Ashish Hemrajani, Founder of BookMyShow

Ashish Hemrajani, Founder of BookMyShow

Ashish Hemrajani is an Indian Entrepreneur who founded India's number 1 online ticket booking platform BookMyShow for concerts, movies, plays, sports and live events. He is the  founder and Chief Executive officer (CEO) of  BookMyShow. In 1999, he launched Bigtree Entertainment, the parent company which owns the online ticket booking venture BookMyShow.

Ashish Hemrajani- Biography

Name Ashish Hemrajani
Born 1975
Age 43 (2020)
Nationality Indian
Hometown Mumbai, India
Schooling Maneckji Cooper Education Trust, Mumbai
Graduation Mithibai College, Juhu
Post Graduation College of Commerce and Economics, Syndenham
Profession Entrepreneur, Businessman
Position Founder & CEO, Book My Show
Net Worth Rs.3000 Crore
Marital Status Married

Ashish Hemrajani- Personal Life
Ashish Hemrajani- Education
Ashish Hemrajani- Professional Life
Ashish Hemrajani- Success Story
Ashish Hemrajani- Bigtree Entertainment
Ashish Hemrajani- BookMyShow
Ashish Hemrajani- Awards

Ashish Hemrajani- Personal Life

Ashish resides in Mumbai with his family since childhood. He was born to a wealthy family. His parents are really proud of him as he knew how to use his time effectively. They accorded that Ashish has been a disciplined, smart and hardworking person since childhood. Though he is not frank enough to display his personal life publicly through social media. He is now married and he gives all the credit to his family, wife and friends who helped and encouraged him throughout.

Ashish Hemrajani- Education

He did his schooling from Maneckji Cooper Education Trust, Mumbai. He pursued graduation from Mithbai College, Juhu. Later, he pursued MBA specialized in Marketing from College of Commerce and Economics, Syndenham. He received his masters degree in 1997. The college was distantly located from his house, around 30km distance.

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Ashish Hemrajani- Professional Life

After completing MBA, he started his career working with the J. Walter Thompson company. He was responsible for account management and client management of the company. He went for a vacation to South Africa with his friends. He was motivated enough to start his own bussiness. Later, he founded a company Bigtree Entertainment in 1999. The company later launched its portal BookMyShow for booking tickets online.

How Does BookMyShow Make Money?
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Ashish Hemrajani- Success Story

The idea of making an online ticket booking venture originated when he was  listening to a radio program about Rugby ticket promotion. At that very time, an idea struck into his mind and he started investing his time and effort to build an online ticket booking services in India. He convinced two of his friends to quit their current job and help him in making his dream project a success in India. At that time, he was 24 and both his friends agreed to help him in his startup. In 1999, all three friends, Parikshit Dar, Rajesh Balpande and Ashish Hemrajani founded the company, Bigtree Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The company faced many ups and downs, but Ashish as the CEO of the company stood against all the 0dds, until his venture escorted favorable outcomes. Multiplexes, a New Zealand based software company developed the first ticket selling software of BookMyShow. Bigtree Entertainment further launched BookMyShow, which started selling movie tickets through telephone and internet since 1999. There were no online payment systems available at that time in India. Thus the tickets were delivered to nearby places.

Ashish Hemrajani- Bigtree Entertainment

Bigtree Logo

After the launch of Bigtree Entertainment, the company did not grew instantly but it has received admiration from the people gradually. The struggle phase of the company longed for years. This is because of the website based business globally and people were not familiar enough with the internet those days. Eventually the number of employees were reduced to be safe from the certainty of severe financial crisis. Ashish had a bumpy ride at the company but the phase passed gradually. He had a belief that the power of the internet would come one day and his idea will be applauded some day.

The company entered the pleasant phase when it has received its first investment of Rs.2.5 Crore from J.P Morgan which ascribed the company to grow. The company started selling tickets for multiplex companies in India.

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Ashish Hemrajani- BookMyShow

Book My Show Logo

On February 21, 2017, the parent company, Bigtree Entertainment officially launched and quickly expanded its operations to sell tickets online for movies, sports, events, concerts, etc. Though it was a tough time to gain online presence, Ashish managed to hold his patience with sincere efforts. BookMyShow also provided the feature to buy tickets of sports matches like IPL, ISL, etc.

With the increase in the use of credit and debit cards, the growth in multiplex was thriving. The tickets were readily available at BookMyShow. People used the website and mobile application of BookMyShow to buy tickets conveniently. The online ticketing platform has erased the problem of longing for your turn while standing in the queue.

The company has expanded its ventures in foreign countries as well. The net worth of BookMyShow counts to Rs 3000 crore today. In 2017, BookMyShow made a deal with PVR worth Rs 1000 crore to sell the unsold tickets online. This deal helped them in engrossing profits and attention. The company now employs over 400 people in offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore.

BookMyShow has launched BookMyShow Stream on February 5, 2021. It will serve as an online platform to watch movies under the Transaction Video-on-Demand (TVOD) model, which will help the company keep pace with the latest movie releases and also aid in their battle against the coronavirus woes.

On June 10, 2021, BookMyShow had to lay off 200 employees due to the second wave of the COVID-19-induced lockdown, which has further hit the company, compelling it to take such a step. Ashish Hemrajani has expressed his grief on parting from these employees on his Twitter handle and is also seeking outplacement for all of them.

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Ashish Hemrajani- Awards

Ashish Hemrajani Awards

Ashish Hemrajani won the esteemed "Executive of the Year 2018" at The Ticketing Business Awards held at Emirates Old Trafford, Manchester, England. The award is the recognition of his progressive and visionary leadership, which has changed the history of booking tickets.

Ashish won the prestigious BW Applause Person of The Year Award in 2019 for his outstanding contribution in the events and experiential domain in the 2nd edition of the award ceremony conducted at the Eros Hotel, New Delhi.

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