5 Factors to Consider while Choosing Right Startup Incubator

5 Factors to Consider while Choosing Right Startup Incubator

A business incubator is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management, training or office space. Startup incubators support the well-interested startup companies both financially and mentally.

They offer a variety of resources and services which act as means to accelerate the company’s development. This makes them reach great heights in business fields and do an effective service to people.

So, an entrepreneur must choose right startup incubator for him carefully. Here are some points which can help you to choose right startup incubator.

How to prepare to get incubated
How to Choose Right Startup Incubator for your Business

How to prepare to get incubated

Make your pitch unique

Incubators look for companies that will ultimately succeed not just because of the equity stake, but also for investing more capital in future. While scrutinizing the applicants, they look for those who are promising and exhibit the ability to execute. The first impression is always the best impression. So prepare a unique pitch that will distinguish you from other applicants and rehearse it well so that you deliver the best on stage.

How much you can pay

You need to pay fees for being admitted into an incubator is typically an exchange of equity in your company. Determine how much you are ready to spend for being in an incubator and you also have to see if it is worth. Consult a legal expert who can help you with the final agreement.

Decide what you expect from incubators

Most of the incubators provide you physical spaces, shared services, infrastructure assistance, security and regulatory compliance, helping with borrowing loans, networking with mentors, advisors and investors, attaining strategic partnerships and more for you to grow. So, you have to decide what you can do or manage on your own and what do you expect from incubator.

How to Choose Right Startup Incubator for your Business

Examine the talents

There are two important facts that should be kept in mind while choosing the right incubator.

  • The first fact is what type of resources and services they offer for the development of the startup.
  • The second fact is how much they will be able to sponsor for the development of the startup.

Other than these facts, there are other things that must be specifically looked at.

  • The first thing is Mentors. Mentors mean a person who is experienced in the incubator. The entrepreneur must find out that the incubator has experience in the required field and their experience would be helpful to the development of their startup company or not.
  • The second thing is Location. Some of the incubators suggest relocating the program to the appropriate location. So, the entrepreneur must be aware if their business will succeed in that location or not.
  • The third thing is the curriculum. That curriculum includes the difficult training and educational seminars. So, the entrepreneur must know their capability of handling them and managing the regular activities.

Experience is the best teacher

The entrepreneurs should choose incubators who have the list of companies that are undergoing the same process. They will be able to suggest the best incubator who has many experiences in their career. The entrepreneurs must have incubators who share their experiences and knowledge to help them in developing their company’s success. One company’s bad experience may be another company’s ideal challenge. So, an entrepreneur must prepare their questions in advance and be thorough.

Capable of choosing strong team members

Entrepreneurs must choose incubators who are capable of selecting the effective and strongest team members and founders. They give fingertip business ideas to them. That team will make the changes in the development of the startup company.

A startup that goes through an incubator will more than likely exit as a completely different and certainly more refined business. They make the business more feasible and compatible with the users.

The entrepreneurs have the big duty to place the right developers and workers at the right place. This will reduce the confusion in the business process and lead the startup to shine among other companies.


The entrepreneur must prepare their duty because it will make them clear in their ideas and make the company run without any obstacles. They must prepare well and be well practiced for their income.

They should choose incubators who want companies that can succeed, not only because they have shared and invest in the future planning. The incubator must also watch how that company would succeed and find the accurate path for success.

They must manage the founders and lead them to demonstrate the program execution. They must focus on all the activities done by the doors and founders and suggest them to work as early as possible because submission of the project on time is important. The entrepreneur should select an incubator that acts like a caring mother for the company.

The incubator should take care of budget

The entrepreneur must determine the person who spends the limited cost according to their project needs. The entrepreneur should ask themselves how much they are willing to give to be in the incubator and make certain it matches the needs and goals of the incubator.

The incubator uses the cost in a beneficial manner and decides the final term sheets. It decides the accurate budget of the project without any extra expenses.

So, these are 5 things that you need to take care when you want to choose right startup incubator.

The incubator is an incredible opportunity for a startup company, which they should grab at the earliest if they are aiming towards success.


How do incubators help startups?

Incubators are an organization, platform or team of experienced professionals that helps startups bootstrap during its early stages and often provides mentoring, guidance, co-working space and also at times some funding.

Is Y Combinator an incubator or accelerator?

Y Combinator (YC) is an American seed money startup accelerator launched in March 2005. It has been used to launch over 2,000 companies.

How many types of Business Incubators are there?

There are 4 types of Business Incubators, Corporate Incubators, Local Economic Development Incubators, Private Investors' Incubators and Academic Incubators.


So, the entrepreneur should choose an experienced incubator for making a perfect budget for their project. The incubator is an incredible opportunity for a startup company, which they should grab at the earliest if they are aiming towards success.

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