How to Build and Promote a Chrome Extension

Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers in the world With more features, easy to use, security and speed our love for Google chrome is ever increasing so is its popularity. We all can see the slow death of Internet Explorer in blue.

Chrome Extensions are add-ons which make your browser more powerful and automate the task for yourself. It helps you to save time and gives a peace of mind. It becomes must to use a chrome extension when you want to do/automate a particular kind of work and don't know how to code.Like if you want to participate in an online flash sale or keep yourself updated with the latest offers, deals and coupons from e-commerce players, extensions are the way out.  I would love to tell you more about other extentions but before that, I will tell you about the the extension which I use all the time for shopping to save money.

Flipshope Chrome Extention

This is one extension which helps me to compare price across various shopping sites be it Flipkart, Amazon or Myntra. Whenever I buy products, I get a graph like below which shows me how prices have changed over time and it helps me to make a puchasing decision.

Flipshope Chrome Extension
Flipshope Chrome Extension

Another good feature of this extension is curated coupons and deals. While making a purchase I can see all coupon applicable on the product which helps me save a lot of money sometimes. The Founder of this startup is an IIT alumnus. Started in college, Flipshope is now full fledge company based out of Bangalore. It helps people save money so customers love them. It has an active subscriber base of more than 1,50,000 and is growing.

AutoBuyApp Chrome Extention

This is one extension which has become a necessity for flash sale Deals. Who doesn't love getting a mobile in  1 rupee but also spending time and clicking buy now button at the exact time is near to impossible. Autobuy does exactly the same for me. It gets activated at the time of flash sale and buys. However, nowadays it's not much not useful because of less quantity on sale. But still, there is hope. The reason I love it over other because their codes run the fastest and have probably the best and easy to understand UI.

AutoBuyapp Chrome Extension
AutoBuyapp Chrome Extension

So we have seen two chorome extention two things which made me feature these extention is the product. The product is not just the UI but also the functinality and basically the the problem solving. So if you are planning to build a chrome extention you must keep the pain point of users in mind and build a great product.

Here are points you can take care while building one:

  1. Keep it simple - Just check other extension. Most of the extension's UI Sucks. You will be confused and jumbled after downloading. Apart from UI the process of user onboarding has to be super simple.  Make it lightweight and seamless to use.
  2. Just do what you promise - A user downloaded your extention just do what you promise to do and nothing else. If you will notice when you download autobuyapp there is no requiremenet signup or give your data because they help you to buy products on e-commerce portals.
  3. Improve, Improve, Improve - Well this is one thing you shouln't leave even after getting millions of users. Always take feedback and improve the product as per user requirement.
  4. Keep an eye on competitors - Along with feedback from user, you should also put some efforts to check competitors products and the changes.