List of Top Mutual Fund Startups in India | (2020)

A mutual fund is a kind of investment where you buy securities of mixed set of companies to lower your risk. Mutual funds investments can be made in different form such as, Government bonds, corporate bonds or debt funds. Mutual fund advisor mostly recommend having a diversified portfolio of different kind of mutual funds. This ensures the goal of investment is achieved and also the risk factor is controlled. Most of us know that mutual funds are good investing options but are not sure about how to invest.

Many people are confused where can they invest a part of their salary. But unlike traditional investors, they are comfortable with taking risk and want to build their own portfolio based on what they think of market. To solve this problem, many startups have come up which makes it easy for users to buy and sell mutual fund easily with minimal risk. They also provide you different analytics and help you decide which options will work best. So here I compiled list of all mutual fund startups with their features.

We have also covered startups from Pune, Nagpur and other major cities of India.

List of Top Mutual Fund Startup Companies in India


Founder: Ashok Kumar ER,Sanjiv Singhal,Nilakanta Mallick
Year Founded: 2012

Scripbox logo | Top Investment Startup Company in India

One of India’s fastest growing asset management platform was founded in the year 2012. Through Scripbox, one can invest in mutual funds in different categories varying from **long-term, short-term, tax-saving and emergency fund**. It is safe and free of charge for investors but charges a certain amount to the mutual fund companies. You can withdraw your money at any point through Scripbox. Scripbox has raised $21 million funding in series C round.

Emergency Fund helps you prepare for crisis or any emergency situation. Emergency Fund is at least 6 months of your living expenses.


Founders: Prateek Mehta,Vivek Agarwal,Prithvi Raj Tejavath
Year Founded: 2015

Upwardly Logo |Top Mutual Fund Startup
Upwardly Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Upwardly helps in creating an investment portfolio that would help you achieve goals. Upwardly portfolios are convenient, secure, profitable and automated. It has bank grade security and is completely online and hassle free. The market might alter so an advantage with Upwardly is it balances the portfolio once in a year so as to make it tax efficient and profitable as well.

Currently, Upwardly does not charge anything as joining/annual fees and the Upwardly account is completely free.

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Goal wise

Founders: Swapnil Bhaskar, Ankur Choudhary & Savitri Bobde
Year Founded: February, 2016

Goalwise Logo| Top Mutual Fund Startup
Goalwise Logo | Platform to Invest in Mutual Funds in India

Goalwise is the intelligent investment manager that invests your money to achieve a specified goal. It differs from others as it provides portfolio re-balancing where money from previous funds is redeemed and invested in new funds. It also suggests glidepath, i.e. changing the type of fund in course of time so as to avoid any crash. It provides you with Goal tracking facility that helps you out when you are off track.

Funds India

Founders: C.R. Chandrasekar, Srikanth Meenakshi
Year Founded: 2009

Funds India | Top Mutual Fund Startup
Funds India | Top Mutual Fund Startup

FundsIndia was launched in the year 2009. It is said to be one of the friendliest platform to invest money. It is free of cost for lifetime and one can also consider help from investment advisor. It is secure and one can manage investments for family too by adding family members to the login id.


Founders: Ankush Singh, Kunal Sangwan and Nikhil Mantha
Year Founded: 2016

Piggy | Top Mutual Fund Startup
Piggy | Platform to Invest in Mutual Funds in India

Piggy claims to provide commission free mutual funds to its users. This startup also acts unbiased towards customers and provides the best investment options in mutual funds. It is transparent , open and secure. One can make investment using their app.


Founders: Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, Neeraj Singh and Ishan Bansal
Year Founded: 2017

Groww Logo | Platform to Invest in Mutual Funds in India

Groww believes in making investing accessible to everyone. By building simple products, it promises to provide **simple investment options**. Creating the right portfolio for individual and providing assistance to achieve goals helps investing easier.

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ORO Wealth

Founders: Nitin Agrawal, Vijay Kuppa, Yogesh Powar, and, Swati Aggarwal
Year Founded: 2019

ORO Wealth | Top Mutual Fund Startup
ORO Wealth | Top Mutual Fund Startup

OROWealth provides its customers with **smart investing options**. It promises to provide with dedicated advisor for deciding investment options at a much cheaper price as compared to others. It also has the feature of ORO assist that provides an intelligent and personal advice. Orowealth has raised $1.6Mn in Series A funding led by Powerhouse Ventures.


Founders: Anand Dalmia, Ramganesh Iyer, Subramanya S.V., Subramanya Venkat
Year Founded: 2015

Fisdom Logo | Wealth Management Startup in India

Fisdom which is wealth management startup in India, helps in **selecting the best mutual fund investment option** from the pool. All the recommendations are done on basis of intensive research. One can see their money round the clock and withdraw money with just a click. They do not charge any fees and one can get free financial advise from their wealth manager.


Founder: Ram Kalyan Medury
Year Founded: 2016

Jama Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup
Jama Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Jama believes in **simplifying money and help people grow their wealth**. It applies a simple model by having no hidden fees, no commissions and no high fees.

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Funds Inn

Founder: Dhanasekaran Chandhar
Year Founded: 1956

FundsInn Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Fundsinn provides user with a problem free investing experience. It is an AMFI registered company that offers scientifically chosen portfolios to gain maximum returns. One can compare popular options and then decide. You can also choose mutual fund portfolio on the basis of the goal they want to achieve.

Rupee vest

Founders: Varun Mundra, Mitul Daga, Mayank Mundra
Year Founded: 2013

Rupee Vest Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup
Rupee Vest Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Rupeevest incorporates smart technology to provide hassle free investing options to users. The portfolios are tailored for better returns. It charges zero fees to the user and is safe and secure

Mutual Fund Wala

Years Founded:  2004

Mutual Fund Wala Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

It’s a Delhi based company that provides mutual fund investing options through online as well as offline. They basically educate clients about Mutual Funds and understand client’s goals. They assign a relationship manager who then helps clients in additional purchases, change in SIP, etc.

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Founders: Aditya Agarwal, Amit Mondal, Prashant Gupta, Somit Srivastava, Tarun Khera
Year Founded: 2015

Wealthy Logo |Top Mutual Fund Startup
Wealthy Logo |Top Mutual Fund Startup 

Wealthy was launched in 2016 and has always worked to make investing easier and simpler for users. It boasts of paperless KYC, algorithm driven fund selection and rebalancing of mutual funds. Proper asset allocation and fund selection ensures balance between risk and rewards. Though they don’t charge anything to invest money but takes an annual fee which is 0.2% to 2.2% on the basis of the portfolio.


Founders : Anurag Garg, Sridhar Srinivasan
Year Founded: 2016

Nivesh Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup
Nivesh Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup 

Nivesh promises to give user a paperless experience of investing in mutual funds. They partner with local businesses who helps investors to perform transactions and track performance. NIvesh categorizes mutual funds into broader categories and then curate as per need of client.


Founders : Varun Gupta
Year Founded: 2016

Upraise Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Upraise helps in making investment in mutual funds easier by providing paperless KYC, zero commission, bank grade security. One can view their investments 24/7 and withdraw it in just a click without any hassle.

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Founders : Arvind K Shukla
Year Founded: 2017

Finozen Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Finozen was founded by a certified Mutual Fund Advisor, Varun Gupta. Finozen believes in providing user with a no hassle experience while investing in mutual funds.  Their main principle is to make people aware about profitable investment options other than bank FDs and savings deposits.


Founders : Gaurav Rastogi
Year Founded: 2016

Kuvera Logo | Platform to Invest in Mutual Funds in India

Kuvera is one of the best online platform to invest in India that helps user in fund selection, goal planning, tax planning, rebalancing. It claims to be truly free investment platform which neither charges from users nor from mutual fund companies. One can invest to achieve goals, save tax or beat inflation. One more benefit is with one account, you can create investment options for family and relatives as well and also joint accounts.

Expo wealth

Founders : Kushal Kothari and Arjun Bharadwaj
Year Founded: 2017

Expowealth Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Expowealth works to provide user with unbiased, convenient and transparent options to invest in mutual funds. Users are given detailed reports on how their investments are working. In addition to planning investments, they also help users to buy or sell previously brought funds with zero commission.

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Founders : Sharad Singh and Vivek Singal
Year Founded: 2010

Invezta Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Invezta believes that **healthy investing** is everyone’s right. They claim themselves to be pro investor. They provide user with unbiased portfolio advice that would help reach goals and get maximum returns. They charge investor with a subscription fee quarter wise.

Clear Funds

Founders : Kunal Bajaj
Year Founded: 2016

Clearfunds Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Clearfunds was founded by Kunal Bajaj. He had quit his stockbroker job to come up with a platform that provided investors a transparent, easy to use and safe way to invest their money. Clearfund brag about using sophisticated algorithms to provide users with investment option that best suits them.


Founders : Vijay Kuppa
Year Founded: 2016

WealthTrust Logo | Top Mutual Fund Startup

Wealthtrust makes on boarding easier with paperless registration, portfolio monitoring. It has an expert advisory committee that provide you with best plans to invest. They have a rapid innovation platform that rolls out improved features for seamless user experience. They also provide transparent, unbiased and result oriented investing options.


Founders : Mukesh P Kalra
Year Founded: 2015

ETMONEY Logo | Mutual Fund Startups in India 

ETMONEY App, from the house of the Times Of India Group is a fully integrated mobile platform offering products across all sections of an user’s financial life like Direct Mutual Fund, SIP Investment, ELSS Tax Saving Schemes, NPS, Health Insurance, etc. From managing expenses to tracking your investments, from generating extra income through investments to saving money in taxes, from investing in SmartSolutions to borrowing money during the cash crunch, ETMONEY is a one-stop shop for all financial needs.

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So, this was a list of major mutual fund startup companies in India. Hope this list helps you to have an idea of which platform you can use to invest in mutual funds in India. With myriad of mutual fund startups to choose from, one can easily invest through a firm that they believe can help them realize their goals. Since mutual fund investments have now become transparent, one can easily manage the various portfolios on their own. One needs to still study the market risks involved before investing.

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