The Business Behind's Rapid Expansion Through Franchising

The Business Behind's Rapid Expansion Through Franchising
The Business Behind Cult Fit's Rapid Expansion Through Franchising

The allure of stepping into a center extends beyond just fitness; it delves into a strategic business model that has allowed it to rapidly expand its footprint across the country. The franchisee-owned, franchisee-operated (FOFO) model serves as the backbone of's widespread success.

Curefit Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., established in 2016 by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori, stands as India's largest fitness company. Offering a wide spectrum of fitness services and products through its brands and, Curefit aims to make fitness enjoyable, accessible, and easy. provides group workouts, online classes, sports facilities, and personalized solutions at fitness centers and partner gyms nationwide. Embracing innovative subscription-led revenue models and cutting-edge technological interventions to promote healthy habits, has become the preferred destination for fitness enthusiasts throughout the country., focusing on simplifying health and well-being, offers smart fitness products tailored to everyday athletes. The product range includes thoughtfully designed high-quality sportswear, versatile at-home workout equipment, bicycles, and nutraceuticals to deliver the ultimate workout experience.

What sets apart from other fitness apps is its distinctive approach, offering a comprehensive range of facilities, including online fitness classes, gym and equipment-based workouts, healthy food options, yoga, meditation, and more.

The success and widespread appeal of Cult Fitness can be attributed not only to its cutting-edge facilities and innovative workouts but also to its dedicated trainers who serve as mentors, fostering a sense of community where individuals are more than mere numbers on a scale.

Cult Fitness Franchise Model
Steps to Establish a Cult Fitness Franchise
Prospects of Fitness Franchise in India
Starting a Cult Fitness Franchise in India

Cult Fitness Franchise Model

With ambitious aspirations for the future, aims to uphold its leadership in the competitive fitness app industry. The company plans to invest in cutting-edge technology, explore new markets, introduce fresh features and content, and collaborate with influencers and brands.

To expand its reach into smaller areas, adopts a franchise model, enabling it to make a significant impact in previously untapped locations. The franchise program boasts a world-class tech system for class bookings and seamless center operations management. has established itself as the largest and fastest-growing fitness chain in India, boasting a presence in multiple cities and over 200 centers nationwide.

The franchise program offers a competitive edge with expertise in best practices, equipment vendors, training academies, and marketing strategies. With premium fitness clubs equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, the franchise has an initial funding range of INR 1 Cr to INR 1.2 Cr, providing a promising return on investment with a break-even period of 24-36 months and a 30-40% return.

Since its inception in 2020, the franchise operations of have been dedicated to serving fitness enthusiasts in Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities across India. Within the franchise model, a notable offering is the amalgamation of machine-based workouts and group class facilities under one roof, presenting customers with a comprehensive array of fitness options. In 2022, Curefit further solidified its presence in the fitness industry by expanding its franchise portfolio to include Fitness First and Gold’s Gym outlets in India.

Porko Elango, Head of Business at, emphasized the pivotal role of the franchising model in the brand's swift expansion, reaching previously untouched localities nationwide. This vertical is poised to contribute significantly, targeting a 30% share of revenue at The franchise partners have played a crucial role in establishing accessible fitness spaces and empowering individuals to lead healthier, happier lives. Looking ahead, is committed to expanding its impact and envisions the establishment of 200 franchised centers across the country by 2025.

The brand's goal is to make fitness enjoyable and accessible to everyone, providing unlimited access to group classes through their app and offering wellness products for online purchases. Success Story - How Does This India’s Leading Health and Fitness Company Make Money? is a health and fitness company founded by Mukesh Bansal and Ankit Nagori in 2016. Here’s a look at its business model and more.

Steps to Establish a Cult Fitness Franchise

For those interested in setting up a Cult Fitness franchise, the following steps can be followed:

  1. Ensure adequate capitalization with a minimum initial investment of INR 1 Cr.
  2. Recognize the financial commitment needed for real estate, equipment, licenses, permits, insurance, etc.
  3. Check the accessible markets for franchisees and determine suitability for your desired location.
  4. Submit your franchise application online, and upon receipt, expect confirmation and contact information from the franchise owner.
  5. If approved, receive a franchise agreement to sign and return to the franchisor.
  6. Attend a comprehensive training program provided by, covering all aspects of running a franchise.
  7. Upon completion, open your franchise with full support in marketing, operations, and tech enablement.

Prospects of Fitness Franchise in India

The primary target group for the fitness industry in India is the youth population aged 15 to 34, projected to constitute 34.33% of the total population, amounting to around 440 million individuals.

The health and fitness market in India is anticipated to grow by 12.51% (2022–2027), reaching a market volume of US$31.97 million in 2027. The digital fitness and well-being market is projected to grow by 18.75% (2023-2028), resulting in a market volume of USD 15.11 billion in 2028.

In conclusion, the fitness industry in India is experiencing rapid growth, presenting significant investment and business opportunities. The youth population remains a crucial target, and digital fitness is poised for substantial growth in the years to come.

Revenue of Curefit Healthcare Private Limited from Financial Year 2018 to 2022
Revenue of Curefit Healthcare Private Limited from Financial Year 2018 to 2022

Starting a Cult Fitness Franchise in India

Expertise and Support:'s franchise program offers expertise in best practices, equipment vendors, training academies, and marketing strategies, along with continuous support from a dedicated central team.

Large Customer Base: As the largest fitness chain in India with over 230 centers and 1 lac active members, provides franchise partners with a substantial and consistent revenue stream.

High Return on Investment: With a 30–40% return on investment and a break-even period of 24-36 months, presents a potentially lucrative investment opportunity for franchise partners.

Tech-Enabled Platform: Leveraging top-notch technology, offers a unique member experience, allowing seamless class bookings through the app, a valuable selling point for franchise partners.

Fun and Easy Fitness: Embracing the slogan "Make fitness fun and easy," offers a range of group workouts, appealing to customers seeking an enjoyable and straightforward approach to fitness.

Low Capex:'s equipment-free workout studios require investments of less than INR 1 Cr, making it a more affordable option for potential franchise partners.

The brand's success lies not only in its fitness offerings but also in its ability to craft a scalable and lucrative business opportunity for entrepreneurs through its FOFO model.'s journey showcases how strategic acquisitions and a robust franchise network can fuel the growth of a fitness empire.


What is is a comprehensive health and fitness platform, offering personalized workout programs and wellness services. It combines technology with expert guidance for a holistic approach to fitness.

What is the cost of membership per month? offers a 12-month plan(Rs 17,490), a 6-month plan(Rs 14,990), and a 3-month plan (Rs 9,990). It also offers a Buddy pack in which you can take your buddy along with you to the centers and take a 3-month Buddy pack with just Rs 25,100.

What is the business model of's success is rooted in its Franchisee-Owned, Franchisee-Operated (FOFO) model, serving as the fundamental framework behind its widespread reach and impact.

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