Top 20 Catchy Email Subject Lines to Boost Email Open Rates

Top 20 Catchy Email Subject Lines to Boost Email Open Rates

Have you heard the saying, "First impression is the last impression?" Well, this held true in the past and it holds true even today. Dressing well and staying smart grabs the onlooker's interest. The same goes in the world of business as well. So, how do you grab the attention of your customers within seconds and make a lasting impression? The answer lies in creating catchy, interesting and witty subject lines.

No matter how amazing your target email is, if you don't have a good subject line, chances are, your email will never be opened. So, think, ponder and create an email subject that will make sure your business stands out.

Why is an Email Subject Line Important?
Catchy Email Subject Lines From the Depths of our Inbox
How to Write The Best Subject Lines for Email

Why is an Email Subject Line Important?

A good and catchy email subject line is important because it boosts the email open rate. Email open rate is the calculation of the percentage of the total number of subscribers who open your email.

The email open rates depend on a variety of factors, which include email subject lines, personalization, relevancy for subscribers, and content. A healthy Email open rate lies between the 20-40% bracket.

Below are some stats to help you understand the importance of email Open Rate.

  • Personalizing emails increases open rates by 29% and unique click-through rates by 41%.
  • 64% percent people say that they open an email based on the relevance of the subject line.
  • Starting the email creative with the person's name can increase open rates by 40%.

If you notice the above stats, you'll see that more than half the percentage of subscribers prefer to open an email only when they find the subject line to be relevant. Thus, an email subject line can be considered to be a defining parameter when it comes to boosting your email open rate.  

An email subject line that grabs the audience's attention ensures that your email open rates get a hearty boost and your business starts progressing in the right direction.

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Catchy Email Subject Lines From the Depths of our Inbox

1. “Where to Drink Beer Right Now”(Sent at 6:45 AM on a Wednesday)

After a busy day, Eater Boston's roundup of the tastiest spots to hit this weekend is just what you need to get back into gear.

2. “Google sees smartphone heroics in OreoIt’s The Daily Crunch.”

TechCrunch is a daily newsletter that not only shares the latest on the world of technology but also provides useful tips & amp; tricks that can help keep you ahead of the curve. #TechThursday

3. "Don't Open This Email"

When we're urged not to do something, we're more likely to open the email and read the contents. This was the subject line of Manicube's marketing email. However, only use this subject line if the reader is already familiar with your company or service. They could just block you if you don't!

4. "Uh-oh, your prescription is about to expire,"

Says the narrator, invoking the anxiety of losing out. This statement was used by Warby Parker to entice people to purchase spectacles.

5. "Best of Groupon: The Deals That Make Us Proud (Unlike Our Nephew, Steve)"

A witty or caustic sentence might attract readers' curiosity. And Groupon makes the most of this method.

6. "Black Friday shoppers are the worst clients,"

According to a LinkedIn Pulse message advertising a holiday marketing essay written by one of its members. The reader is enticed to open the email with intriguing data and numbers.


The use of catchy language always encourages the reader to anticipate intriguing material. To lure readers, Thrillist utilises snappy lines like these in their subject line.

8. "10 strange money habits that are making Millennials wealthy"

Leading subject lines will always entice the receiver to learn more about the subject. To make their email marketing subject lines more enticing to their readers, Refinery29 employs leading subject lines.

9. "Not Cool, Guys"

This is no exception to BuzzFeed's original and interesting content. To make it more conversational and welcoming, they sometimes combine the subject line and preview content. "Okay, WHO placed the passive-aggressive sticky note on my fridge?" read the sample text, for example. "Who acts like this?" you might wonder.

10. "Is this the trendiest marketing job?

This intriguing subject line was employed by Digital Marketer to let readers know what's within.

11. "Are you available on Thursday at 12 p.m. PST?"

Mary Fernandez used personalisation to reach out to new readers and existing followers in her [guest blogging class]. Personalization may work wonders in encouraging recipients to read emails by making them feel unique.

12. "Alert: Free (Cool!) Clothes?"

Clover employs emoticons and other graphic material to entice recipients to open the email. Use it sparingly and only when it's appropriate.

13. "For you, 1,750 points." "Valentine's flowers & more for them."

You'll want to know who the flowers are for as soon as you read this sentence. This urges you to read the rest of the text. Subject lines with cryptically phrased subject lines are an excellent method to captivate readers.

14. Direct topic lines can also be effective. "[Company Name] May 2005 News Bulletin!" or "Eye on the [Company Name] Update (October 31 – November 4)," for example.

15. "Rock the colour of the year"

The e-commerce website Etsy was able to market a product only on the basis of colour. Isn't it true that we'll want to know what the 'colour of the year' is?

16. "As You Wish"

UncommonGoods understands its consumer personas and delivers emails based on their wish lists and hobbies. The Princess Bride is the inspiration for this topic line.

17. "Get this NOW before it's gone..."

"Tonight Only: Get this NOW before it's gone...": FOMO, or Fear of Missing Out, is tough to avoid. Violet Grey used this tactic in conjunction with a bonus incentive to boost email open rates.

18. "Everything you wanted to know about email copy but were scared to ask"

CopyHackers appeals to one of your anxieties or pain areas to get you to read the email.

19. "New Video: (Topic)"

A successful email campaign should increase revenue while also adding value to customers.

20. "The price of the item in your cart has dropped"

These retargeting email subject lines may entice you to return to your cart or finish any unfinished transactions.

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How to Write The Best Subject Lines for Email

Curiosity: Curiosity is a fantastic motivator. Include material or substance that will pique the reader's curiosity.

Urgency: Using urgency is a tried-and-true strategy that normally succeeds since it motivates the reader to act quickly.

Relevance: Subscribers want timely and current information, which you should provide. This concept should also be used while creating topic lines. To keep readers interested, employ trending themes or fashionable headlines in subject lines.

Personalization: One of the most effective content marketing methods is personalization, which creates a sense of significance. It not only aids in the retention of positive connections but also creates additional leads.

Celebrity Names: Use a well-known name so that people can recognise you right away. Celebrity personality features might pique the recipient's interest in opening the email.


We hope you've been inspired by this blog article to develop more innovative email subject lines. It's critical for you to understand the genuine performance of your email marketing efforts as a marketer.

It's impossible to manually calculate your open rates and campaign success. There are several tools available to assist you in analysing your open and clickthrough rates, segmenting your audiences, and A/B testing your subject lines.


What subject lines get the most open?

Email subject lines that are catchy and less than 50 characters get the most open rate.

How do you make a catchy subject line?

Keep it short, personalize it, and segment your lists.

Why email subject line is important?

A catchy email subject line boosts email open rates.

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