How to Drive Traffic and Conversions Using a Link in Bio

Ashwini Ashwini
Apr 19, 2023 5 min read
How to Drive Traffic and Conversions Using a Link in Bio
This article has been contributed by Kate Melnik, Customer Support and Marketing Specialist,

A social media presence on many platforms is a must for any brand, creator, or SaaS business. More than 90% of marketers prefer Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, and other platforms to sell products and services. Although social media is convenient for growing an audience, converting and managing leads from various sources is still challenging. How do we merge these cross-platform audiences and convert them into paying clients? The solution to drive traffic and conversions is in your bio link!

In this article, you will find out how a link in your bio can help you drive traffic and conversions.

Link in Bio Explained
How Does a Link in the Bio Drive Traffic?
Your Bio Link is the Key to Fast Conversions
How To Drive Traffic and Conversions Using a Link in Bio
1. Call your audience to action
2. Create evergreen offers and store them in your bio
3. Provide all social links and ways to contact you
4. Overdeliver
5. Track your bio link's statistics

Social media platforms regulate the use of third-party URLs to protect their users from spam and malicious links. For example, Instagram blocks access to suspicious websites and has no posting option for links in captions and comments. The safest URLs to use in your accounts’ bio are:

You can fill your profile's Website field with only one item. Services like Linktree, Shor, or Linkfire help create an all-in-one page to place more content, calls to action (CTA), and detailed information about you or your brand. These link-in-bio solutions also drive cross-platform traffic and get you more conversions.

The link in the bio is a perfect bridge for merging visitors from many social media platforms into one traffic stream. With an all-in-one solution, you can turn your Instagram visitors into your YouTube subscribers and vice versa. A page in your bio that includes all your socials makes you leverage each visitor more and allows them to select the best way to stay in touch with you. Moreover, a link in the bio is an effective traffic driver to your website! Use it for getting people to a special offer or as a place to subscribe to your waitlist.

PRO TIP: One underestimated source of traffic is your email signature! Perceive it as your short bio, and use the same link you have in your socials to get visitors even from your formal conversations.

Conversion is successful when a person has done what you wanted them to. It may be buying your product, subscribing to a newsletter, or joining a community. Locate your lead magnet in your account’s bio link page to remove all extra steps between a person visiting your Instagram and leaving their email by subscribing to your outstanding offer.

SaaS businesses also benefit from link-in-bio services by using them as landing pages to show their services and best offers. Platforms, where you can craft a page with multiple links, texts, and images, are an alternative to services like Clickbank and their spammy-looking domains and URLs.

1. Call your audience to action

A call to action (CTA) makes a visitor understand what to do in exchange for receiving value. For a link in the bio, two types of CTA are important:

  • External: encourages your audience to click your link in the bio.
  • Internal: prompts a visitor to complete an action (buy, subscribe, visit a page, etc.).

Add a call to action (CTA) and remind everyone everywhere to click your link in the bio. Use various forms, such as images and videos on your pages, for a more engaging CTA.

CTA Examples
CTA Examples

2. Create evergreen offers and store them in your bio

Evergreen content and offers are the base for never-ending conversions! Storing links to them in your bio is the fastest discovery way for your potential leads and clients. An example of such promotion is a free e-book with tutorials or helpful niche-related information a visitor receives in exchange for their email. Create an eye-catchy button for your evergreen offer by using images, highlighting, and an engaging title. When appropriate, you can use CTA to mention that you have something special on your bio link page.

While one person prefers email communication, another may connect via WhatsApp only. You want to convert them both into your clients, so list all places to contact you! Links to all social media accounts show your expertise and invite visitors to discover you on other platforms.

PRO TIP: If you monetize via services like Patreon, add buttons with links to donate right from your bio!

4. Overdeliver

When you drive traffic and conversions from your link in the bio, add an unexpected value for every visitor! The goal is to create an impression that a person clicked your bio link at the 'right time' and benefitted from it! An 'overdeliver' strategy: create special promo codes for your products that are only accessible through your bio link page.

5. Track your bio link's statistics

What gets measured gets improved! Analytics of your link in the bio display what social media platform is preferable and what content requires updates. Additionally, statistics on clicks show what offers work best and how many conversions are driven by them! Most link-in-bio services also provide Google Analytics or socials pixels integrations to help you identify your audience's key characteristics. For example, Google Analytics provides demographic and geographic information about page visitors.

Track Your Bio Link’s Statistics
Track Your Bio Link’s Statistics

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A link in an Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube bio is crucial for driving traffic and conversions for all businesses. Check that your strategy includes a strong CTA as motivation to click on your link, various ways to reach you on different social platforms, evergreen offers, an unexpected value for each visitor, and attention to statistics on clicks and content performance to get more leads and make conversions using a link in your bio.

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