Best Email Verification Tools: Pricing, Features, and Comparison

Email has been serving as a way of communication since the late 1960s, and today with about 3.8 billion email users, it has helped in delivering private, transactional and official mails all over the world. As of today, 269 billion emails are sent everyday and by 2022, number of email users are predicted to reach more than 4.3 billion.

Along with communications, emails are also used as a verification method, and are usually marked as a required field while signing up on any website, event or social media. This makes emails all the more crucial for sending updates and other information. Moreover, transfer of files over the internet has been one of its key features since its conception.

Email Verification and its significance

Digital marketing is often linked with email. A digital marketer is supposed to collect emails, so as to advertise a product or a website or application through mail. This can often be tricky, since the marketer has no way of identifying the authenticity of the email addresses he receives. The email address might be a typo as well as it could be a fake address. This is where Email Verification tools come in. These tools help you rid your email database of fake addresses and erroneous emails.

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Sendor Score is a weighed factor which helps you determine whether the email you sent will be delivered to the inbox or the spam folder. The higher your score, more is the chance of your sent mail to end up in the inbox, rather than the spam folder.

Some ways, Email Verification tools help improve your Sendor's Score are:

  • Hard bounces are one of the primary causes which tend to reduce your Sendor Score; they happen when the email address that you sent the mail to, either no longer exists, or it never existed in the first place. This issue can be eradicated with regular email checks and updating database with an Email Verification tool.
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  • If the email receiver marks your mail as spam, it would be bad news for you. Although this mostly depends on the content of the mail, sometimes being marked as spam can be inevitable. However, there are some email verification tools which flag email addresses with a high rate of marking your email as spam, and lets you be careful while sending the mail.
  • When it comes to Sendor Score, being blacklisted doesn't really help. It revokes your email even from being received by the server. Here, these verification tools help you monitor IPs and find out if you have been blacklisted so you can resort the issue before it affects your Sendor Score.

Top 5 Email Verification Tools:


NeverBounce Email Verification

NeverBounce is a scalable and secure email verification service and cleaning tool with a commendable accuracy and pricing. With the use of hybrid verification, it allows emails to be scanned and verified in real time and offers an amazing speed, scanning about 10k emails in a matter of 3 minutes. Also, NeverBounce offers live support with phone call, chat and email whenever necessary.

Along with the basic services bounce analysis and testing for new users, NeverBounce offers three services, namely Cleaning, Verification and Syncing.

Cleaning: NeverBounce offers bulk email cleaning eventually increasing your sender score and amplifying deliverability. A good fraction of emails might go bad within an year without you even realizing and making even more of them undeliverable. This is where NeverBounce cleaning comes in; it offers you an interactive and feasible dashboard for uploading and cleaning your email list as well as integration of custom API for bulk verification.

Verification: The dashboard allows you to save the verification history after verifying email lists and export for further use, while also offering real-time statistics. Moreover, integration of APIs with JavaScript widgets and Zapier tool help with email verification in third party applications.

Syncing: NeverBounce allows you to automate your list cleaning by connecting your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) with a one-time setup. Once the verification process is integrated, it will update your database on a regular basis to rid you of bad emails.

                                     Pricing for 'Pay as you go':

Number of Emails Cost per mail
Less than 10,000 $0.008
Less than 100,000 $0.005
Less than 250,000 $0.004
Less than 1000,000 $0.003

                                     Pricing for Automated Cleaning:

Number of Emails Cost per month
Less than 1,000 $10
Less than 10,000 $49
Less than 50,000 $99
Less than 100,000 $159
Less than 250,000 $249
Less than 500,000 $499
Less than 1000,000 $999


Mailfloss Email Verifier

Mailfloss helps you deliver mail to legitimate addresses, remove bad emails from the database, thereby reducing cost on storage and mailing and enhance engagement, optimizing return on investment. Operating on Mailfloss is as simple as connecting it with your preferred marketing platform and setting your priorities; rest everything is managed by Mailfloss, from removing bad email, to optimizing your Sender score.

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Pricing for different services:

Mailfloss Pro Mailfloss Business Mailfloss Lite
Costs $200 per month Costs $49 per month Costs $17 per month
125,000 monthly scanned mails with Automatic Daily Cleanup 25,000 monthly scanned mails with Automatic Daily Cleanup 10,000 monthly scanned mails with Automatic Daily Cleanup
Black/Whitelisting options with unlimited ESP integrations Black/Whitelisting options with 10 ESP integrations Black/Whitelisting options with just 1 ESP integration
Cost per mail is about $0.001 with 20% off on prepaid credit card purchase Cost per mail is about $0.003 with 15% off on prepaid credit card purchase Cost per mail is about $0.005 with 10% off on prepaid credit card purchase
Offers auto-update of custom fields along with category exclusion Offers category exclusion for auto remove


ZeroBounce Email Validation

ZeroBounce is a topnotch Email Validation and Deliverability toolkit. Its services include removing invalid emails, both misspelled and one's which do not exist, detecting and identifying spam traps, abuse emails and domains which do not accept mails, and appending email lists. ZeroBounce allows users to know names, Geo-location and other information to improve your Sender Score and conversion rate. The ZeroBounce AI offers insights into the value of an email address; it helps you identify email addresses with high activity, in turn, optimizing activity level scoring. Also, the Inbox Placement tester helps you identify if the email campaign made it to the inbox of your target audience.

ZeroBounce offers an Email Server Tester to analyze your email headers and compares it to the standard header to enhance the outlook, open rate and professionalism of your mails. Moreover, its Blacklist Monitoring Service offers to verify with over 200 blacklisting companies; hence if your emails are blacklisted, ZeroBounce knows which company to contact for delisting.

Pricing for Email Validation and Scoring

Email Validation and Scoring comes with two different pricing formats; that is for the 'Pay as you go' plan, and the Monthly subscription plan. The Pricing for 'Pay as you go' plan is as follows:

Number of Emails Cost per Email
Between 2000 and 5000 $0.008
Between 5000 and 10,000 $0.0078
Between 10,000 and 100,000 $0.0065
Between 100,000 and 250,000 $0.0039
Between 250,000 and 500,000 $0.003
Between 500,000 and 1,000,000 $0.0022
Between 1,000,000 and 2,000,000 $0.00159
Between 2,000,000 and 5,000,000 $0.001385

The Deliverability Toolkit can be purchased in three different versions; the starter package, pro package and enterprise package. The pricing for all three of them is as follows:

Starter Package Pro Package Enterprise Package
Costs $39 per month Costs $249 per month Costs $999 per month
Inbox Placement Tester offers 50 tests with over 20 International testing addresses Inbox Placement Tester offers 500 tests with over 20 International testing addresses Inbox Placement Tester offers unlimited tests with over 20 International testing addresses
Offers 50 Email Server tests Offers 500 Email Server tests Offers unlimited Email Server tests
Furnishes the user with 10 Blacklist monitors Furnishes the user with 50 Blacklist monitors Furnishes the user with 500 Blacklist monitors
Scans for blacklisteing every 12 hours Scans for blacklisteing every 8 hours Scans for blacklisteing every 4 hours


EmailListVerify dashboard

EmailListVerify is yet another full-featured email validation and cleaning service which helps users get rid of spam, bad addresses and catch-all emails at an affordable cost. It helps you cut costs by removing the bad email addresses, increase deliverability, and conversion while also protecting you from spam traps. EmailListVerify validates domains, ISPs, spam traps, looks for hard bounces though untraceable verification, and removes duplicate emails to reduce credits.

EmailListVerify also offers you free tools including Email Health Checker and Blacklist Checker among others. The Email Health Checker scans for the DNS health of your email domain to provide good deliverability while the Blacklist Checker checks if you have been blacklisted with over 100 blacklisting servers. Moreover, its Email Extractor helps extract email addresses from any text file within a split second.

Pricing for EmailListVerify comes in two different models, namely 'Pay as you go', and the Monthly subscription.

Pricing plan for 'Pay as you go':

Emails Verified Total Cost Cost per mail
Up to 1000 emails $4 $0.004
Up to 5000 emails $15 $0.003
Up to 10,000 emails $24 $0.0024
Up to 25,000 emails $49 $0.002
Up to 50,000 emails $89 $0.0018
Up to 100,000 emails $169 $0.0017
Up to 250,000 emails $349 $0.0014
Up to 500,000 emails $449 $0.0009
Up to 1 Million emails $599 $0.0006
Up to 2.5 Million emails $1190 $0.0005
Up to 5 Million emails $1990 $0.0004
Up to 10 Million emails $3290 $0.0003

Pricing model for Monthly Subscription:

Emails scanned per day Cost per month
5000 $139
15,000 $289
35,000 $389
50,000 $589
75,000 $689
100,000 $989


Clearout Bulk Email Validation

Like most other products in the list, Clearout is an Email Verification and Validation service, which offers services ranging from spell check of email addresses to mail server verification, with feasible accessibility.

Clearout offers services which include removal of duplicate mail, avoiding catch-all type mails, identifying invalid email addresses, verification of blacklist, and removing dot of the Gmail address to avoid targeting the same inbox from multiple addresses. Moreover, with features such as autosuggestion and risk verification, erroneous email addresses and anti-spam listing issues are resolved.

Like most Email Verification tools, Clearout also offers 'Pay as you go' pricing model along with subscription based model. 'Pay as you go' offers a credit based service and one credit amounts to one billable email. Both the pricing models have been tabulated below along with their services.

'Pay as you go' pricing model:

Number of credits Cost per credit
Between 5000 and 10000 $0.005
Between 10000 and 100000 $0.0045
Between 100000 and 250000 $0.0035
Between 250000 and 500000 $0.0022
Between 500000 and 1 Million $0.0017
Between 1 Million and 5 Million $0.0011

Subscription based pricing:

Number of Credits added Monthly Cost per Month
5000 Credits $20
10,000 Credits $36
50,000 Credits $180
100,000 Credits $280
250,000 Credits $440
500,000 Credits $680
1 Million Credits $880
5 Million Credits $2800
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