Everything You Need to Know About Retarget Marketing

Everything You Need to Know About Retarget Marketing

Marketing is a vital aspect for a business, a business can only survive when proper marketing is done. Marketing has to be done continuously, it will only boost your business when you are continuously visible in front of the public. Through online marketing, you might be able to attract a lot of traffic to your website but if you are just dependent upon the earning from advertisements on your website, that traffic means nothing to you.

If your visitor is not converting into your customer, that traffic is just a group of people and they are not bringing any kind of profits to your business basically that traffic is just useless. To convert those viewers into your customers, you need to give in something, you need to remind them what they need and what you can give, again and again. In this article, we will talk about Retarget Marketing, so let's dive into it.

What Is Retargeting?
Advantages of Retargeting
Limitations of Retargeting
How Does Retargeting Work?
Best Retargeting Platforms
Tips for Retarget Ads

What Is Retargeting?

Ever wondered why you see ads of a product you just visited the website of, on other websites? This is because they want you to remember them again and again. Advertisements are not there just to tell you about the products, their purpose is to remind you of the product again and again. When you see the ad, you might not notice it but it fits in your subconscious mind and whenever you are buying the product, you will more likely to buy that brand only. So, retargeting works the same way. When someone visits your website but forget to check out due to some circumstances, you can target them again and show your ads to them. This will bring that customer back to your website and generate a lead for you. You can even show that the price of your product is reduced to attract people, this is how retargeting is done.

Advantages of Retargeting

  • Potential Customers: Retargeting helps you to reach potential customers. The system automatically recognizes the potential customer. Although the system is not accurate all the time, it will still give a great result identifying the potential prospect.
  • Brand Awareness: When people will see your ad on other websites, again and again, it will increase your brand awareness. More the people know about you, more the people share about you.
  • Generate leads: When the potential prospect see your advertisement many times a day on every other website, they will come back to your site. There is a very strong possibility that anyone who wants to buy some product will go for the brand they have been looking at all day.
  • Cost Effective: Retargeting gives a great ROI. Most of the people who really are in need of some particular product will get influenced by your ad. So, you will earn much more than you will spend on retargeting advertisements.
  • The Second Impression: You might not get the second chance to impress your crush, but can definitely impress your prospect in the second chance. If you think your website does not impress people and let them know the real power of your product, then you can show it in a better way in the retargeting ads.

Limitations of Retargeting

  • Creepy: Your retargeted advertisement might feel creepy and annoying when people will see it again and again. Creepy in the way that not all people understand technology, so when they will see your retargeted ad, they will assume their privacy is at risk. And it will annoy people when you show the same ad again and again.
  • Time Consuming: If you don’t want your prospect to get annoyed by your ads, then you will have to create so many advertisements, which is both, expensive and time-consuming.
  • Waste of Advertising: These ads will be shown to the people who already bought your product too. So, your happy customer may start hating your brand.

How Does Retargeting Work?

Probably the most important question. Retargeting works as the system collects enough data to retarget the same user again. You can go to any retargeting service and pay them to do this for you. When someone will visit your website, they will show your ads on their platform. However, some information might be needed, but the companies still do not put their hands into any sensitive user data. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about when you see some ads on websites or Facebook or any other platform.

Best Retargeting Platforms

Some of the best Retargeting platforms are:

  • Google Adwords Remarketing
  • Facebook Remarketing
  • ReTargeter
  • SiteScout
  • Twitter
  • Criteo
  • Outbrain

Tips for Retarget Ads

  • CTA: Call to action is as important in marketing as air is to us. Include some CTA in your retargeting ads.
  • Coupons: Provide coupons to the people who visited your website but didn’t buy anything. This might attract people as the reason for not buying the product, could be its price.
  • Potential Customers: You can retarget the visitors who spend a lot of time on your website. They might be interested in your product.
  • Stop Ads: Stop showing those ads which are not performing well. These ads can cause negative results.
  • Animated Ads: You can and you should use the animated ads to grab people’s attention.
How to Run Retargeting Ads on Facebook


Retargeting is one of the most important parts of the internet today. This was the most innovative internet technology ever. The important thing to remember is that retargeting doesn’t need too much data and it definitely will not touch any of the private data of the user. You can choose any of the services out there, Google and Facebook are the best in this field though.


What is the purpose of Retargeting?

Retargeting helps in reminding your potential customers about your brand even after they left your website.

Is Retargeting advertising effective?

Retargeting advertising is said to be very effective and it is said to perform 10 times better than a normal display ad.

Is Retargeting paid advertisement?

Retargeting is a paid advertising strategy.

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