Chris Xu: Founder & CEO Of Shein

Chris Xu: Founder & CEO Of Shein

Chris Xu (formally known as YangTian Xu) is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Shein, one of the best fashion-oriented shopping portals today. Shein is a China-based online shopping platform that offers clothes, apparels, and accessories for women and kids. It serves customers from nearly 220 countries. Before founding Shein in 2008, Chris was part of the 'online foreign trade marketing department' at Nanjing Aodao.

About Chris Xu

Name Chris Xu
Birthplace America
Nationality China
Education Washington University
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder & CEO, Shein

Chris Xu - Personal Life
Chris Xu - Education
Chris Xu - Professional Life
Chris Xu - Shein
Chris Xu - Innovation Through Shein
Chris Xu - Shein Growth
Chris Xu - Shein Controversies
Chris Xu - Shein Funding
Chris Xu - Shein Banned In India

Shein Success Story | Fashion Shopping | Chris Xu
We all love fashion a lot. Everybody loves trends. But some even thinks, “whyshould I follow the trend?, rather I will give rise to the trend and the restwill follow me”. This is unique I guess! In today’s world, people love online shopping, a lot. Shein is a platform whichmakes you fall in love…

Chris Xu - Personal Life

Chris Xu is a Chinese born in the United States of America.

Chris Xu - Education

Chris Xu graduated from Washington University.

Chris Xu - Professional Life

Before establishing Shein, Chris worked in Nanjing Aodao, a trading premium company. Chris wanted to do something of his own and Shein was his shot at entrepreneurship. He initally worked on the development of Shein's website. Gradually, Chris distanced himself from the technical side of things at Shein and began handling sales, revenue, and marketing. If Shein stands out amongst e-commerce lynchpins today, it is because of Chris Xu's vision and leadership.

Chris Xu - Shein

About Shein

Shein is a Chinese company headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Shein was initially known as SheInside. The company frequently appears in the list of the leading e-commerce platforms. It offers a massive range of products at pocket-friendly prices, attracting customers from all over the world in the process.

Chris Xu is the brains behind this global B2C e-commerce platform which offers a humongous product catalog comprising clothing, jewelry, shoes, apparels, and other accessories. Shein is known for its delivery prowess and for providing a seamless shopping experience.

Attribute Details
Previous Name Shein
Headquarters Shenzen, China
Ownership Privately held
Financing Venture Capital-Backed
Primary Industry Internet Retail
Industries Accessories, Application Software, Clothing
Primary Office Shenshen, Guangdong, China
Employees 10,000 (2020)

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Chris Xu - Innovation Through Shein

Chris developed a fashion blogger program, a free trial center, and a bonus points program to popularize and strengthen Shein's reach. He crafted deals that quickly caught the attention of buyers.

Moreover, Chrish Xu recruited designers from various parts of the world to conjure a vibrant product catalog. And Shein continues to partner with upcoming designers who offer design ideas and drafts. If their designs are chosen, the designers receive 30% commission from the design's sales and a long-term collaboration contract. The team at Shein refers to this approach as C2B business model, a setup wherein the designers beome a part of Shein's community. They are then known as 'Sheinside designers'.

Chris Xu - Shein Growth

After its launch in the year 2008, Shein has grown by leaps and bounds. It has achieved 50% YOY growth. And in just four years since its inception, Shein recorded over USD 50 million in revenue. Shein has hired fashion designers from different countries as part of its growth strategy. Chris Xu believes that partnering with designers will give Shein an edge over its competitors. He wants to cultivate a long-term relationship with them.

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Chris Xu - Shein Controversies

Shein's website and mobile application host a wide range of products. From accessories to clothes, items are available at such reasonable prices that people speculated Shein to be a scam. There was a time when several individuals tweeted about the low prices of products on Shein and doubted the authenticity of the company. However, not every tweet was meant to be tweeted in a negative light. Some people were genuinely curious about Shein's business model.

The Corporate Social Responsibility page on Shein's website asserts that the company focused on those initiatives which enabled ethical and eco-friendly products. The outcome was excellent products at dirt-cheap prices. Shein ensures its operations meet the highest industry standards.  

Chris Xu- Shein Funding

Investors have shown serious interest in Shein. The table below lists the various rounds of funding that have been conducted to date.

Deal Type Date
Later Stage VC (Series E) 4 August 2020
IPO 12 July, 2020
Later Stage VC (Series D) 1 January 2020
Later Stage VC (Series C) 1 January 2018
Later Stage VC (Series B) 5 June 2015
Later Stage VC (Series A1) 1 September 2014
Later Stage VC (Series A) 19 October 2013

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Chris Xu - Shein Banned In India

Owing to the border tensions and security issues, the Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps. And Shein among those apps.

Before the ban, Shein was one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in India. As long as the Indian government upholds the band, Shein's foothold on the Indian market, one of the largest consumer bases in the world, will continue to weaken.

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