Common Mistakes to Avoid while Creating Advertising Campaigns (With Examples)

Common Mistakes to Avoid while Creating Advertising Campaigns (With Examples)

Ad Campaigns are a great way to communicate with your consumers and spread a positive message about your brand. But not all ad campaigns are successful you need to make sure you convey the right message. If you are planning to create an ad campaign here are few mistakes you should avoid.

An ad campaign can do wonders if the idea is well executed.

What is an Ad Campaign?
Why are Ad Campaigns created?
Mistakes to avoid while creating an Ad Campaign
Example of Failed Ad Campaigns

What is an Ad Campaign?

An Ad Campaign is generally made to send across a message revolving around a constant theme. These campaigns have a specified duration following questions like:

  • When will it air? And for how long?
  • Is it supposed to be a television commercial?

The campaigns are tweaked a little accordingly to fit the mediums that are being used. These campaigns are not limited to only a single medium. Mediums like social media, hoardings, newspapers, emails, etc. Can be used, a campaign could also be a series.

Why are Ad Campaigns created?

  • To inform the audience about a new/existing product or a brand in the market.
  • To stay connected to the audience.
  • To communicate a message or bring awareness among the consumers about a certain thing.

The mediums are chosen based on the objective and the message that a brand is trying to communicate. For example, your brand might have completed 75 years since it was established. So, to celebrate/inform the consumers about it, you create a campaign that delivers the message.

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Mistakes to avoid while creating an Ad Campaign

Stick to the Time

Media scheduling is important, but along with considering your current theme and the current situation. As the tweets came from Zomato on Twitter, that clarified that the ad campaign that was made back six months ago is bizarre.

Make the Plan Flexible

Zomato did not consider for once that once its TVC (television commercial) series would be out, how would people react? All the damage could have been avoided if simply they had a backup plan or would have bent their idea around something else.

Considering the audience was already engaged in a conversation around the treatment of the delivery workers of Zomato and other food delivery apps on various social media platforms.

Encoding and Decoding of the message

We often forget this, especially when we are making ad campaigns these days. Your brand needs to be super careful. Back in the days when ad campaigns were created, people would maybe talk about it. But now with social media platforms, the audience has the power to give feedback. Communication is a two-way process.

While there are anonymous handles emerging on social media. Not wanting to reveal their identity but to bring attention to the issue of long work hours and low wages. Bringing it to the notice of how the food delivery staff is being treated.

Be your own critic, revaluate, learn, and do better

You should consider a small test marketing exercise before releasing your ad campaigns. Evaluate the campaign with your team, gather data, and analyze it.

Another part of it came when people also pointed out the money that might have gone into the creation of the Ad campaign. Rather than addressing the real problem here and looking for a solution.

Study the behavior of your audience:

  • How did they take it?
  • Was the message clear?
  • Does the campaign work?
  • Do you need some changes?
  • Is research needed?
  • Can you improve?
  • Is there more that you can do?
  • Is there space to grow?

See if it could be misinterpreted? Or could send out a wrong message to the audience.

Remember, marketing plans should always be flexible as the only constant in society is change. One is dealing with human emotions, competing with other markets, trying to stay on top, and when so much is happening mistakes are often made.

Example of Failed Ad Campaigns

Zomato's β€˜Har Customer Hai Star’ recent Ad Campaign

Recently, Zomato's Ad campaign series with stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif were aired and have received backlash from the masses on social media. The campaign β€˜Har Customer Hai Star’ glorifies the delivery boys. With the situation being the delivery personnel delivering his order despite the bad weather in case of Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik addresses him as jadoo and requests for a selfie saying "Ek selfie to banti hai"

But the personnel leaves anyway, happily without taking the selfie, in the rain, where we later discover the notification that he receives is for another order. With the voice-over following the lines:

"Hrithik Roshan ho ya aap, apne liye har customer hai star"

In the case of Katrina Kaif, when the delivery staff gets her the parcel, she asks him to wait while she brings him a piece of her birthday cake. There is the sound of a bell with the notification of another food order that he has to deliver. And the delivery guy goes on outing his duty first, without the cake.

The one mistake that Zomato made was the mistake of not keeping up with the opinion of the public. And was blamed for diverting the conversation that was going on around social media.

Remember when Facebook's rating dropped from 4.0 to 2.6?

Facebook rating dropped to 2.4
Facebook rating dropped to 2.4

This happened on Play Store and it happened quickly as Facebook, the famous social media app, kept flagging and deleting posts, censoring Palestinian accounts who were protesting Israeli military. Its rating also went down on the Apple Store with thousands of one-stars.

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Here is a quick revision of what you can do:

  • Keep your audience in mind while creating an ad campaign.
  • Remember, you can always do better.
  • Make a clear-cut message when thinking. Ask: what is it that you want to deliver? Β 
  • Test marketing helps.
  • Do your research. Plan and schedule the campaign based on what is going around right now?
  • The key message should not be miscommunicated.
  • Remote communication is a two-way process.
  • Be sensitive.


We are living in the age of the 21st century. People on social media are well informed. The youth today talk about politics, gender equality, feminism, revolution, and care about issues that matter to them. Movements are made in a blink to make sure that change is made for good.


What should be avoided when creating a marketing campaign?

Make sure your message is clearly conveyed, Be your own critic and do a test run before releasing your ad.

What are some marketing mistakes?

Making assumptions, Ignoring customer complaints, Faking popularity, and Ignoring the emotional drivers of choice are some of the common marketing mistakes.

What is the impact of advertising?

An ad campaign can create a positive impact on consumers mind that in turn can influence future behavior.

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