Chris Xu: Founder & CEO of Shein

Chris Xu, also known as YangTian Xu is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the fashion e-commerce, Shein. He founded Shein in 2008 and the online clothing store serves to more than 220 countries and regions around the world. Shein is a China-based online shopping platform that offers clothes, apparels, accessories for women and kids. Before founding Shein, Chris worked in an Online Foreign Trade Marketing department at Nanjing Aodao Company.

Chris Xu- Biography

Name Chris Xu
Birthplace America
Nationality Chinese
Education Washington University
Profession Entrepreneur
Position Founder & CEO, Shein

Chris Xu- Personal Life
Chris Xu- Education
Chris Xu- Professional Life
Chris Xu- Shein
Chris Xu- Shein backstory
Chris Xu- Shein growth
Chris Xu- Shein controversies
Chris Xu- Shein Funding
Chris Xu- Shein banned in India

Shein Success Story | Fashion Shopping | Chris Xu
We all love fashion a lot. Everybody loves trends. But some even thinks, “why should I follow the trend?, rather I will give rise to the trend and the rest will follow me”. This is unique I guess! In today’s world, people love online shopping, a lot. Shein is a platform which makes you fall in love…

Chris Xu- Personal Life

Chris Xu was born in America. He is Chinese by religion but a inhabitant of America. He was thus born and brought up in America.

Chris Xu- Education

<h2 id =  "ChrisXu_ChrisXu-Education"> Chris Xu- Education</h2>

He spent his life in America, thus he started and completed his education from there itself. He graduated from Washington University.

Chris Xu- Professional Life

Before establishing Shein, Chris worked in a trading premium company called Nanjing Aodao. He later worked really hard to build a website (for Shein) with an attempt to make it unique. With the establishment of Shein, he became an entrepreneur. He mostly cared about the sales revenue and the things that would make Shein stand out amongst all e-commerce giants.

Chris Xu- Shein

About Shein

Shein is a Chinese company, headquartered in Shenzhen, China. Initially, Shein was known as SheInside. Shein is considered one of the leading e-commerce platforms, with its varied products at reasonable price which attracts customers across the globe.

Chris Xu is the developer of this global B2C e-commerce platform that offers women fast fashion goods from China. The company provides various offers and deals on its products like clothing, jewelry, shoes, other apparels and accessories. It enables customer to promptly buy garment products and get them delivered across the globe.

Former Name Shein
Headquarter Shenzen, China
Ownership Privately held (backing)
Financing Venture Capital- Backed
Primary Industry Internet Retail
Industries Accessories; Application Software; Clothing
Primary Office Shenshen, Guangdong, China
Employees 10,000 (2020)

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Chris Xu- Shein backstory

Shein was launched by recruiting designers worldwide to diversify its product variety. This attempt was to show that it is not just a general digital store but has some special features as well.  

They offer design ideas and drafts. If the designs are chosen, Designers will receive 30% commission on its sales and revenue and a long-term collaboration contract. This is referred as the C2B new business mode by Shein, where all the designers are expected to become professionally Sheinside designers.

With an eye to make Shein more attractive site for online shopping, Chris developed a fashion blogger program, a free trial center and a bonus points program. He offered many deals that would catch the attention of the users in comparison to other online retailers.

Chris Xu- Shein growth

After the foundation of Shein in the year 2008, the company achieved 50% YOY growth. Within four years, Shein did over 50 million in revenue. With an eye to maintain the stylish image of the company, Shein has eventually started hiring designers across the globe.

Chris Xu once asserted that he loves to work with varied designers and aims to build a long time partnership with them.

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Chris Xu- Shein controversies

There is no shortage of items on the Shein website and mobile application. From accessories to clothes, everything is available at such a reasonable price that people speculated Shein a scam. A considerable amount of people once tweeted about the low price on Shein and asked whether it is a scam or a genuine firm. While some of them are curious about how the company works.

However, the reason behind the low price as asserted by the Corporate Social Responsibility page on Shein's site says that the company focused on initiatives to launch more ethical and eco-friendly products. The company ensured that their operations meet the highest industry standards.  

Chris Xu- Shein Funding

The following table delineates  the valuation and funding of  Shein. All these are generating revenues.

Deal Type Date
Later Stage VC (Series E) 4 August, 2020
IPO 12 July, 2020
Later Stage VC (Series D) 1 January, 2020
Later Stage VC (Series C) 1 January, 2018
Later Stage VC (Series B) 5 June, 2015
Later Stage VC (Series A1) 1 September, 2014
Later Stage VC (Series A) 19 October, 2013

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Chris Xu- Shein banned in India

Owing to the border tensions and security reasons, Indian government banned 59 Chinese apps including Shein and others. The data security norms were eventually more important for India.

Before the ban, Shein was among the most popular e-commerce platform in India. Undoubtedly, the ban caused a significant amount of loss for the Chinese e-commerce company. It was obviously a major blow to China-based Shein.

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