Goalwise VS Kuvera: The Top Contenders In The online Investment Market

Goalwise VS Kuvera: The Top Contenders In The online Investment Market

With the introduction of large scale adoption of investment applications and online mutual fund platform. These apps helped an average trader avoid the hassle of being physically present with a broking agency or having to invest separately across multiple asset management company websites.

These apps offer the user all funds and investment opportunities under one roof, revolutionizing the way we invest. Goalwise and Kuvera are two such investments app that have a command over a great share of the Indian online Investment market today. In this article we take a look at Goalwise and Kuvera  and compare their features and rates.

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A Brief on Goalwise

Goalwise is an online wealth management platform that allow users to buy and invest in direct mutual funds. Goalwise headquarters is in Bengaluru, Karnataka. Goalwise has been a Subsidiary of Finnew Solutions Private Limited since July 2020. Goalwise has received a total of $1Million in funding. Goalwise main competition are Kuvera, Groww and ETmoney.

As of august 2019, Goalwise has 1.7 thousand fans on facebook and 184 followers on Twitter. It is a new age mutual fund investing platform which provides goal based investing for investors looking to invest in direct mutual funds. With Goalwise one can easily set up SIPs or invest a large amount in the mutual funds chosen by its algorithms.

If someone is a first time investors looking to get started quickly as well as experienced investors looking for planning and automation. The Goalwise app has features like automation fund selection and switching, automation asset allocation based on the goal time horizon. The app is also highly customizable to suit the needs of every individual investor.

Company Name Goalwise
Headquaters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Founded On 2015
CEO Swapnil Bhaskar
Annual Revenue $1.2M
Est. Customers 20
Sector Consumer Finance & Credit Cards
The logos for Goalwise and Kuvera

A Brief on Kuvera

Kuvera is a wealth management platform that offers mutual fund selection, goal planning, tax optimizations and portfolio rebalancing solutions. Kuvera was launched in October 2017 and is headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka. The CEO and Co-founder of Kuvera is Gaurav Rastogi and the company has received a total of $4.8 million in funding.

Kuvera is only available as an app and support 38 out of 44 registered asset management companies. The app has managed to sign on 500 thosand users in the last three years managing assets worth RS 8000 crores. Kuvera has positioned themselves as an AI-led platform, Kuvera says its target market is the affluent and mature investors (above the age of 30), hailing from the top metros in the country.

The kuvera app is free and does not charge users any free on their direct plans regardless of asset size and only charges the transaction charges as per the cost levied by asset management companies.

Company Name Kuvera
Headquaters Bengaluru, Karnataka
Founded On 2015
CEO Gaurav Rastogi
Annual Revenue $3M
Est. Customers 46
Sector Internet and Application Software and mutual funds

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Affordability of Goalwise and Kuvera

Kuvera offers an affordable loan which is up to 80% of your mutual fund portfolio. With kuvera the mutual funds remain secure with the fund house. There is no fixed loan period and a 1 year loan for auto renews on the 12th month. The Kuvera loans start at ₹25,000 up to ₹10 crore. It provides full disclosure from with no hidden fees.

Kuvera is also flexible allows you to pay your outstanding loan, in full or in parts, anytime during the loan period. With Goalwise it provides you Zero commissions and unlimited investments. While most advisory platforms provide only commission direct plans for free/no transaction charges, account fees or any other hidden charges.

Accessibility of Goalwise and Kuvera apps

The kuvera app has a simple user interface which is easy for new users to understand. Kuvera can kick started with a few easy steps which started with a profile setup by providing details like PAN, Date of birth, mobile number, etc. You can then select investment choose between mutual funds, equity stocks, and gold to start your investment journey.

Choose you type of investment between SIP and one-time investment and place your order. You can choose to pay through different types of payment modes (net banking, UPI, etc.) Once these steps are done your investments are complete, you can track, change or comprehend your investments through an app.

The best part about Goalwise apart from being free is, it requires only one-time setup. It is a complete set it and forget it kind of system. You can revisit anytime and make changes if required. However, the best thing to do is to set it up once and keep investing.

Types of investments that Goalwise and kuvera provide.

Goal based investing

Goal based investing in Goalwise is one of the smartest ways to grow wealth and achieve all your life goals. A lot of the first time users are not aware of the goal based investing and they then focus on growing their money that’s is what goalwise is known for as it is a goal based investing. When you tie up your investment with a goal, you are more likely to be happier.

In kuvera setting a financial goal is the first step to make your dreams a reality. Investing regularly is the next step and they guide you to the next step easily. You can simply choose your goal to get started. The switch or redeem order involves costs taxes on short and long term capital gains and exit load.

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Mutual Fund services comparison

Kuvera doesn’t pool investors’ money, instead all financial transactions happen directly between the investor and AMC. So even if kuvera goes out of business, your money is entirely safe and you can redeem it anytime. The same is pointed out in one of the FAQs on their website they say that the money goes directly into mutual funds account so all your investments are safe.

Goalwise however, goes a step beyond when it comes to mutual funds not only does it offer mutual fund suggestions based on your risk appetite and goal tenure, but it also switches your investments automatically to a better performing fund to maximize your returns. They also have a proprietary Glide Path feature that automatically moves your investments to relatively safer debt funds as you move closer to your goal timeline.

The features that Goalwise and Kuvera provide.

Tranfer plans

The transfer plan in Goalwise allows you to switch from regular fund to direct fund. With Goalwise, you could track all your external investments and see which all regular funds you have invested in.  You can also move all mutual funds investment to goalwise.

So you decided to start using Goalwise and also move all your funds from other brokers/distributor to Goalwise platform, you could do that with just a few clicks. If you ever feel you are stuck with your existing mutual fund advisor, a feature like this makes it easier for anyone to take control of their funds.

In kuvera it is available to switch to direct plans with the least tax and exit load impact. Switching to Direct has never been easier or cheaper. You can see the optimal number of fund units to switch or redeem before you transact. It helps make better decisions and also will take care of complexities.

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Customer service

On kuvera the complaints are addressed by writing to the Kuvera support team via email, as mentioned above. The customer care team has a turnaround time of 24 hours to revert to any user complaints raised. When it comes to Goalwise a quick look at their Facebook page with 5 on 5 rating will tell you that they have a lot of happy customers. Most of the users are in praise for the customer support of Goalwise which happens over chat, email and whatsapp.

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