apple products swear by the quality and religiously wait for the new launches and buy them.

However, nothing in life is flawless. The same may be said about Apple. Although the company has introduced several extremely unique, game-changing ideas, not every product has been well received by fans, and some have been huge disappointments.

But, this hasn't stopped the company from producing market-leading items on a regular basis. However, the focus of this article is on Apple's flop products, which have received widespread criticism from customers.

Let's take a look at some of Apple's biggest failed products.

Biggest Failed Products of Apple
Biggest Failed Products of Apple

Apple's Biggest Failed/Flop Products

1. The Apple Newton
2. Apple Pippin
3. Round Mouse
4. The Apple Macintosh Portable
5. The Power Mac G4 Cube
6. The U2 iPod
7. Apple eMate
8. Macintosh TV
9. eWorld
10. The Apple III
11. FireWire
12. Apple Lisa
13. 20th Anniversary Macintosh
14. iTunes Ping
15. MobileMe
16. Performa x200 Series
17. Homepod Original
18. iPod Hi-Fi
19. Apple Maps
20. iPhone 6

1. The Apple Newton

Product Name The Apple Newton
Launched In 1993
Discontinued In 1983
Price At Launch $2,495
The Apple Newton
The Apple Newton - Apple Failed Product

The Apple Newton was launched as a Personal Digital Assistant (PDA). The CEO at that time, John Sculley, led this idea of a personal digital assistant. The device had several features and task management applications.

The main feature was the handwriting recognition one, where the device was able to understand and recognize different handwriting on the screen, but the outcome was disastrous. The device was nothing but a glitchy mess. Its ground-breaking idea was made fun of, and the company discontinued it after Steve Jobs came back to the company in 1998.

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2. Apple Pippin

Product Name Apple Pippin
Launched In 1996
Discontinued In 1997
Price At Launch $599
Apple Pippin - Apple Flop Product
Apple Pippin

Apple tried really hard to enter the gaming console world by launching a product called Apple Pippin. During the mid-90s, the company released a cross between a gaming console and a computer system. The Apple Pippin was a video game console that was released in 1996.

The computer contained the classic Mac OS. The product would have been better but the features were really poor. The product had only a 14.4 kb/s modem and had no support from major game corporations. And a big price of $599 didn’t help the product at all. Despite being marketed as a multimedia device, it failed to compete with other popular consoles like the Sony PlayStation and Nintendo 64 and was discontinued a year later.

3. Round Mouse

Product Name Round Mouse
Launched In 1998
Discontinued In 2000
Price At Launch NA
Apple USB Round Mouse - Failed Product of Apple
Apple USB Mouse

The company attempted to launch something unique and exciting but instead created one of the most disliked products in history. Apple really thought they did something when they released the round-shaped mouse.

The company is known for its curved edges, but the limit was crossed when the round mouse was launched. Officially named the Apple USB Mouse (M4848), but famously known as the "Hockey Puck". The mouse was round, with a two-tone design. It was called clumsy because it used to rotate while using it, was small in size, and was weird to hold and use.

4. The Apple Macintosh Portable

Product Name Apple Macintosh Portable
Launched In 1989
Discontinued In 1991
Price At Launch $7,300
Apple Macintosh Portable - Apple Failed Product
Apple Macintosh Portable

The company’s first attempt at portable computers was a horrible disaster. The Apple Macintosh Portable - a 4-inch thick portable computer was not easy to carry and could not manage even simple tasks.

Even though the Macbooks we have now have the best performance and design, this was not the case back then. The Macintosh was really slow and would not even turn on sometimes, even after plugging it in.

5. The Power Mac G4 Cube

Product Name Power Mac G4 Cube
Launched In 2000
Discontinued In 2001
Price At Launch $1,799
Apple Power Mac G4 Cube - Unsuccessful Apple Product
Apple Power Mac G4 Cube

The cube-shaped computer was aesthetically pleasing to the eye, unlike the previously mentioned Round Mouse, but apart from the looks, nothing was special. The Apple Power Mac G4 Cube device was not well received and everyone hated it. The system didn’t had any monitors and was extremely expensive. While it was praised for its design, it was considered too expensive and lacked the processing power of other desktop computers at the time. After a year, the product was discontinued because it failed to impress Apple fans.

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6. The U2 iPod

Product Name U2 iPod
Launched In 2004
Discontinued In 2007
Price At Launch $349
Apple iPod U2 - Failed Product of Apple
Apple iPod U2

Apple attempted everything it could to make its U2 iPod a hit product, but no amount of marketing or promotion could save it. They collaborated with U2, a well-known Irish rock band, to release an iPod.

With a red-coloured button wheel, U2 songs featured, and signatures of all the band members on the back, the branding was spot on. It was designed for fans, but it failed to impress the general public because it cost $50 more than the standard model.

7. Apple eMate

Product Name Apple eMate
Launched In 1997
Discontinued In 1998
Price At Launch $799
Apple eMate - Apple Flop Product
Apple eMate

Apple launched eMate in 1997, but it was discontinued only after 1 year. It was not available to the general public and was only for educational purposes. It was only seen at educational institutions.

Apple is really secretive about it too, as they never released the sales of eMate. The product was a hybrid between a computer, a laptop, and a PDA. It was quite affordable too, with a price tag of just $799.

8. Macintosh TV

Product Name Macintosh TV
Launched In 1984
Discontinued In 1994
Price At Launch $2,495
Apple Macintosh TV - Apple Failed Product
Apple Macintosh TV 

In 1993, Apple released the gadget that prepared the way for the now-famous Apple TV. The device was combined television with a computer, but one big limitation was that it could only accomplish one thing at a time. On its 14-inch screen, one can watch TV or use it as a computer, but not both at the same time. And all this came with a hefty price of $2,495.

9. eWorld

Product Name eWorld
Launched In 1994
Discontinued In 1996
Price At Launch $8.95 for a month
Apple eWorld - Apple Flop Product
Apple eWorld

The company really tried to create a virtual world and an online community where people could hang out, send emails, and much more. Apple eWorld was really advanced for its time but failed to impress as it was expensive and only available for Macintosh users, which limited the market. It was pulled off the shelves in 1996.

10. The Apple III

Product Name Apple III
Launched In 1980
Discontinued In 1984
Price At Launch $4,340
Apple III - Failed Product of Apple
Apple III

The Apple III computer was business-focused but failed to impress as it was poorly designed with no cooling fans to provide a silent, quiet working experience, but that led to overheating of the device and ruining several components of the computer. This extreme market failure really tainted the company’s image and was discontinued in 1984.

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11. FireWire

Product Name FireWire
Launched In 1999
Discontinued In 2008
Price At Launch NA
Apple FireWire - Unsuccessful Product of Apple
Apple FireWire

Apple is known for coming up with innovative approaches and challenging old technologies, which is exactly what it did when it introduced FireWire, a USB competitor. It was claimed by the business to be a speedier alternative to USB.

Nobody noticed the change and continued to use the existing USB port. Hardware manufacturers did not include a FireWire port on their products, as in order to do so, they had to pay Apple for licensing, which was clearly not worth it.

12. Apple Lisa

Product Name Apple Lisa
Launched In 1983
Discontinued In 1986
Price At Launch $9,995
Apple Lisa - Apple Failed Product
Apple Lisa

Apple Lisa was the world's first personal computer with a graphical user interface. It was a step forward toward the future of personal computers. But the price tag of nearly $10,000 was way too much for the technology, the overall performance was not even good, and the fact that it was not compatible with many software applications led to poor sales. The company only managed to sell 10,000 Lisa in two years. It was discontinued in 1986.

13. 20th Anniversary Macintosh

Product Name 20th Anniversary Macintosh
Launched In 1997
Discontinued In 1998
Price At Launch $7,499
Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh - Apple Flop Product
Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh

Apple 20th Anniversary Macintosh is an iconic piece of history as it was released to celebrate Apple’s 20 years of existence and business. It is also known as "Spartacus". The system was technically advanced and had many features like an LCD screen, Bose sound system, FM radio, and many more. But it didn’t do well because of the hefty price of $7,500. Apple even reduced the price to $1,995 to clear out the stock and get rid of the failed product.

14. iTunes Ping

Product Name iTune Ping
Launched In 2010
Discontinued In 2012
Price At Launch NA
Apple iTunes Ping - Failed Product of Apple
Apple iTunes Ping

iTunes Ping was a music-based social networking service that was launched in 2010, for connecting with your friends, and musicians. But when the product launched it was not connected to Facebook (Now Meta) so it was really difficult to find friends on that and the overall service was not up to the mark hence considered an unsuccessful product of Apple.

15. MobileMe

Product Name MobileMe
Launched In 2008
Discontinued In 2012
Price At Launch $99
Apple MobileMe - Apple Failed Product
Apple MobileMe

Before iCloud, the company had a similar thing called MobileMe, which was a collection of online services with a subscription of $99 per year. The features include storage space, a synced calendar and contacts, and so much more. But the service was not well received as people were unable to use it. People who were trying to subscribe couldn't sign up, and the ones who had subscribed were not able to access the service. It was a total flop and was shut down in 2011.

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16. Performa 200 Series

Product Name Performa 200 Series
Launched In 1992
Discontinued In 1993
Price At Launch $1250
Apple Performa 200 - Apple Flop Product
Apple Performa 200

In 1995, Apple tried to launch cheaper computer systems while trying to cut costs. They completely destroyed their reputation as the computers were horrible to use and became popular among the population as "Macs to be avoided at all costs". The hardware was terrible, and the systems were painfully slow. Due to this, many people started believing that Macs were overall inferior and slower than Windows, which damaged Apple's sales in the 90s.

17. Homepod Original

Product Name Homepod Original
Launched In 2018
Discontinued In 2021
Price At Launch $349
Apple Homepod and Homepod Mini - Failed Product of Apple
Apple Homepod and Homepod Mini

Apple launched its smart speaker, HomePod, in 2018. While it received positive reviews for its sound quality, but the price tag was so high as compared to other smart speakers on the market and failed to gain much traction. And the later release of a smaller, cheaper version, the HomePod Mini, was the final nail in the coffin for the original HomePod.

After receiving criticism from the buyers, the company permanently reduced the price to $299 in 2019. That still didn’t help, and the company finally discontinued it in 2021.

18. iPod Hi-Fi

Product Name iPod Hi-Fi
Launched In 2006
Discontinued In 2007
Price At Launch $349
Apple iPod Hi-Fi - Unsuccessful Apple Product
Apple iPod Hi-Fi

The main concern with the discontinued Apple products has always been the hefty price and the terrible performance. The same goes for the next Apple product too. In 2006, Apple released the Hi-Fi, a high-end speaker system designed to work with iPods. The iPod Hi-Fi was meant to capitalize on the popularity of portable speakers with iPod docks. But the price of the speaker was so high that the general public didn’t buy it at all. We can't blame them because the product was $349, which was significantly more expensive than any other competing brand. While it received positive reviews for its sound quality, it was considered too expensive and failed to gain much traction in the market.

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19. Apple Maps

Product Name Apple Maps
Launched In 2012
Discontinued In NA
Price At Launch NA
Apple Maps Launch Version
Apple Maps - Apple Failed Product

Apple tried to replace the pre-installed Google Maps on its devices by coming out with its own Apple Maps. It was for the iPhones and iPads, but it was full of distorted images and wrong directions, and the final product was so glitchy and terrible that the CEO, Tim Cook, had to apologize for it. Apple didn't discontinued the product and launched a newer version that was much better.

20. iPhone 6

Product Name iPhone 6
Launched In 2014
Discontinued In 2016
Price At Launch $649
Apple iPhone 6 - Apple Flop Product
Apple iPhone 6 

Who doesn't remember the infamous Bend Gate? There was a time on YouTube when all the tech channels were bending the iPhone 6 in their reviews. It became such a huge problem for Apple as it showcased its phone as not durable and of poor quality. The company claimed that it was only a case for a few iPhone owners and that a replacement would be conducted for those who were facing this issue.

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Apple is a trillion-dollar corporation with customers all around the world. It has developed a number of cutting-edge products and services. However, like any other company, Apple has had its share of failures throughout its history. From the Apple Newton to the HomePod, there have been a few products that failed to live up to expectations and didn't resonate with consumers.

However, Apple's ability to learn from its mistakes and continue to innovate has enabled the company to maintain its position as a leader in the technology industry. By focusing on delivering products that meet the needs and desires of its customers, Apple has been able to thrive and create some of the most iconic products of our time. Ultimately, Apple's failures serve as a reminder that even the most successful companies are not immune to missteps, and that innovation often requires taking risks that may not always pay off.


What are some failures of Apple?

Apple iPhone 6, Newton, U2 iPod, Apple III, FireWire, Lisa, Homepod were some of the biggest failures of Apple.

What was Apple's biggest mistake?

Dan Ives, an analyst said that Apple's biggest mistake was not acquiring Netflix years ago. The company does not have a major stake in the popular streaming giant.

How did Apple almost fail?

Due to overpriced computers, and mediocre service, the company was about to be shut down in the mid-90s.

What is Apple's main product?

The iPhone is Apple’s main product, with more than 1.7 billion iPhones sold since 2017.

What is the most famous failed product by Apple?

The Apple Newton is often cited as one of Apple's most famous failed products.

How has Apple's approach to product development evolved over time?

Apple has evolved its approach to product development over time by becoming more customer-focused, prioritizing simplicity and ease-of-use, and placing greater emphasis on design and aesthetics.

What can other companies learn from Apple's failed products?

Other companies can learn from Apple's failed products by understanding the importance of listening to customers, balancing innovation with practicality, and being willing to learn from mistakes.

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