4 Startup Business Growth Strategies | Dirty Business Tactics

4 Startup Business Growth Strategies | Dirty Business Tactics

Nowadays business owner applies hidden methods for business growth strategies to warm their pockets. The usage of secret methods for the business growth and earn more profit, is not a new phenomenon, as malpractice in business industry is a very old trick. The businesses opt for different strategies to attract the customers to buy their product only and make them believe in the benefits of the product. Well, if you are wondering do all companies follow these tactics, then you are right because to survive in the over competitive environment it’s necessary to play hide and seek. That’s what big brands believe in.

The dirty tactics don’t mean that they are doing something illegal, they are just being smart and finding a fine line between the legal and illegal.

In simple words, the business owners are applying hidden methods for business growth strategies to earn their profit within the boundary of the legal framework, but which is slightly out of the social ethics. We have also listed few startup business growth strategies but in order to better understand the dirty business tactics of some big famous companies, let’s study some of the methods they use to trick customers into their web of lies. Before diving in, let's understand what does one mean by dirty business tactics?

Understanding Dirty Business Tactics

It is not alike as the term implies. Dirty business tactics doesn't mean that business is doing something illegal. However, this is the businesses shrewdness which allows them to earn an extra rupee by wittingly representing deceptive or manipulative ads or by alluring the customers with hidden discounts. Companies can design these dirty strategies to win over their competitors.

And this practice, in today's era is being followed by every company whether it belongs to any of the sector. Each and every company is tricking their customers by providing misleading information. So, now let's move on to the ways or strategies through which businesses alluring their customers.

Startup Business Growth Strategies

1. Fake Advertisements

startup business growth strategies
Fake advertising

Fake advertising is the use of false, misleading, or unproven information to advertise products to consumers or advertising that does not disclose its source. One of the most commonly used strategies of the businesses to play mind games with the customers. Till today’s date half of the TV commercial are totally presenting the half-truth or thoroughly aggregate facts. As per the image above the burger is mouthwatering however in reality, the taste and presentation differ.

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2. Hidden Discount Emails

startup business growth strategies
Hidden Discount Emails

At times your mailbox gets flooded with an alert of mysterious discount offers. When you hurry to open up your email and found out that the mysterious discount of 10%-20% is only applicable after a purchase of Rs. 3000 or above. This is one of the business growth strategies normally used by the e-commerce websites and other online service providers.

Mainly the free service providers send aggravated emails to the customers to make them get the paid subscription. They will send you nonsense alert messages and conditions applied schemes. So, read all the details before making any decision regarding these hidden emails.

3. Impressive Phone Calls

startup business growth strategies
Impressive Phone Calls

In a day you receive numerous calls from banks, DTH providers, network company etc with the list of new beneficial schemes. Half of these beneficial schemes are strictly designed for the benefit of the company. But still when the operator says, “Sir/Mam this scheme is only for you” this will hook 80% of people with them.

Then with their honey talk, they force us to order some foolish scheme and truth behind this reveals after the scheme activation. But there are few cases also seen where after talking with the operator you canceled the scheme and still they keep it activate on your account. This is one of the real hidden methods for business growth strategies.

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4. Reaping Insurance Company & Fake Bankruptcy

startup business growth strategies
Reaping Insurance Company & Fake Bankruptcy

Some famous companies use this tactic to overcome their business losses. They simply take the big insurance policy and after paying two three installments, they intentionally create an accidental fire or any other mishap and claims the full amount of insurance. This is a very old but effective method used by many of the big businesses to grow themselves. Sometimes they make a lot of fake paper drill to defraud the insurance company and keep their pocket warm.

The rarest and oldest trick followed by companies to avoid paying interests to their shareholders and bank loans. The companies declare themselves bankrupt and insolvent themselves. The poor shareholders get stuck and the bank also has to face large loss in such cases.

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The list of hidden methods followed by businesses for growth strategies is very long and we normal person face them every day in the form of sales, schemes, offers etc. The businesses are every day planning new tactics to raid your pockets and they have no moral boundaries in doing this.

So, there is only one trick to overcome all the dirty schemes of all these marketing experts is to get power in your hands. However, one can wisely generate income for straight forwards way for business growth. Although we would recommend you not to fall for the stupid marketing schemes and use your brain whenever you hear word sale or discount. In short, "Jago Grahak Jago"!

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