Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Productivity

Ashwini Ashwini
Jan 21, 2020 6 min read
Google Chrome Extensions To Boost Productivity

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You have to admit it, whether you are a student, a blogger, an entrepreneur, a content creator or anyone, when we are on our computers, most of the time we spend just on the browser. And chrome is the most famous browser. All the professions, including students, as they are pro in studies and fun, need to be productive. Everyone wants to be too. But when it comes to the internet, there are unlimited distractions there. So, in other words, the browser itself is a distraction. But there are so many google chrome extensions which can help us a lot. Here are some Google Chrome extensions which will make your life easier and productive.

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List Of Google Chrome Extensions

1. Pablo

Pablo | Google Chrome Extension

Pablo is a great tool for all the social media page managers out there. You can easily add texts and do some basic editing like insert the logo, add a filter and change size. It saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to download the image you like on the web, but just right click and click Pablo option. For the Google Chrome extension of Pablo, go to its official site as it is not updated on chrome web store. Make sure you download Pablo 2.0.

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2. Session Buddy

Session Buddy | Google Chrome Extension

Are you like a person, who feels like betraying any tab by closing it? Then Session Buddy is the right extension for you to have. If you open tons of tabs and then curse your computer for slowing down, then Session Buddy will save the opened tabs and restore them later. It saves a lot of memory which eventually speeds up the computer. Must have for old computers and laptops.

3. Momentum

Momentum | Google Chrome Extension

This is a very great extension if you always need motivation to do work. Momentum gives daily new quote updates and weather updates. You can also set to-do list on the new tab. This is a great way to stay motivated and productive. There are many other features like scheduling up time and downtime, customize the dashboard with widgets, etc. You can also go for its paid version.

4. Ad Blocker

Ad Blocker | Google Chrome Extension

I know, even kids know about it, but this is the most important Google Chrome extension to have. As the name suggests, AdBlocker blocks the ads for you, hence improve your productivity. There is a paid version also available which you can go for, but the free version also does a great job.

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5. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader | Google Chrome Extension

Do you hate the Ads which are shown at the left, right, up, down and literally every section of a website? Then mercury reader is the best extension for you. It removes all the unnecessary things from the sides of the website. It is also available for Firefox and Safari as “Reader”.

6. TinEye

TinEye | Google Chrome Extension

If you are a Sherlock Holmes kind of person, then this tool is for you. With TinEye, you can reverse search an image easily. TinEye uses image search identification techniques instead of metadata. It is really good for people like designers.

7. News Feed Eradicator

News Feed Eradicator | Google Chrome Extension

Do you work on facebook or you use Facebook just for some topic inspiration from groups? One moment you think you will now just do the work and close Facebook, and the next moment you find yourself stalking your ex’s profile. This extension is going to be a badass master and will hide the news feed from facebook. You will still be able to access pages and groups. Give it a try. This tool was made because it is very easy to quit Facebook forever, even I have done it hundreds of times.

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8. | Google Chrome Extension is a reminder extension. It helps you to remember to do things. In case you don’t want Momentum in your browser, but still, want an organizer, you can go for it. You can also download its app on your phone and sync them. Features like attaching notes, sub-tasks, reoccurring reminders, etc. make life easier.

9. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote Web Clipper | Google Chrome Extension

In case, you want to go for an extension with more fame, Evernote is the name. It is very similar to, but you will find it more often on mobile phones. However, features like capturing screenshots, editing them, saving websites and then syncing them to view on mobile, make it different from

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10. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger | Google Chrome Extension

If you really care about your privacy, then this is a must-have Google Chrome extension for you. Privacy Badger blocks websites from tracking your data. It does not have to get a list of what to block, instead, it learns which website is tracking your data. It sends a ‘not to track’ signal to websites you visit, if the website ignores it, it blocks them.

11. Keyword Everywhere

Keyword Everywhere | Google Chrome Extension

Are you a blogger? Or a freelance writer? This is going to make your life easier. It gets all the detail about any keyword on Google. You don’t have to hassle on websites to decide your keyword. It will really help you a lot. It also allows you to download the keyword data in Excel, CSV or PDf format.

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12. Dragdis

Dragdis | Google Chrome Extension

Do you always feel that each and every tab you open is the most important thing in your life? With Dragdis, you can just drag the URL and save it in the folder which you can customize. The folder pops out everytime you want to save something.

13. Linkedin Sales Navigator

Linkedin Sales Navigator | Google Chrome Extension

Linkedin Sales Navigator helps you to know about any of your clients just by hovering over the email address. It also lets you connect with them on Linkedin. In case, you don’t remember about your clients, this is going to be your business savior. There is a premium version available which lets you save the contacts as leads and you can also see if the prospect is connected to any of your colleagues.

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These were some Google Chrome extensions, which everyone should have. They will make your life easier and productive. Install them now if you are serious about your time.

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