BlackRock Business Model- How Does BlackRock Make Money?

BlackRock Business Model- How Does BlackRock Make Money?
BlackRock Business Model

One of the big three index fund managers, BlackRock Inc. is a multinational investment company based in the USA. It is considered the biggest investment management company across the globe and has more than USD 9.42 trillion in its asset management. 

BlackRock is globally considered while investing any fund, as it is great with assisting the assets of its clients, based in every part of the world. In simple words, the American company provides investment and technological services to its institutional as well as retail clients.

Speaking of the clients, the client base that is spread around the globe firmly relies on BlackRock for access to mutual funds, and college savings and also while making investments focused on objectives related to retirement income. BlackRock is also a business that guides its clients in exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

It is a publicly-traded company and offers a wide range of funds and portfolios. The categories covered by BlackRock are equities, money market instruments as well as fixed income. BlackRock has now become a synonym for success in the financial world. 

People simply keep on wondering about its work ethic that has pushed it beyond limits when compared to other similar companies. While BlackRock has become an industry leader there is a story behind it and the strong base of services that is provided to its customer. 

Here we will have a look at the firm base and learn the in-depth critical approach that the investment company makes while dealing with its client. 

BlackRock - About
BlackRock - Business Model
How Does Blackrock Make Money?
BlackRock - USP

BlackRock - About

Founders Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner and Larry Fink
Incorporated 1988
Headquartered New York City
BlackRock Founders - Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner and Larry Fink
BlackRock Founders - Robert S. Kapito, Susan Wagner and Larry Fink

BlackRock is the world's leading asset manager company that provides investment, advisory, and risk management solutions. The company has till now helped millions with their financial difficulties by providing better solutions. BlackRock is known to assist its clients by helping them meet immediate spending needs, build wealth, and retire securely. 

BlackRock has brought forth a huge revolution in the process of investment management. Moreover, the asset management company is the private company for the iShares group of STFs. 

Headquarters and Areas of Operations

The multinational finance assistance company has its headquarters situated at 50 Hudson Yards, New York City. Speaking of the areas where it operates, BlackRock is a multinational company that has over 70 offices in 30 countries. But that’s not it, the company even has clients in over a hundred countries.

Key Services 

In simple language, BlackRock provides services such as asset management, risk management, mutual funds as well as exchange-traded funds, and index funds. While its core services include portfolio construction and balance sheet solutions. This includes sustainability and even the climate risk advisory. 

Similarly, BlackRock also provides capital markets and transaction support in its area of core services. With that, data, analytics & financial modelling, enterprise risk & regulatory advisory are some of the other core services that BlackRock provides. 

Number of Funds Owned by BlackRock Globally by Fund Types and Region
Number of Funds Owned by BlackRock Globally by Fund Types and Region

Target Audience

BlackRock is a financial asset management company, that has a wide range of clients, and yet they all somehow fall in the financial sector. That being said, most of BlackRock’s client base is filled with official institutions. 

They have clients based around the globe that include central banks, sovereign wealth funds, multilateral entities, single and multi-family offices, as well as government ministries and agencies. 

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BlackRock - Business Model

BlackRock Website
BlackRock Website

Here’s a detailed explanation of the business model of BlackRock.

Customer Segments

BlackRock provides its solution to a huge range of retail and corporate investors. Amongst its clientele, three major groups are included, which are as follows:

Official Entities: This group includes treasuries, the Federal Reserve, supranational, as well as the Govt agencies.

Taxable Entities: It is a group of clientele served by BlackRock that includes Investment firms, health insurers, other firms, third-party fund backers, and also small investors. 

Tax-Exempt Entities: The third and last category of clients includes inheritances, NGOs, as well as establishments.

These clients belong to multiple geographic areas. It includes those in America, APAC, Europe, the Middle East, and several zones of Africa. However, the firm has a majority of its clients based in America

Value Propositions

BlackRock has service lines that include single and multi-asset classes. These classes are the ones that trade in equities, fixed income, options, and money market instruments. 

Meanwhile, the company also facilitates direct guidance that is backed by multiple internet portals. It also has its own virtual portal called the BlackRock Solutions portal. 

Now talking about its sector competence, the firm aims at hiring highly trained and skilled money managers. Similarly, the finance assets firm has a group of industry experts who watch over the aforementioned finance experts.


BlackRock is very particular when it comes to serving its customers. The company serves its clients through an in-house group of qualified portfolio managers. It even serves its clients with the help of financial experts who know about all of the firm segment operations. The said financial experts serve their clients out of the office premises and are based in London, Hong Kong, Atlanta, Madrid, Tokyo, Sydney, and more. 

With that, BlackRock is also known to serve its clients taking the help of a chain that includes approved middlemen, thrift institutions, health insurers, banks, and freelance experts that serve the firm’s retail investors. 

Key Activities

BlackRock is also known to serve its retail and corporate clients with a vast scope of portfolio and risk mitigation solutions. They serve this service in over a hundred countries. The company is known to collaborate with a range of affiliate corporations while catering to the needs of its global clientele.

How Does BlackRock Make Money?

Aladdin by BlackRock Webpage
Aladdin by BlackRock Webpage

Although Blackrock handles the large investments and also the huge amount of flow of cash, how exactly does the money asset manager make money for itself? 

BlackRock works on three of its prime channels to generate its revenue. These channels are:

1. Investment Management

The multinational company earns fees for managing the client assets. They charge a fair percentage of assets under management which is also called AUM. The percentage of the fees totally depends on the investment strategy type, the length of the period of investment as well as the investment size. 

2. Performance Fees

When certain investment strategies outperform its benchmark indexes, BlackRock also earns the performance fee out of this. Here again, the fee that is charged to the client is a percentage of the outperformance or the alpha that is generated by the strategy. 

3. Licensing Fees

The asset management company charges licensing fees for its services such as technology solutions to financial giants like Alladin's investment management platform. Here, BlackRock even earns the advisory fees for its advice. 

BlackRock - USP

Asset Management in itself is unique and when you read the tagline of BlackRock you have a clear picture of what it aims at. The USP of BlackRock is being the world's largest asset manager. 

What exactly sets it apart from other asset managers is that it serves its clients with a belief that ‘rigorous risk management is critical to the delivery of high-quality asset management services.’

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BlackRock has become the largest as well as the most powerful firm in the financial industry. With its tireless efforts, it has made its place amongst the financial giants on a global scale. Its business model that caters to various sectors has thoroughly transformed the industry while also influencing others. 

Yet, the company is searching for ways to innovate and come up with a new path to help its clients and also grow more targeting the world.


Who are BlackRock's biggest competitors?

Some of BlackRock's competitors are Charles Schwab (SCHW), The Goldman Sachs Group (GS), Morgan Stanley (MS) and Interactive Brokers Group (IBKR).

Who is BlackRock owned by?

Laurence D. Fink is the founder, CEO and Chairman of BlackRock.

Who is the richest person at the BlackRock?

Larry Fink is known to be the richest person at BlackRock because of his title of being a single individual shareholder at the firm.

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